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Authors Note:

Hello all! This is my very first (and probably only so that I can focus my full attention on this project) Fan Fiction. Basically, teachers get drunk at Hogwarts. But it's funny, I promise! It is done in Diary Form and has several companions. There are companions for Snape, Trelawney, Quirrell, and I may get ambitious some day and decide to make one for Mc Gonagall. I will give the links to several things next chapter because right now I am struggling through my technology block to figure this junk out. Enjoy! And comment! I love comments and the more I get the better I feel and the better I feel the more inspired I am to update. So if you like, it greatly behooves you to comment.

After Hours

Hogwarts Teachers Gone Wild


September 26, Wednesday

Albus Dumbledore, perhaps you are as brilliant as everyone seems to think you are...ish...whatever. Point is, I came up with the niftiest idea. I'm telling you, this is just what all these tight ass professors at Hogwarts need. What is this idea you ask? Well, let me start from the beginning...

Yesterday I ran into Snape in the hall, and he was grumbling and sneering and acting all together unpleasant, no doubt because I allowed Potter to get a Nimbus 2000. Honestly, just because Snape was a little puss while he was in school is no reason for him to hate Harry Potter so much. That jerk-off...

Anyway, so I thought to myself, 'Severus is looking unusually tense today.' Unusually...as in he usually looks tense. So do most the professors, and God knows I need to let go once in a while, so I thought, "Damnit Albus! You're the headmaster! Liven things up a little!" So, I sent an owl to every professor and caretaker and what-not at Hogwarts telling them to meet in the dungeons every Friday night at midnight. Well...then wouldn't it be Saturday morning...oh Bloody hell! They'll know what I mean.

Plan is, when they all get down there I will fill the room with as much alcohol as I can muster and let them all get plastered. Ha! Lets see if they walk like they got a wand up there arse then eh?

Of course, I may have a sip or 2000 myself...which is part of the reason I started this little journal. Firstly, stupid little muggle things like this fascinate me, and not only will I need it because I got the memory of a brain damaged bat when I get drunk (and I will NOT risk messing with a pensieve when I can't even piss straight) but this year may yet prove to be interesting...