Silesia World was under threat by the evil God of Darkness, Valmarmon! Many would have suffered from his dark wrath if it was for six young children from the human world, chosen by Lady Ophanimon, a member of the three Celestial Digimon that protects the Digital World! They had the power to evolve into Legendary Warrior Digimon and defeated Valmarmon after combinding the 10 Spirits together!

Peace was retored to the Silesia World and everyone was happy!

That was eight years ago as time in Silesia World moved quickly... And after eight years of peace... It seems that the Legendary Warriors are needed once again for an ancient evil that once though to be defeated has now been awaken...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Digimon is owned and created by Bandai, Toei and Disney/Saban. Pokemon characters are owned by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company. Fan-made Digimon are owned by me, Youko Youkai, AnT, Pyra and Foxen Angel. Enjoy.

Also, the German language between Koichi and Angler the Trialmon... I had to use a translator to change English to German as I don't speak the words. Pretty effective, huh? The translations will be in the brackets to understand what they are saying.

Episode Special:
Return to Silesia!
Chapter 1: Call Upon The Warriors! Silesia World is in Danger!
By Ninetalesuk.


A ruined village located on an island and at night, three figures were running through some paths, in order to make their escape.

A female Mightyena hybrid held onto a small pink bird, turning to a a female Digimon in a warrior like sorceress outfit. All of it is green, you know. There was also a hard leaf armour on her head made her look like a warrior, but the leaf also made her look like a witch. She held a staff made out of roots while the top of the staff was a glowing green stone. "Kuzaimon, we can't outrun them! They will catch us for sure!"

"I know, Yena... I know..." Kuzaimon said, sadly. "This is why we must send a urgent message through the portal and into the Digital World! The Celestial Digimon must know about this and come to our aid! If not... we are doomed..."

Yena nodded and looked down at the pink bird. "Bi...Biyomon... Do you understand... what you have to do...?"

"Of course, Yena..." Biyomon said, pointing to a piece of paper tied on her leg. "I'll deliver this message to Lord Seraphimon, don't you worry!"

A small snap and Kuzaimon gasped. "Oh no... We're being followed..." She turned her head to see a huge shadow of a demon-creature. "Yena! Find the portal and get Biyomon through!"

"Wha... What about you...?" Yena asked.

"I'll hold him back... Just make sure Biyomon gets to that portal without any problems, okay!" Kuzaimon said, running off to where the shadow is. "I'll be okay! Just go!"

Nodding, Yena understood that Kuzaimon is trying to give her time. Holding Biyomon, Yena started to run through the ruined town, not looking back. After a couple of moments of running, Yena stopped as she heard a cry of pain. Looking back, Yena was horrified. "Kuzaimon... NO!"

"No... Kuzaimon... Is she... Is she..." Biyomon sniffed.

"Yes, I'm afraid she is..." Yena said, gritting her teeth. She turned around to see a ripple in the air. "There! Biyomon, that's the portal! You have to get through it now!"

Flapping her wings, Biyomon headed to the ripple and looked at Yena. "Please be okay when I return, Yena! I don't want to lose another friend!"

"Don't you worry, just get through the portal, Biyomon! We'll be okay!" Yena called out.

"Be careful, Yena!" Biyomon said before she went through the portal in the sky.

Sighing, Yena turned and bumped into something. Fear grasped her as she looked up and something terrifying. "No... No... NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!"



It was the 27th of December and after spending Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day with his family, Takuya Kanbara finally got out of the house to hang out with his friends where he will meet them in the park where there will be lots of snow and the pond will be frozen stiff.

At the park, the others were just waiting for Takuya. Tomoki 'Tommy' Himi was skating on the pond that got frozen by the chilly weather and, surprising the others, he was actually good at it.

Deciding to join in the fun, Junpei 'JP' Shibayama, slowly and carefully got onto the ice and skated alongside Tommy. He knew he might slip and fall on his butt and after a good five minutes of skating, he fell on his butt.

Izumi 'Zoe' Orimoto watched this and giggled. She went over to JP, whom slid himself back to the bank and helped him up to his feet.

"Thanks, Zoe..." JP said, groaning.

"Your welcome." Zoe replied.

Sitting on the bench, Kouji 'Koji' Minamoto sat with his twin brother, Kouichi 'Koichi' Kimura, and watched all of this, smiling. These brothers were seperated from each other from their parent's divorce and hardly remembered each other until they were able to contact each other in a way that no normal being can do.

When Takuya arrived, it seems that the whole group are back together. Takuya, Koji, JP, Tommy and Zoe were once called by Lady Ophanimon to come to the Digital World when Cherubimon was taken over by an evil force known as Lucemon. During their adventure thorugh the Digital World, each of the friends gained two Spirits each. These Spirits allowed them to evolve into Legendary Warriors, the followers of the Ancient Warriors that defeated Lucemon long before Ophanimon and her fellow angels came to protect the Digital World.

Each of the children got two Spirits each with a different elements. A Spirit that allows them to Evolve into a Human Warrior and a Spirit that allows them to Evolve into a Beast Warrior. Takuya gained the Spirits of Flame, Koji got the Spirits of Light, JP recived the Spirits of Thunder, Zoe was the owner of the Spirits of Wind and Tommy had the Spirits of Ice.

Soon, they were joined by Koichi, who held the Spirits of Darkness with him. The remaining Spirits were held by two Digidestined since it was important that the 10 Legendary Spirits are suppoe to be together. Takuya held the Spirits of Wood and Earth while Koji held the Spirits of Water and Metal.

Their adventure and working as a team as Warriors helped them defeat Cherubimon, saving him from the evil darkness that was holding his heart captive. They soon arrived in the Silesia World where they battled against an evil force that was banished by Ophanimon and her fellow angels, Daemon and his army, before facing off the main problem of the battle, Valmarmon!

Their last opponent of evil was non other then Lucemon, whom wasn't killed by the Ancient Warriors but, was actually SEALED in the core of the Digital World. After a huge fight, Lucemon fell and the Digidestined's adventure was over... They had to leave the Spirits behind and had to head back home before the portal could close...

And they know that maybe one day, one day that they will see their Spirits and friends once again before starting another adventure... And that might happen one day...

Seeing Tommy on the ice, Takuya was amazed. "Hey, Tommy! How come your good at skating!"

"Don't you remember, Takuya? I was the Digidestined of Ice!" Tommy called out, skating back to the bank and smiling. "JP was skating earlier but, failed."

"Yeah... I don't think I wanna sit down for a couple of hours..." JP muttered, rubbing his behind. Sighing, he looked at the sky and smiled a little. "How long was it since we left the Digital World...? 3 or 4 months?"

Koji lowered his head. "It has been six months, JP. Six months... Can't believe time was flew by that quick..."

"Do you guys remember the day we came into the Digital World after our adventures in the Silesia World?" Zoe asked. "We've been in Silesia World for a couple of months but, only a couple of days have passed in the Digital World..."

"Which means that time in the Silesia World runs faster then the time in our world and the Digital World's..." Tommy said, lowering his head. "I wonder how many days, months or years have passed in that world..."

Koichi walked over to Tommy and placed his hand on his shoulder. "I can understand that your missing all the friends we made in that world but, be happy, Tommy... When we first came to that world, many people were suffering. When we left... we brought peace to the world after ridding the forces that was causing all the sufferings in the first place."

"That's right, Tommy." Takuya said, sitting down on the bench. "Of course, I would like to have another adventure. Being as a Digimon was awesome!"

JP nodded. "Me too... I would like to see my friends again... Of course, I also like to become a Legendary Warrior again someday..."

"Well, let's just enjoy our Christmas, you guys." Takuya said, smiling. "Man, it's great to be out since I got stuck in the house for three days... I know your suppose to spend Christmas with your family but, I wanna get outta house for some fresh air."

Zoe giggled. "Yeah... fresh air for your head."

"HEY! What is that suppose to mean!" Takuya asked, jumping from his bench.

"Oh... nothing..." Zoe replied, giggling still.

The others laughed while Takuya sat back down. Takuya sighed and started to walk off. "Come on, you guys. Let's get something eat, shall we?"

"Oh yeah!" Both JP and Tommy said together.

"Something healthy for my figure." Zoe said, starting to follow Takuya.

Koji smirked. "Come on... Let's go."

"I'm so hungry, I can eat ANYTHING!" Koichi said, grinning.

And with that, the six friends left.


A white Wizardmon rushed into a huge room where three Digimon sat on a huge table. He held a staff with a snow-flake shape on top and he looked very worried. "Lord Seraphimon! Lord Seraphimon! I have urgent business!"

Getting out of his seat was Seraphimon, fully Digivolved form of the young pink-belted Patamon. He was a humaniod Digimon with 10 giant golden wings. His face was hidden behind a blue helmet with a golden cross and the Crest of Hope implanted in the middle of his armour. "Sorcermon? What is the matter? What is urgent?"

"There is a Biyomon that has a message for you! She is from the Silesia World!" Sorcermon said.

Gasping, Ophanimon leapt from her seat. She was a female angel Digimon with blue armour, a helmet that hides her face except her her lips and has ten eight golden wings. "Silesia World! We haven't heard anything from them for a long time!"

"Portals to enter and exit that world is now randomized throughout the Digital World!" Said Cherubimon, a huge pink Digimon. "And I think the same thing is happening in the Silesia World. I guess this Biyomon was lucky to find the portal."

Seraphimon nodded. "Yes... but, not by accident. She wanted to find the portal since she has brought a message with us... Bring her in..."

Sorcermon nodded at Seraphimon before opening the door. "Young Biyomon, you may now enter..."

Slowly walking in, Biyomon panted and wheezed as she had flew for a very long time to find the Celestial Digimon. She untied the string that held the message to her ankle and handed it to Seraphimon. "Message... from Silesia World..." With that, she passed out onto the floor.

"My goodness! Is she okay...?" Seraphimon asked.

Picking up Biyomon gently in his arms, Sorcermon looked at his master. "Of course, my Lord. She is just exhausted... Might be a while until she wakes up."

Ophanimon gave off a sigh of relief before turning to Seraphimon. "The message..."

"Of course..." Seraphimon said, opening up the message and reading it. "What is this! Oh no..."

Cherubimon heard Seraphimon's voice change into shock and horror and was confused. "Seraphimon, what is the matter?"

"Read this..." Seraphimon said, slowly handing Cherubimon the message.

Looking at the message, Cherubimon read it out:

Dear Celestial Angels

Our world, Silesia, is in grave peril. Many of our strong warriors have been banished into a dark dimention by a great evil that was part of Valmarmon's army long ago. Many people are suffering in the hands of these fiends and it might happen in the other worlds.

Please help us. We need your help.

Zera Innocentius

"Silesia World is in danger!" Ophanimon asked, gasping in shock. "How is that possible?"

Cheruibmon looked at the letter and back to Seraphimon. "Zera mentioned that who ever is attacking Silesia, it is part of Valmarmon's army."

"But, which one...? The one he used during his battle against Granasmon or the one he used when he came back to life by Daemon's help?" Seraphimon asked, sitting down. He looked down at the fallen Biyomon, still in Sorcermon's arms. "And she needs to rest... If she is from Silesia World, she might know what is happening..."

Standing up from her seat, Ophanimon had a slight smile. "Well then, there is only one way... We can't enter the Silesia World because if this evil is more powerful then we are, then who is the guardian of the Digital World...? My friends, I know what I must have to do... In order to save Silesia World, there is only one thing we can do!"

"You mean...?" Cherubimon trailed off, figuring out what Ophanimon is saying.

"Yes... In order to save Silesia World, the Legendary Warriors must rise again!" Ophanimon said, with a stern tone in her voice.

"Let's do it then..." Seraphimon said. "Bring forth your Chosen Children, Ophanimon... And hope they will respond to your call..."

Ophanimon gave off a slight smile. "Don't worry, Seraphimon.. I know they will..."


Walking out of a pizza palour, Takuya rubbed his stomach. "Ah, that was GREAT!"

"You said it! That double-cheese pizza really hits the spot!" JP said, coming out as well.

"Can't believe you two both had two pizzas each! I'm glad I had only one vegetable pizza." Zoe said, crossing her arms and looking at Takuya and JP.

"Aw, come on, Z... We were just enjoying ourselves..." JP said.

Zoe giggled. "I know, I know..."

Tommy came out with Koichi, smiling. "I'm stuffed. I think I can wait till dinner tonight."

Koichi chuckled before he heard his mobile phone from his pocket starting to ring. "Hey, somebody is trying to call me." He then, heard four more ringings from his friend's mobile-phones. "Looks like you guys got a call as well."

"Must be my mom... I'll call her back later... I'm too stuffed to answer back..." Takuya said.

JP nodded. "Me too... I'll phone my mom back as well."

"I have to go with you guys... I guess my mom must be wondering where I am... even though I did told her that I'll be out with you guys..." Tommy said.

Zoe coughed. "Well, you want to know what I think? I think this is strange that we are ALL getting phone-calls from our mothers at the SAME TIME!"

Koji came out, looking at his cell-phone. "That's because it isn't from our mothers, it's a call from Lady Ophanimon!"

"WHAT!" Forgetting his stuffed stomach, Takuya whipped his phone out and looked at it. It clearly had a message upon it.

My Chosen Children

Please come to the Digital World at once.


"The Digital World...? Right now...?" JP slowly asked, turning to Koji. "How do we get there? The train station that we used to get to the Digital World in the first place was trashed by Lucemon Satan Mode when he tried to take over this world?"

Looking at the phone, Koji looked at Takuya and sighed. "He's got a point... After seeing the wreckage, I don't think any Trailmon can get into our world."

"Well... Let's check out the Trailmon station... Maybe they repaired it... I mean the last time we were in that station was when Lucemon was about... and during these six months, they must have put the pieces together." Takuya said.

Tommy nodded. "I think we should go now... Ophanimon's message looks urgent."

"I hope it's not something terrible... Like Cherubimon is possessed again or Lucemon has returned." Zoe said.

"Come on, let's go now, quick!" Takuya said, leading his friends to the station.


Arriving at Shibuya Station, Takuya and his friends took the same elevator that will take them to the station. Upon arriving it, they stood in awe as the Trailmon station that was once destroyed by Lucemon was now fully repaired.

"Amazing..." Koichi muttered.

"Takuya my boy, you are right!" JP said, smiling before he called out. "Is there any Trailmons nearby? We are here!"

A voice called out in a German accent. "Ja, I'm right here."

"It's an Angler!" Zoe said, remembering what type of Trailmon that has that sort of accent.

The gang rushed over to see a train that was shaped as a mechanical turquoise anglerfish. This is Angler the Trailmon. "Hallo dort, junge Kinder. Ich bin hier, Sie zur Digital Welt durch Aufträge des Lords Seraphimon zu nehmen."

"Erm... what did you say...?" JP asked.

"He said 'Hello there, young children. I am here to take you to the Digital World by orders of Lord Seraphimon.'" Koichi said.

Tommy gasped. "You can speak German?"

"Sure... Mom took me there for a holiday a couple of years ago. I revised the language to understand the people more. Watch this." Koichi turned to Angler, smiling. "Angler, wissen Sie, was geschieht?" (Angler, do you know what is happening?)

If Angler had a head, he could shake. "Nein. Alles Seraphimon erklärte mir, Sie abzuholen und Sie zu seinem Schloß zu nehmen daß ist. Besagt etwas über Schlesien Welt in der Gefahr." (No. All Seraphimon told me is to pick you up and take you to his castle. Said something about Silesia World in danger.)

"Well?" Takuya asked.

Koichi looked at his friends with a worried look. "It's about Silesia World! It is danger!"

"What!" Takuya gasped along with the others. "Did he say how it was in danger!"

"Seraphimon erklärte Ihnen, WARUM Schlesien Welt in der Gefahr ist?" Koichi asked, turning to Angler with a concern look on his face. (Did Seraphimon told you WHY Silesia World is in danger?)

Again, Angler shook his head, if he had one. "Nr., kein... Nur Seraphimon kann Ihnen erklären. Er wird von der Dame Ophanimon und Cherubimon verbunden. Alle sie sind, die Sie warten." (No, no... Only Seraphimon can tell you. He is joined by Lady Ophanimon and Cherubimon. They are all waiting for you.)

Koichi turned back to his friends, sighing. "He says he doesn't know... Only Seraphimon can tell us. He is waiting for us along with Ophanimon and Cherubimon."

JP walked over to Angler and looked at him. "Hey... I've met some Anglers and they speak BOTH English and German... Why aren't ya speaking in German!"

"Was?" Angler asked, confused.

"Mein Freund sagt, daß er anderes Angler getroffen hat und sie nicht nur Deutsches aber sprechen, auch Englisch außerdem. Warum aren't Sie sprechendes Englisch?" Koichi asked. (My friend is saying that he has met other Angler and they not only speak German but, also English as well. Why aren't you speaking English?)

Angler chuckled. "Heh... Wenn meine Trailmon Art getragen werden, werden wir mit der deutschen Sprache gehaftet. Wir müssen die englische Sprache üben. Ich genieße, Deutsches zu sprechen und die himmlischen Engel sprechen meine Sprache, Sie wissen..." (Heh... When my Trailmon kind are born, we are stuck with the German language. We have to practise the English language. I enjoy speaking German and the Celestial Angels do speak my language, you know...)

Relaying this to JP, Koichi turned to Takuya. "We should move right now. The Celestial Digimon are waiting for us."

Nodding, Takuya headed over to the carriage. "Come on! Let's move it!"

The others nodded and followed Takuya into the carriage. When the doors are closed, Angler whistled before starting to move.

"ALLE AN BORD! Folgender Anschlag, die Digital Welt! Haus von Digimon und von legendären Kriegern! FLEHEN SIE HOO AN!" Angler yelled out, zooming through the tunnel. (ALL ABOARD! Next stop, the Digital World! Home of Digimon and Legendary Warriors! WOO HOO!)


After a few minutes, Angler arrived in the Digital World and stopped near Seraphimon's castle. "Hier sind wir... Seraphimon's Schloß, jeder weg." (Here we are... Seraphimon's castle, everybody off.)

As the kids got off, Takuya looked at Koichi. "How do you say 'thank you' in that language?"

Koichi smirked. "Danke."

Nodding, Takuya turned to Angler and bowed. "Danke for your help."

While the other kids laughed, Angler chuckled. "Ihre sehr willkommenen, jungen gewählten Kinder. Auf Wiedersehen." (Your very welcome, young Chosen Children. Goodbye.)

Wiht that, Angler hooted and left. The children looked at each other and nodded. "Ready?" Takuya asked and when the others nodded, he smiled. "Let's go in!"


Standing tall, the Celestial Digimon looked down upon the Chosen Children and smiled, even though Seraphimon's face was hidden by his helmet.

"My young Digidestined, is it nice to see you all again." Ophanimon said.

"It's nice to see you too, Lady Ophanimon." Zoe said, bowing.

Stepping up, Koji looked serious. "With the help of my brother, Angler told us that Silesia World is in danger, is this true?"

"Sadly, yes..." Seraphimon said, sighing. "A Biyomon from that world came to us with the message... According to the message from Zera, the world is attacked by a great evil that was part of Valmarmon's army."

"What! Valmarmon again!" JP asked out loud. "Which Valmarmon army is it! The one Granasmon and his army found or the ones we fought against!"

"We don't know..." Cherubimon said. "Also, this evil must be powerful as it was able to seal away many strong Digimon into a dark dimention..."

"I fear that one of those strong Digimon could have been Veemon as his Imperialdramon Paladin Mode was the most toughest Digimon in our ally army." Seraphimon said.

Tommy gulped. "So... what shall we do...?"

Ophanimon smiled. "Believe it or not, Lucemon and Valmarmon have something in common... Both their power levels are the same... And both of them fell to the powers of the Legendary Warriors. You can make a choice... You can either accept this mission that we are about to give you or you can go home and we can figure out how to help the people of Silesia World in a different way."

Laughing, Takuya stepped up. "What sort of choice is that! I accept! No way I'm leaving the people at Silesia to suffer!"

"Got that right! I'm coming too!" JP said, smiling.

Soon, Zoe, Tommy, Koji and Koichi agreed, giving Ophanimon a heartfelt smile. "I am pleased to hear your choice, Digidestined. I knew I can count on you."

"Thanks." Koji said, smiling.

Standing up, Ophanimon held her hands out as they started to glow. "Digidestined, bring out your cell-phones... It is time to bring back your main weapon, the D-Tectors."

The children nodded and took their cell phones out where they glowed and changed shape to become D-Tectors once again. Takuya's and Koji's D-Tectors became the same design in order to use Unified Spirit Evolution while the other's had the same design of D-Tectors before.

"And now... the Spirits..." Ophanimon said as she, Cherubimon and Seraphimon all lowered their hands into the air where they glowed, and 12 small objects appeared into the air.

"Spirits of Agunimon and BurningGreymon, come to me!" Takuya called out as two red objects entered his red/black D-Tector.

Holding his blue/black D-Tector, Koji called in a clear voice. "Spirits of Lobomon and KendoGarurumon, come to me!" The two white objects entered his.

"I call the Spirits of Lowemon and JagerLowemon to come to me!" Said Koichi, holding his black/grey D-Tector as two black objects entered his.

Giggling, Zoe held her pink/purple D-Tector into the air, smiling as two beautiful objects entered hers. "Spirits of Kazemon and Zephyrmon, it is time for us to be together again!"

"Spirits of Beetlemon and MetalKabuterimon!" JP said, holding his dark blue/yellow D-Tector into the air where two blue objects entered his. "Let us be rejoined to battle the forces of evil!"

"The Spirit of Kumamon! The Spirit of Korikkakumon! Come to me!" Tommy called out as two white objects entered his white/green D-Tector.

Seraphimon nodded. "The Spirits and Digidestined have been reunited!"

"But, what about the remaining Spirits?" Takuya asked.

"We shall hold onto these until two of you return here to tell us what is happening. We'll decide if this evil can be brought down by all 10 Legendary Spirits or not..." Cherubimon said.

Zoe nodded before she frowned. "So... how do we enter the Silesia World...? Through a portal?"

"Correct, young Zoe." Seraphimon said. "We have sent two of your friends to find a portal." He lifted his head and laughed. "And here they are."

The six children turned to see a small white creature with a pink belt and a yellow creature wearing red pants. Tommy smiled. "Bokomon! Neemon!"

"You have returned!" Bokomon said, happily. "Oh, this is so wonderful"

Neemon laughed. "We have found a portal! We marked it before we returned!"

"Come on, you guys... Let's go! Silesia World needs our help!" Takuya said, leading the others out of the castle. "Bokomon, Neemon... Come with us... We need all the information we need!"

"OK!" Bokomon said, walking alongside with JP.

"Wait for me!" Neemon said, running after his friends.

"Good luck, Digidestined! And be careful!" Ophanimon called out.


With a red bow tied to a tree, the Digidestined and the two Digimon saw a ripple in the air. They all knew it was the portal.

"So... know anything what is happening, Bokomon?" Takuya asked.

Bokomon nodded. "Of course... Seraphimon told me... The Biyomon from this world could tell us what is happening except, she is out-cold who knows how long she will be asleep."

"Well, there is no turning back now!" Koji said. "Ready?"

"I'm ready!" Koichi said.

"Me too!" JP added.

"Come on, let's save our friends!" Zoe said.

Tommy nodded. "Let's go!"

"Hooray for the warriors." Neemon said.

Takuya smiled and turned to the portal. "Everyone... let's go!"

One by one, the Digidestined, Bokomon and Neemon entered the portal and into a new adventure. What lies upon their destination is unknown but, they will soon start a new legend before them...


(Rika) A new danger means new adventure! What is happening in the Silesia World! You'll soon find out in the next chapter of the new Digimon Frontier story!

This is the start and there will be more. Stay tune to find chapter 2.