(Guardromon) Somewhere in their souls, the Digidestined were talking to the Human Legendary Warriors and express their joy to each other about being legends themselves. Meanwhile, Valmarmon Inferno Mode was unstoppable and even though Imperialdramon Paladin Mode was about, Valmarmon wasn't scatched by the combind attacks of many Mega Digimon. Though, Valmarmon did shown fear when the six Digidestined all awaken from their coma, activated Ancient Spirit Evolution that combinded six children and 20 Spirits that brought back the very Digimon that defeated Valmarmon eight years ago! That is right, folks! Susanoomon has returned and the final battle has finally begun!

Episode Special:
Return to Silesia!
Chapter 10: The Couragous Susanoomon! The Legend Lives On!
By Ninetalesuk.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Final Frontier Special Chapter! Read and enjoy! Onto the final chapter!


The screens on the six D-Tectors glowed brightly as Takuya, Koji, Koichi, JP, Zoe and Tommy held them out, pointing towards each other and a massive ring of Digi-Code surrounded them.


The six children and the 10 spirit warriors of legend were transformed into a massive pillar of light. Inside, the six Chosen Ones were merged into one as the 10 Spirits of Human and 10 Spirits of Beast circled them before attaching themselves to the only glowing body to creating a new powerful armour as well as a powerful warrior.

The head of MagnaGarurumon attached itself onto the form's right hand. More pieces of armor attached themselves onto the legs and along came EmperorGreymon's head attaching to the left hand. As soon as his body was covered by dark red armor with yellow stripes scattered across, the head forms. A helmet-like crown forms at the top of its head with a symbol. A mouth mask covers its lower face and a pair of eyes opened to get a view of its enemy. His lower waist was covered by a blue armor as was his feet. A pair of black glove hands came sprouting out from the heads. The transformation came to an end once a circular ring attached itself on the titan's back. The warrior finally exposes itself and completes its evolution. The unified spirit warrior lets out a cry as he calls out his official name.


Bokomon cheered. "He has returned! He has arrived! The Warrior of Hope! The Warrior of Dreams! Susanoomon has returned!"

As everyone cheered in delight, Valmarmon IM witness this and gasped. "NO! NOT AGAIN! NOT HIM! NO!"

"Valmarmon... It's over!" Susanoomon announced as he leapt into air, towards his final opponent!

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode nodded. "Come on, Susanoomon! You can do it!"

"Bring the jerk down!" Magnadramon called out.

Valmarmon IM was still in shock. Last time he faced Susanoomon was back on his very own moon eight years ago. Takuya and Koji called out 'Ancient Spirits Unite!' and became Susanoomon before soundly defeating him, destroying his body as well as the seven pieces... leaving his soul unscathed. Now, with SIX children becoming Susanoomon... he wonders if he has the power...

With rage in his viens, the huge demonolic dragon roared as he flew towards Susanoomon. "YOUR ARRIVAL WILL NEVER TURN THE TIDE, YOU FOOL! I WILL CRUSH YOU LIKE I DID BEFORE AND THIS TIME, I WILL KILL YOU INSTEAD OF KNOCKING YOU OUT!"

"Valmarmon... You'll never learn that while we work together, we can overcome impossible obstacles." Susanoomon said. "Like this!" With a massive swing, Susanoomon smashed his fist into the face of Valmarmon IM.

Startled, Valmarmon flew back and rubbed his face. He gritted in pain and anger. "HOW...? I CAN FEEL PAIN... IMPOSSIBLE!"

"Like I said... we can overcome the impossible obstacles..." Susanoomon said.

Looking up, Valmarmon almost roared in anger. 'I can't believe this... I might have the power to overcome Susanoomon if he was made up by two children and twenty Spirits but, THIS Susanoomon is made up of six children and twenty Spirits! I cannot lose to this pest, not now... not ever!'

Susanoomon hovered in front of Valmarmon IM, arms crossed. "What is the matter, your high and fail-ness? Figuring out that my strength in faith and courage is more stronger then yours?"

"SHUT UP! YOU WILL BOW BEFORE ME, YOU BLASTED FUSION FREAK! I'LL MAKE YOU SUFFER! YOU, YOUR WORLD AND THIS WORLD!" Valmarmon IM roared before he felt a blast of energy in his back. Turning around in pain, he saw who attacked him from behind. "You..."

The powerful Imperialdramon Paladin Mode struck Valmarmon Inferno Mode with his Omega Sword, knocking the dragon for a loop. "You'll never do such things, Valmarmon! Not while we are here!"

Valmarmon IM growled. There were a lot of Digimon around him, ready to face him and stop his evil plans. Susanoomon, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, Kyodaidramon, YoukaiInumon, Korimemon, Anubismon, Dianamon, GaoFoxmon, WarGreymon, BlackWarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, KaizerRyujinmon, MegaGargomon, Angedramon, Machinedramon, Sakuyamon, Justimon, Gallantmon, Magnadramon and Phoenixmon. Counting them, Valmarmon realised that that comes to TWENTY Digimon! 19 Mega Digimon and 1 Susanoomon! How can he fix this problem... before he remembered when he first appeared, he created a shockwave that de-evolved Takuya and Koji from their EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon forms.

With an evil chuckle, Valmarmon IM turned to every Digimon that surrounded him. "OH... YOU ARE ALL FOOLS! I CAN BEAT YOU ALL, INCLUDING SUSANOOMON! WATCH AND LEARN AND SUFFER MY WRATH!"

With a deep roar, Valmarmon IM created a massive shockwave that struck every Digimon surronding him. He laughed at his fallen victims.

YoukaiInumon, Korimemon, GaoFoxmon and KaizerRyujinmon all de-Digivolved back into Inumon, Huskymon, Kitsumon and Ryumon while Gallantmon, BlackWarGreymon, Sakuyamon, Justimon, WarGreymon and Angedramon landed around them.

"Grr... that coward! He blasted us all because he is afraid of us facing him!" Inumon said.

Ryumon rubbed his head. "I haven't Digivolved for a LONG time and I think this isn't the major comeback I wanted..."

"Is everyone okay?" Huskymon asked, helping Kitsumon up.

"I'm good..." Kitsumon said, smiling a little.

Gallantmon got up and groaned. "We are all fine but... what about the others...?"

"Look!" WarGreymon announced, pointing to the air.

Anubismon and Dianamon were trying to hold their Mega forms while Kyodaidramon stayed strong and stood in front of his friends. MetalGarurumon, MegaGargomon and Machinedramon where trying to stand their ground while Phoenixmon looked at Magnadramon.

"Er... Magnadramon? Are you okay...?" Phoenixmon slowly asked.

"London Bridge is falling down... Falling down..." Magnadramon muttered in a sing-song voice, with dizzy spirials in her eyes and amazingly, was able to stay in the air.

With a sweatdrop, Phoenixmon sighed. "Oh yeah... she is okay..."

Valmarmon IM laughed as he looked at Imperialdramon PM, whom is holding the sword in one hand and holding his chest with the other. "SEE, YOU FOOLISH DRAGON? MY POWERS IN INVINCIBLE! NO ONE WILL BE POWERFUL ENOUGH TO WITHSTAND MY SECRET ATTACK!"

"Then... what about me...?" Imperialdramon PM asked.



Valmarmon IM was pushed back by the sudden force of Susanoomon's fist. When the dragon regained his senses, he was shocked to see Susanoomon still active and haven't de-evolved. At first, he thought Susanoomon will soon be weakened like Imperialdramon PM but, he noticed that Susanoomon wasn't looking like he was effected at all.

"Surprise, creepiod?" Susanoomon asked, calmly.


Susanoomon smirked. "Nothing is impossible... nothing is..." He turned to Imperialdramon PM, with a concern look. "Are you okay, my friend?"

Imperialdramon PM nodded slightly. "I am fine but, I can't hold my Mega form much longer... I'm gonna do this before I become Veemon again..." He raised his Omega Sword into the air and created a massive holy shockwave. "OMEGA SWORD!"

"ATEM DES TODES!" Valmarmon IM roared out, opening his mouth to breath off a powerful blast of flaming dark energy. To his shock, Imperialdramon PM's attack went THROUGH his Atem des Todes attack and struck him in the chest. "IMPOSSIBLE!"

With a sigh, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode started to glow as he turned to Susanoomon. "Beat him for me, Susanoomon... Promise me..."

"I promise you, my friend... Take a good rest." Susanoomon said.

"Thank you..." Imperialdramon Paladin Mode said before he de-Digivolved back into Veemon and hovered onto the ground with the Omega Sword vanishing into two white energies and hovering back into WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.

MetalGarurumon felt the power of the Omega Sword returning to him, giving him the power to become Omnimon once again with WarGreymon. "Imperialdramon has fallen... What now?"

Feeling the returning power was well, WarGreymon grabbed his chest and as if he heard MetalGarurumon's comments, shook his head. "I can't fight... Omnimon can't return..."

"Anubismon... I don't feel too good..." Dianamon said before she became Jaguarmon again. "Oh no..."

"Hold on, Jaguarmon!" Anubismon said, landing on the ground and placing the kitty Rookie on the grass before he de-Digivolved back into Labramon. "Ah, nuts..."

"Valmarmon's shockwave effected us... Other Mega Digimon that is already Digivolved are tired..." Kyodaidramon said, landing on the ground before becoming Divinemon. "Susanoomon is on his own..."

Veemon looked up with hope in his eyes, smiling. "It is all up to you, Susanoomon! Take Valmarmon down once and for all! You can do it!"


"You can try, Valmarmon... but, nothing you can do will previal over me." Susanoomon said.

Valmarmon IM chucked. "OH REALLY...? WELL THEN, IT IS TIME TO SAY GOODBYE!" His body started to glow in a bright purple energy.

Susanoomon didn't looked too worried. "Hmm...?"

"ATOMBRESEITIGUNG!" Valmarmon IM roared out, creating a powerful dark purple energy ball of shockwaves from his body. "GOODBYE, SILESIA WORLD! FOREVER!"

Velene gasped in horror. "Oh no... he is going to destroy us all!"

"It can't end like this!" Kitsunamon muttered.

Susanoomon only hovered calmly before he was engulfed into the dark purple energy ball.

"SUSANOOMON! NO!" Vulko screamed out.

"I know you can do it..." Veemon muttered to himself.

Inside the ball, Susanoomon hovered towards the unsuspecting form of Valmarmon Inferno Mode, noticing the red jewel on the dragon's chest.

"You know... I have a feeling there is something special on that chest of his... that jewel." Takuya's voice said.

"I think your right." Koji's voice spoke up.

A smirk came from JP. "I guess that is Valmarmon's power source. Seeing as he hasn't seen us, lets just smash that jem up before he notices us."

"Good idea!" Came the others opinions.

With a battle cry, Susanoomon flew towards Valmarmon IM's chest, fist drawn back. Valmarmon IM heard the cry and gasped as he looked down. "WHAT! HE IS SURVIVING MY DEADLY ATTACK? IMPOSSIBLE! THIS IS TRUELY IMPOSSIBLE!"

"It's over for you, Valmarmon!" Susanoomon screamed, smashing his fist into the jewel on Valmarmon IM's chest, causing it to shatter.

Where the jewel use to be, black smoke started to leak out. "NO! NO! NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Everyone was glad to see the deadly attack of Valmarmon's as it vanished and were amazed to see Susanoomon alive and well while Valmarmon IM's chest was leaking of dark smoke.

"Er... what just happened?" Neemon asked.

"Your guess is good as mine..." Bokomon muttered.

"YOU MAY HAVE WON THIS BATTLE, BRATS! BUT, I SHALL RETUR..." Valmarmon's booming voice stopped once the dark smoke finished pouring out of the area where the red jewel was smashed and hovered away into the sky. Then, to everyone's shock, Valmarmon IM started to roar crazily and spewing Atem des Todes around in the sky, not hitting anyone.

"He's insane! What is the matter with him!" Came Tommy's voice.

"That red jewel must have incased Valmarmon's soul! Without the jewel, Valmarmon has leaked out of the body, leaving it uncontrolable!" Koichi spoke up.

Zoe agreed as her voice spoke up. "I get it! And without Valmarmon, Inferno Mode is now a mad soulless puppet! We gotta put this creep down before anyone gets hurt!"

"This battle shall now come to an end, Valmarmon!" Susanoomon said, as clouds appeared above him. The golden ring on his back glowed and Susanoomon summoned from the palm of his hands, 6 yellow dragon-headed creatures, created by electricity, came out of the clouds. "HEAVEN'S THUNDER!"

The roaring and soulless body of Valmarmon Inferno Mode was pinned to the ground by the six thundering creatures. It couldn't move so...

"I know what we shall do next but, be careful! If Valmarmon's Moon blew up because of that attack, who knows what it will do the Silesia." Koji's voice said.

"No problems, Koji. Let's just end this!" Takuya's voice said with confidence.

"Valmarmon... It ends right here... RIGHT NOW!" Susanoomon yelled out as a massive weapon, fused with the cannon of MagnaGarurumon and parts of EmperorGreymon. The small object on Susanoomon's head, came down and covered his eyes as a LONG yellow energy blade came out of the cannon. "CELESTIAL BLADE!"

The blade reached Valmarmon Inferno Mode and sliced the massive dragon in half. With one last roaring cry, tons and tons of Digi-Code surrounded the dragon as Susanoomon hovered as his weapon vanished into thin air.

Holding both hands out, six D-Tectors appeared in front of Susanoomon. "It is over, Valmarmon... Your hatered has finally ended. The Digi-Vices shall end your ways of torturing the innocent FOREVER! Digi-Code SCAN!"

Everyone cheered as Susanoomon scanned the Digi-Code into all six D-Tectors and the body of Valmarmon Inferno Mode vanished into thin air. Only one thing has come into the minds of everyone witnessing Valmarmon Inferno Mode's defeat...


"You did it! You did it!" Bokomon cheered happily.

Velene picked Vulko up and hugged him with tears of happiness falling out of her eyes. "It is over... It is FINALLY over..."

"It is, mummy... Don't cry..." Vulko said, soothingly.

Zera chuckled as he stood beside Kurio. "At long last, my dear friend... The nightmare is over..."

"I agree, your Holiness but... what was that black mist leaking out of Inferno Mode's chest... It is strange because before that happened, he had a jewel on his chest..." Kurio said.

"Maybe our gallant heroes can explain... Come! Let us give the Legendary Warriors an open arms to congradulate them!" Zera said, happily.

While this was happening, Susanoomon landed on the ground and splited into Agunimon, Lobomon, Lowemon, Beetlemon, Kazemon and Kumamon.

"We did it, you guys! We beat Valmarmon!" Kumamon said, happily.

Kazemon nodded. "It is finally over!"

"Hate to break it to ya but, its not!" Beetlemon spoke up. "We've leaked Valmarmon's soul free from his body and is now free! Who knows what he can do!"

Lobomon nodded. "Your right, JP." Then, he smiled. "IF he has a body! We can only create chaos if he has a body and he waited eight years to get his revenge! If he wants to get revenge, he wants to do it while he was solid! That is why he used the stoned bodies of his former generals, Basilikmon and Pharaohmon! Now they are both gone, the soul of Valmarmon will have no other choice but to rest in peace!"

Beetlemon nodded. "Your right!"

"OK, you guys... Let's meet up with our fans." Agunimon said, adding with a grin.

Lowemon chuckled before he muttered to himself in a sad voice. "Before we have to say 'goodbye' and leave them..."

No one heard him as the others have met the cheering crowd, giving hugs and handshakes...


"How could I lose...? What has happened...! It took Granasmon a blasted seven days and seven nights to defeat me while it took Susanoomon under an hour! Both in my normal and Inferno Mode forms!" Echoed the voice of Valmarmon's soul in an unknown universe. "And now, there is nothing left in Silesia! NOTHING! I can't possess a living body that already has a soul! I will get my revenge! I will not rest until I complete a new dream of mine! The crush the Legendary Warriors!"

But... somewhere in Valmarmon's soul, he knows that there is nothing he can do to get his revenge... Nothing!


As everyone continued to celebrate, a pink blur came out of no where and hugged one of the crowd, screaming happily.

Yena, looking startled, looked at the pink blur and smiled happily. "Biyomon!"

"Oh, Yena! Your okay! I'm so glad!" Biyomon said, hugging Yena with a smile on her face.

Bokomon gasped. "Hold on a second! That is the same Biyomon that was in Seraphimon's castle!"

"That's right... now idenify US!" Came a familiar voice. Everyone turned around and stood in shock to see Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon hovering above them. Seraphimon chuckled. "Too speechless to say something, hmm?"

Beetlemon nodded. "You... can say that..."

"Seraphimon! Ophanimon! Cherubimon! What are you guys doing here!" Agunimon asked.

"To congradulate you... and to give you some intresting news." Ophanimon said.

Cherubimon nodded. "That is right. You see, everyone... Valmarmon Inferno Mode has somehow effected the time period in Silesia World..."

"How do you mean...?" Velene asked.

"The time period in the Digital World and Sileisa World use to be different as only a couple of months has passed in the Digital World while only eight years have passed in this world." Seraphimon explained. "But now, effected somehow by Valmarmon Inferno Mode, the time period between the Digital World and Silesia World is now... the same!"

Everyone except the Mega Angels gasped. Kurio whirled his head around to Zera, confused. "But how! How did Valmarmon was able to do this? Was it when he did that 'Atombeseitigung' thing?"

Before Zera could reply, Lowemon shook his head and spoke up. "No... Atombeseitigung means Atomic Elimination in German... That attack can't effect the time period."

"Well, who cares how Valmarmon has effected the time period! Listen... in the Real World, six months have passed after our last adventure... Seraphimon said only a couple of months passed while eight years in Silesia World did..." Lobomon said. "In other words... now that this time period is now the same as the Digital World's, only a couple of months will be passed on by..."

Agunimon grinned. "Yeah! Which means time won't be running fast again!"

Ophanimon giggled. "Which brings me to my next statement... Even though you've just defeated Valmarmon, you must go back to the Real World..."

"What! Why!" Kazemon asked.

"The portals have been effected and are starting to close in a couple of hours! By the time you get back, you'll only be away for a couple of minutes... Don't worry... Once the portals are closed, we'll try and create a new portal for all of you to enter and exit the Digital World and the Silesia World." Ophanimon explained.

"OK... Do you want the Spirits back?" Kumamon asked.

Cherubimon shook his head. "No... Until the future, there is no danger... besides, you and the Spirits have a lot of catching up to do."

"But... we have to go now...?" Kazemon asked.

Veemon stepped up. "Don't worry, Zoe... We'll see each other again... Don't worry... Just go back home and get some rest. I promise ya that we will see each other again."

"OK, Veemon..." Kazemon said.

Lowemon turned to the other people of Silesia World. "Do you agree with this?"

Everyone nodded. "Yeah, Koichi. Don't worry. Just rest now... you've done so much for us..."

The Warriors nodded and de-evolved. Bokomon and Neemon stood with the Celestial Angels as Seraphimon created a portal.

"This portal shall take you to a Trailmon, which shall take you back into the Real World." Seraphimon said, motioning to the portal.

"And once everything is ready, I will call you on your D-Tector to tell you that it is ready." Ophanimon said. "And I also added a new function for you to change your D-Tector into your normal mobile phone."

Cherubimon nodded. "That's right... just in case anyone askes where its gone to."

"OK... Goodbye, everyone... I hope we see ya next time." Takuya said.

Velene nodded, smiling. "Me too, Takuya... Me too..."

Bokomon stepped up. "Be careful, Takuya."

"So long!" Neemon spoke up.

Everyone said their goodbyes before watching sadly as the six Chosen Children walked through the portal. Seraphimon closed it before he sighed.

"And now... we shall all rest..." Seraphimon said.


As everyone apporached Angler the Trailmon, the Digimon spoke in a German language. "Amperestunde, Digidestined. Wie ging es?" (Ah, Digidestined. How did it go?)

"Es ging fein, Angler. Danke für das Bitten." Koichi replied in German. (It went fine, Angler. Thank you for asking.)

"Man... Koichi better teach ME how to speak German..." JP muttered.

"Che cosa circa me? E che cosa sono io, taglio sewy? JP, posso insegnarvi la lingua italiana, pal!" Zoe said, in Italian language. (What about me? And what am I, chop sewy? JP, I can teach you Italian language, pal!)

JP sweatdropped. "Too much langauge!"

"Was ist die Angelegenheit mit ihm?" Angler asked. (What is the matter with him?)

Koichi laughed. "Sprachenprobleme." (Language problems.)

Angler chuckled before the doors opened on his carrages. "O.K., jeder. Zeit, Sie zurück zu der realen Welt zu nehmen! Vor Ihrem Freund geht Nüsse wieder!" (OK, everyone. Time to take you back to the Real World! Before your friend goes nuts again!)

Everyone boared the Trailmon before Angler whistled and took off.


Walking alone, Velene held Vulko in her arms as she walked through a forest. "Where is your father? I know not ALL the people are around but..."

"Last time I saw him, he was frozen still near Holy Cathedral..." Vulko spoke.

"Holy Cathedral? That explains why he isn't near..." Velene muttered.

"Yep... that does explain it, doesn't it, sis?" Said a voice.

Velene nodded. "That is right, Telene... Anyway, I wonder which wa..." She froze as she mouthed the word 'Telene' before turning around and gasped. "Oh my..."

There standing in front of Velene was three figures familiar to her. One was the ever faithful Anzu Vulpina whom was a female Ninetales hybrid in a white dress and a pair of sandels. She has bright blue eyes and a small mark on her cheek. The other was Telene, Velene's twin sister who looked like her except for black markings under her eyes and muzzle. Finally, Isono Vulpina. He is a male Ninetales hybrid dressed in a robe with no features on him.

Vulko looked confused. "Mummy... who are they...?"

"Mum... Dad... Telene...?" Velene whispered out.

"Lord Granasmon has given us special permission to visit ya..." Telene said, stepping up before holding up a star-shaped pendent. "And with these jewels given to each of us, we can stay here for a very LONG time!"

Isono nodded and grinned. "So, what do you have to say to that, my child?"

Velene slowly placed Vulko onto the ground before running over to Anzu and started to hug her. "I MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH!"

"I miss you too, Velene..." Anzu said, soothingly, hugging back. "I'm so happy to be back with you, my dear child..."

Vulko smiled as he watched his pained mother hugging his family. "Mummy is finally gonna heal... Daddy will be so happy..."

Everyone was happy after the defeat of Valmarmon... all except one...

"WHERE IS THAT TERRIERMON!" Screamed the enraged Magnadramon. "WHERE ARE YOU!"

Phoenixmon sweatdropped. "At least she isn't bored..."

"I hope we can see each other you guys..." Said Veemon in his thoughts. "I know it..."


"We are home!" Tommy said, happily.

Koji smiled. "And Ophanimon is right, we've only been away for a couple of minutes from the Real World. If it is much bigger like a week, we would be in so much trouble."

"We better head back to our homes then." Zoe said, waving. "I'll see you guys tomorrow!"

JP nodded. "Yeah... See ya, Z!"

"Bye!" Tommy called out.

"See ya!" Takuya announced.

With that, the six Digidestined started to head back to their homes and family, carring with them their Spirits of Legendary Warriors.

(Takuya) Our adventure is over but, our destiny is sure not! One day, we'll return to either the Digital World and the Silesia World to meet up with old friends and maybe make new ones. I know for a fact that goodbye is never forever! Until now, everyone... Rest easy! /Laughs/


Thank you, thank you everyone! For reading this story! Digimon and other characters appearing are owned by AnT, Youkai Youko, Pyra, Foxen Angel and me, Ninetalesuk!

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