On My Mind


I see you cause you won't get out of my way.

I hear you cause you wont quit screaming my name.

I feel you cause you wont quit touching my skin.

I need you there coming to take you away.

Breaking Benjamin Away

"I'm going crazy, Si." A young man with messy black hair and hazel eyes behind glasses, stated. He rubbed his blood shot eyes. "I can't stop thinkin about her."

Sirius, or Si, Black sighed, "James she's better off without you she's where she can be safe. You hurt her so bad."

"I can't stop thinking about it. Why did I bite her... I never bit a human before. Has she woken up yet?" He glanced at Sirius with hopeful eyes.

"Not yet James. Quit asking Her father will never let you see her. "Sirius sighed sadly at his friend, "You knocked her pretty hard on the ground."

James sighed "I still hear her 'No James! Please Stop AH God James NO!'"

Oh Bud." He hugged James. "I gotta go . Whaddya say I try to smuggle you in her room tomorrow?"

James smiled weakly. "Okay."

"Bye Bud." Sirius turned around and walked down the street.

James sat down on the curb outside his house and began to cry.

A/n: Sorry this is short but it's only the prologue. I hope you like it!

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