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Seto sat at his desk at Kaiba Corp. working on his laptop. It was nighttime and most of the workers had gone home. The only noises that could be heard was the tapping on the keyboard and Kaiba's silent cursing at what a poor job someone had done on their report on the progress of Kaiba's new invention. He was about to fix some math mistakes when a vacuum roared to life outside his door.

"Who the hell is disturbing me?" He cried as he stood up and marched over to the door. He opened it and looked at the maintenance worker who was vacuuming.

"You," he said giving the poor man one of his Kaiba glares. "You're fired!"

He walked back into his office leaving the man shocked outside his door.

"And turn that damn thing off!" He yelled before slamming the door shut. The worker quickly turned it off and left to go to the other maintenance workers on the other floors what just happened. (One cleaner per floor, umm, Kaiba Corp. building has fifteen floors.)

The next day

Tea walked into the Find A Job building. She came her once a year when her dancing company took a three-month break from tours to find a job. She had been doing this for six years now, and the Find A Job workers were familiar with the dancers since most of them did the same thing as Tea. On her three-month break, she would visit with her friends and catch up with them, the ones that were in Domino still at least. Ryuo, Serenity, and Duke lived in England now, and Yugi visited Egypt a lot for long periods of time. Only Joey, Tristin, and Mai stayed in Domino. Tea walked over to an empty booth to find her friend Herra (character I made up) the worker there.

"Hey Herra!" Tea said sitting down.

"Hi Tea, what are you doing here?" She asked her.

"To find a job of course, why else?"

"Well aren't you a dancer for that Dancing Wing Company (made the company up)? Their tours don't end for another month."

"I am, and the reason why I'm here is that the company isn't doing well, and so all tours have been put on hold until the company gets more money, which probably won't be for awhile." Tea sighed. "So, do you have any jobs I could do?"

"I'm so sorry, Tea." She said and turned towards her computer. "So what kind of job do you want? Just warning you though, we don't have many. We usually start putting some jobs on hold for you dancers in a few weeks, but since you're here early, I don't know what I can give you."

"That's okay. Do you have any waitress or cooking jobs? Those are the one's I usually do."

"Lets see here," She said searching their database of jobs available. "No, the last waitress job was taken last week. And there hasn't been a need for cooks in awhile. What else do you have in mind?"

"Well, any jobs that involve dancing?"

"Lets see here," Herra said looking back at the screen. "There is one, but I don't know if you want it."

"Why not?"

"'Cause the people who put the ad out are from the bar two blocks from here. And I don't think that's the kind of dancing you wanna do."

"Ack, no!" This is going to be harder than I thought.


"Mr. Kaiba, would you like to place an ad out for a new maintenance worker online?" Mr. Risidi, the head cleaner, asked.

"Sure, whatever." Kaiba replied without looking up from his laptop.

"Alright sir, I'll do that right away." He said and began to leave.

"Mr. Risidi, make it simple. All I want is someone who can clean, and they don't need much education to do that. Also, make the pay good, I want someone here by tonight and the only way to do that is to pay them a lot."

"Yes sir." He said and left.


"Well, instead of a job, lets put in salary and education level. That way we can find something easier."

"Okay, lets start off with little education and high pay. Lets see if I can be lazy and get paid a lot for it." Tea said and laughed.

"I doubt there will be anything, but lets give it a try." Herra typed the information in and looked up at the computer screen. "Nope, there isn't anything here. Nice try though." The computer made a beeping noise and something was brought up on the screen.

"Hey wait, there actually is one here, and it just got entered in, so you're the first one to know about it." Herra said bringing up information about the job.

"Really? Well, what to I have to do?" Tea said excitedly.

"Can you clean?"

Later that day

Tea stood outside the Kaiba Corp. building with a computer print out in her hand and her purse over her shoulder. It was late at night and only a few lights could be seen lit in the building. Most of them were towards the lower part of the building, while there was one solo light at the top.

That must be Kaiba himself, working late as usual. I hope I don't run into him, the jerk. Why in the world did I take this job? Tea walked into the building and up to the front desk. She looked around and saw no one around and wondered what she should do. Just then an elderly man walked in from a door to the right of her and saw Tea.

"You must be the woman who called in earlier. Tea Gardner is it? My name is Mr. Risidi, I'm the head maintenance worker." He said and stuck out his hand.

"Yes I'm Tea. What exactly will I be doing?" She replied shaking his hand.

"You'll just be cleaning the top floor. Mr. Kaiba works up there so I would be careful. The last guy got fired for vacuuming. All the supplies are on the fifth floor, and that's where my office is. If you follow me I'll show you where that all is."

The two of them walked over to a group of elevators and traveled to Mr. Risidi's office in silence. When they got there, he grabbed a cart and began putting supplies on it for her.

"This all the stuff you will need. Everything's pretty self-explanatory and you can start wherever you want. I would suggest that you time yourself so you when to be here everyday. You can come whenever you want after eight p.m., because that's when everyone's usually gone by. Except you have it the hardest since Mr. Kaiba usually doesn't leave until late in the night. Now, do you have any questions?" Mr. Risidi said.

"Nope, I think you pretty much covered it. Now just point me in the direction of the elevators and I'll start." Tea replied. He pointed to back to the elevators and she took the cart and rolled it down there.

She's doomed. Mr. Risidi thought as he headed in the opposite direction.


When she reached the top floor she rolled the cart out and looked around. Only the hall lights were on and in an office near her. She took her headphones out of her purse and put them on, then rolled over to see who was still here. She groaned as she the sign on the door. Seto Kaiba. She turned her headphones on loudly and stuck out her tongue at the door. He couldn't see her so she didn't care if she was acting a bit immature. Then she rolled to the opposite end of the building to begin cleaning.

Seto was working on his laptop again when he heard the elevator ding. He was surprised to her the rolling of a cart.

I guess he was able to find a replacement after all. I thought it would take him at least a week. Maybe I should give him a raise...Nah.

He heard the cart roll outside his door and stop. Then he thought he heard someone groan and then the distant sound of music. He was about to yell at them to move on or get fired, when he heard the cart roll away. An hour later Seto looked at the empty water bottle on his desk. He needed to find a bathroom and fast.

I really shouldn't have drunk all of that so fast. He got up quickly and headed towards the only bathroom on the floor. As he walked down the hall that had the bathrooms on it, he noticed the cart in front of them.

Oh no, I hope their cleaning the women's...

Tea had her headphones on full blast and was mopping the men's bathroom. She danced around to the music as she mopped, not paying attention to anything else. She was almost done mopping when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Tea screamed and turned around to see Seto starting at her.

"What the hell did you do that for!" She screamed at him, turning her headphones off.

"Gardner!" Seto said surprised to see her of all people. "What are you doing here?" He asked glaring at her.

"Cleaning, duh. And what are you doing here?" She said returning the glare.

"Using the bathroom of course." He said intensifying his glare.

"You can't." Tea said standing her ground so he wouldn't walk past her.

Seto was taken back by here reply. He was expecting her to cower in front of him or get all flirty with him like everyone else. After all he was single.

"And why can't I use the bathroom?" He asked getting impatient. He really needed to use the bathroom and no way was Gardner going to stop him.

"Because I just mopped the floor and you would get everything dirty. If you have to go that bad go across the hall in the women's bathroom or go down two floors to use theirs." She said and picked up the mop threateningly.

Seto was insulted by her comment, but didn't show it. He was going to use this bathroom, here and now. No way was he going to use the women's, even if no one else was around. And he didn't think he could make it if he went down to the thirteenth floor.

Why did I build so little bathrooms? Mental note, build more bathrooms in future buildings.

He looked at the mop. "And what exactly are you going to with that?" He said pointing to the mop.

"I'll hit you with it if you dare come in any farther." She said and raised the mop higher.

"Good luck," He said and walked in farther moving past Tea. He watched her, as she was about to strike him and grabbed the mop before it him. Tea had a look of surprise on her face as he pulled the mop out of her hands and tossed it across the floor.

"I told you not to use this bathroom!" She said, and because she was now weaponless, she kicked him in the shins. Seto grimacedat the sudden pain, but continued on to the nearest stall. Kicking him again, this time in the knee, Seto glared at her and stopped to ease the pain.

Damn she kicks hard.

Tea took this time to pushSeto out of thebathroom and acroos the hall into the girls bathroom. She then turned aroundand went to the men's to continue mopping.

"I warned him, but I'll probably get fired now." She said to herself picking up the mop.

Seto stood in horror as he realized that he was in the women's bathroom. Never did he want to go in here. Not wanting to encounter any more delays, he went over to a stall and did his business. He noticed a small, metal sanitary bin can attached to the wall of the stall.

"What's this doing in here?" He said and lifted the lid up.

Tea was at the cart now in the hall, collecting up some cleaners to clean the women's bathroom. She walked in and set down the supplies on the floor when she heard a small chink of metal going against metal. She wondered what that could be when Seto walked out of the far stall slightly red in the face. Then it hit her. Tea burst out laughing and clutched the counter for support. Seto walked over to her and looked down at her.

"What's so funny?" He asked. She was about to answer when her hand slipped and she grabbed Seto to stop from falling. He looked at her in disgust and grabbed her hand so she wouldn't be touching his shirt.

"Oh, nothing." She said calming down. She looked up and into his eyes. It was the first time she really noticed how cute he was...

What am I thinking? He's not cute! He's a jerk! Besides, I've got Yugi.

No you don't.

Who said that?

I did, the sensible part of you.

How's that possible, I'm the sensible part!

No your not. Any one can see that Kaiba is completely eligible while Yugi goes on his little escapades to Egypt and you hardly ever see him.

Be quite! I can perfectly see that Kaiba's a jerk!

The why is holding your hand?

He is n-, wait what?

Tea looked at her hand and the realization hit her that Kaiba was holding her hand. She pulled her hand away and glared at him.

"Why were you holding my hand?" She demanded, blushing slightly.

"Don't flatter yourself. I was holding your hand so you wouldn't dirty my shirt." He replied with a smirk on his face.

Wait, why was I holding her hand? I didn't need too.

Because you wanted to.

I don't know who you are, but just leave me alone.

Fine, but whenever you want to chat, I'll be in your head.

I don't want to chat with myself.

Then what are you doing now?

Arg! You stupid- whatever you are!

Tea frowned and walked away from him. She continued on with her business and began to clean all the mirrors and whileignoring Seto. Seto stood there staring at her.

"This is a girl's bathroom, you know. Guy's are not allowed in here." Tea said, not looking at him.

"You're the one who pushed me in here." He replied not moving.

"Look Kaiba, I would like to get done before dawn. So if you could please leave and finish whatever you were doing before your bathroom trip." She replied angrily.

Seto looked at her for a minute then walked out and back towards his office.

Was it something I said?

No duh, Sherlock.

You again! Leave me alone! I don't want to talk to you.

Geez, you asked a question and I answered it.

From now on don't answer my questions.

No can do.

And why not?

'Cause I'm in your head remember?

"I need some sleep." Seto said as he entered his office. He turned off his laptop and collected some papers and put them in his briefcase. He then picked up the laptop and briefcase and left Kaiba Corp.

Tea followed Seto and watched him leave in the elevator. As the doors closed, she sighed and returned to work.

He may be cute, but he's still a jerk.