Another Life

By Angel


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Serena's pov.

Dear Diary

It is hard to believe that it has been two whole years since I moved from Japan to the United States. I can not believe that much time has passed. How many changes have occurred in my life since I left. How different I was then, then I am now.

I know I am still the same person. Same blonde hair only shorter, about mid-back, with silver streaks, that Michelle talked me into getting ,here and there, and without the ordangos. Same crystal blue eyes only without the glasses, and strangely enough they have little flecks of sliver in them now.

My mother says my eyes are like looking up into a star light sky, But she is probably just saying that to be goofy. But anyway I am still the same person right? Even if my figures filled out and my sense of style has changed drastically from what it was two years ago, even if I got my braces off and am not the shy klutz I used to be.

My family says coming to America was the best thing for me. They say I have grown up and that I have more confidence than I had when I was fifteen and living in Japan. They say I have grace and beauty.

But will any of that make a difference now that I am going back to Japan? Will any of that matter once I see him again?

Darien Chiba, my one and only love. Of course he does not know what I feel for him. He was the most gorgeous and popular guy in Juban High, he would never have even noticed the shy klutzy blonde girl that bumped into him every morning, or that sat in the back of English class never saying a word.

Why would he?

We were polar opposites, he most popular and I the biggest dork in school. Why would he have ever noticed me?

I have often wondered what happened to him since I left Japan, he would be in his first year of university now. I sometimes get letters from the few friends I had in Japan and sometimes they would mention him while sharing the latest piece of gossip. But that was all I would hear of him.

Its silly right, you would think that after two years I would have forgotten about him. But It is not like I have not tried, I have...I have dated ...but I still can not stop comparing every guy I meet to him...and I still can not stop wandering what would happen if we met now.

Would he notice me for who I am or would I just be another pretty face in the back of the class? Well I guess there is only one way to find out.

Two Weeks Later

Japan was almost exactly the way she remember it. As she walked around all the old places she used to hang out she noticed very few changes. There was a new bus boy at the malt shop and the fruit market where she had once had a part time job was now a cosmetics store.

But the arcade, the most popular teen hangout in town was still there and Andrew was still behind the counter when she walked in. She sighed reliving the good times she had talking to him over a chocolate shake. I wonder if he will remember me. She thought as she walked up to the counter and sat on one of the stools and clearing her throat to get his attention.

He turned around and then just stopped and stared at her. She could not keep herself from giggling.

"What is the matter Andrew have I changed so much in two years." She said grinning at him. He just stood there stunned for a moment, then a huge smile spread over his face and he laughed.

"Serena!" He said as he hurried around the counter to pull her up into a hug. "My god, look at you...your stunning. You have changed, so much I did not recognize you at first." She blushed and he laughed again. "What are you doing back in Tokyo? Are you staying? You know you never wrote me, not once" he questioned. She just laughed.

"Andrew slow down." She smiled "Yes I am staying, my father just got transferred back here. And I did not write because you did not give me your address before I left. I am sorry."

"Forget it." He said as he sat on the stool next to hers. "How have you been? Have you seen the girls yet?" She grinned.

"I have been great and no your the first one I came to see, I have missed you so much." She said taking his hand. "And besides school does not let out for another hour." Andrew glanced at his watch then smacked his head.

"Of course." he smiled at her. "I can not believe your here and the change you have under gone." He said taking in the tight baby pink midriff shirt and denim bibs she had put on that morning. "If I did not think of you as a little sister I would be hitting on you." She blushed bright red again.

"Stop being silly Andrew. I have not changed that much. I am still that same Serena I was when I left." She stated confidently. He just grinned at her as he slowly looked her over from head to foot.

"But now your beautiful...I mean you were always pretty, but now...I mean wow." He finally said while gesturing and making gawking fish faces at her.

"Andrew, stop! You are embarrassing me." She pouted her face turning red, but still smiling. "It is great being back do you think anyone will remember me?" She said her smile turning a little sad.

"Oh I know a few people who will." He laughed at his inside joke. She just gave him a confused look. "Never mind." He said dismissing it. " I would be more surprised if anyone recognized you." Serena grinned evilly at his comment and the honest look of approval in his eyes before she answered.

"Good there are a few people that I am dieing to show up." Andrew grinned back.

And at that moment the doors opened turning Andrew attention to the tall young man who just walked in. He was tall about 6'1 with a medium build, with hair so black it had dark blue tints, and midnight blue eyes. He was wearing a green blazer over a black muscle shirt and kakis.

Serena recognized him right away, she could barely keep from blushing. Andrew smiled at the man motioning for him to come over. He smiled.

"Hey Andrew." Darien greeted with a slight wave, as he approached his friend he noticed the girl sitting on the stool beside him and could barely contain the drool that pooled in his mouth. She was beautiful and very familiar.

"Hey." Andrew returned, noticing that his friend's attention was not on himself but on the beautiful blonde girl sitting next to him. He grinned evilly. "Say Darien you remember Serena Carson right?" He could hardly keep from laughing as Darien stopped in his tracks three feet from them. He looked at Andrew then did a double take back to Serena.

" A ..a..a yeah" he stammered, then glared at his friend. "Andrew, can I talk to you a minute? Over there." He pointed to the back room.

Serena taking this chance to get away from her crush stood up. She had not expected to see him so soon she needed a few minutes to gather the pieces of her composure that had shattered the moment he walked through the doors just as cute as she remembered.

"No its ok I have to go anyway. I want to meet the girls when they get out of school. It was nice seeing you again Darien." She said with a smile. "Bye Andy." She said as she walked out the door, leaving both guys staring at her departing figure.

"Andy?" Darien turned to glare at his friend after Serena was out of view. Andrew smiled.

"Relax I know how much you like her, besides she is like my little sister."

"Boy has she changed." Darien said as he sat on the stool she had just vacated. Andrew glanced at his friend

"Yeah she is defiantly not the ordango she was when she left. Now she is beautiful." He said calmly knowing Darien's reaction.

"She was always beautiful." Darien glared. "She was kind and sweet and innocent. She was perfect." Andrew smiled at the glazed look that had entered his best friend's eyes, but still proceeded to antagonize him.

"Yes never mind that she was a klutz and did poorly in school and was to shy to talk to anyone." Andrew said jokingly, but at Darien's glare continued. "But now look at her." he amended. "She is graceful and she has more confidence in herself. Just look at the outfit she was wearing. She never would have worn something like that two years ago." Darien smiled at his friend.

"I knew the first moment I saw her there was something special about her."

Flashback Two years and three months earlier

A seventeen-year-old Darien Chiba walked down the street heading for the juban school, his fourth new school this year. As he was rounding a corner someone plowed into him, knocking them both to the ground. He was already in a dark mood and was about to yell at the clumsy person in till he looked up into a pair of startled blue eyes. He was mesmerized by their depths as he felt emotions overwhelm him, compassion, sympathy, wonderment and even love. He was startled out of his daze by a few mumbled apologies as the girl got up and ran down the street her long blonde hair streaming behind her from the twin buns placed on top of her head like Mickey Mouse ears. After she disappeared around the next corner he got up and continued toward school, absently wondering who she was, and hoping he would she her again.

From that day on he had walked that same route to school at the same time just to bump into her. Which he did literally everyday for three months. Sometimes he would smile at her and she would just blush cherry red, which he thought made her look so cute, and runaway. And sometimes he would stare into her lovely eyes as she mumbled her apologizes before hurrying down the street. That was his favorite time of day when he got to see her.

And then at the end of the first semester, two months after he transferred to Juban high, he walked into his second semester English class and there she was sitting in the very back corner of the room with her head bent hiding her face. But he knew it was her. That was the day he learned her name. Serena, such a pretty name.

After school that day he went to visit Andrew at the arcade, they had made friend quickly both boy being about the same age and interested in a lot of the same things, he told him about the girl he liked. And boy was he surprised to learn that Andrew knew her. Andrew had been surprised that Darien would like a girl like Serena. But what she looked like did not matter to him, to him she was beautiful, he knew that she was a kind caring person. And that was all that mattered.

And then a month later she just disappeared. He waited everyday for a week at the corner before school, for her to show up. He searched for her when he entered his English class every morning, but she never came. And when he went to ask Andrew if he had seen her, he was crushed to learn that her family had moved to America. He never got to say goodbye to her or tell her how he felt. Would he ever get to see her again?

As the months passed he missed their morning routine. Missed making her blush and missed seeing her sitting in the back of English class. But as the months turned into a year he decided he had to move on, so he started dating, some serious and some not so serious. But a piece of his heart still belonged to her. Hoping she would come back.

End Flashback

And now here she was looking even more beautiful. It did not take more than a second for Darien to decide he would not make the same mistake twice. He would tell her how he felt and hope she felt the same. Yes he thought I'll ask her out. And with a huge smile on his face he said goodbye to Andrew and left the arcade.

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