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" " Speaking
[ ] Thoughts


The excitement in her best friend's voice made her turn, smiling to see Sango hurrying over to her side. The girl was nearly jumping with glee as she stopped by her side and took her arm. "You'll never guess who just arrived!"

"Who?" Kagome glanced around, seeing no one unexpected in the room.

"Only the most dashing man in all of Brittany!" Sango pointed to the busier end of the ballroom where the man she spoke of suddenly appeared. "All the girls are dying to go speak to him, he is the catch of the season after all! He has been since last year!"

"Really Sango, all this fuss," Kagome watched the Duke of Wyvern stepping down the stairs and speaking amiably to her older cousin, Lord Saxton. "He's with Miroku?"

"You know his friend?" Sango beamed, turning her attention back from the men. "Do you know his lordship as well? Why hadn't you told me this before?!"

"Hush," Kagome smiled at the ladies around them who'd turned discreetly to listen. "I've never met the duke but the man beside him is my older cousin Miroku Sinclair, more commonly referred to as Lord Saxton."

"Oh my, you are a lucky girl," Sango watched her friend's cousin from afar, wondering why he could catch her eye with the country's most eligible bachelor standing by his side.

Kagome smirked, recognizing the look in Sango's orbs while she watced her cousin. "Miroku's a sweeteart, a kind of lecher, but sweet. He's very responsible in fact, I'm staying with him while mother is away tending to her father."

"He's your dear older cousin? The one you'd said was like an older brother to you and highly overprotective?" Sango gazed at her friend in surprise, "I thought he'd be much older by the way you'd described him."

"It works to keep from being used by other women as a means to meet him," Kagome shrugged, "I understand he's not such bad a catch either."

"Only second to the duke," Sango sighed and pulled a fan from her pocket, cooling herself as best as possible in the stuffy ballroom. "Oh dear, here comes your dashing suitor Kouga."

"Spare me," Kagome glanced from the corner of her eye to see she was right, he was headed right for them. "I think I need some fresh air, do excuse me dear Sango."

"Certainly, I'll tell him you're off to the powder room again," Sango gave a teasing smile and watched her leave, turning to the young gentleman making his way over. "Good evening my lord."

[I'm so bored!]

Kagome sighed, switching her weight from one foot to the next. Another ball, another pair of uncomfortable slippers, and another night of hiding from her few unwanted suitors. [I'm so tired of this, I hope mother can return soon so that we may go home.]

Looking around her at the lovely garden she was currently walking through, she couldn't help miss her house in the small town of Birkstead. The parties may not have been as grand there, but they were certainly less trying, and she missed her simple home with her kind neighbors and easy-going lifestyle. [If only mother hadn't decided to leave me here for the end of the season, I could be at home relaxing.]

When a twig snapped behind her, she was startled from her thoughts and brought back to reality by a hand snaking around her waist pulling her against something. A something that felt like a body too large and firm to be feminine and with a large, strong hand to go with it she realized, when her mouth was covered to stifle her scream.

"What is an innocent young lady like yourself doing out here all alone?" a teasing masculine voice asked, easing all her fears instantly.

"Really Miroku, it was awfully rude of you to frighten me half out of my wits like that!" Kagome turned in his arms to smile at him. "Does this mean you're ready to go now?"

"Go? As in home? I thought a country girl like you would enjoy these parties. You should thrive on them, not escape into the gardens and especially not alone." Miroku released her and inspected her carefully for any signs of trouble. "You were out here all alone, correct?"

"Of course, who would I come here with?" Kagome shook her head a little before putting on her best pleading look. "Can we go home yet Miroku? Please say we can! Pretty please?"

"I'm afraid I came here to talk to you about that," Miroku winced, remembering the purpose for his coming to get her.

"What? Is everything ok? Has there been news from my moter?" Kagome paled before his eyes, a look of panick filling her chocolate brown orbs. "Its grandfater isn't it? He's dead and they sent you an urgent message and..."

"No Kagome, calm down your grandfather is all right," he immediately pulled her into his arms and gave her a soothing hug. "Its nothing so drastic little one, really its not."

"Then what is it?" Kagome leaned back to look into his eyes, noticing a sudden blush come across his features. "Have you done something? You're looking a bit guilty Miroku, spit it out!"

"I just recieved a message from a friend of mine who needs some help with his estate, since its urgent I'm going to have to leave tonight." He explained, relieved to see her nod, licking her lips a little to moisten them, a habit she'd had since he could remember.

"I see, and you're worried about where I'll stay? I could always ask Sango if she'll take me in, I'm sure her Aunt Kaede won't mind chaperoning me."

"I already spoke to Mrs. Tremaine but she and her ward are leaving for Bath. The poor woman's rheumatism has been acting up and her doctor has told her to go there for treatment. They're to leave tomorrow morning."

"Oh," Kagome nodded, realizing that most of the TON would be leaving soon. This was the last event of the season and it was time for them to leave and take a rest. "I see... you could always send me home."

"To Birkstead all by yourself? Kagome that's eight days worth of traveling by carriage and they won't be safe, I could never risk it." Miroku said, frowning at the thought.

"I could go by coach, I wouldn't be alone then and its much quicker than private carriages because the drivers are always in a hurry. Perhaps I could be there in six days, and like I said, I wouldn't be alone." Kagome insisted, seeing no other thing for her to do besides staying at his dreary London house by herself.

"Even worse Kagome, what if some low-life came on to you? No, forget it, I'm not putting my sweet little cousin at risk," Miroku suddenly noticed her slight shivering and realized how chilly it was in the gardens now.

Removing his jacket, he settled it around her shoulders and kissed the tip of her nose as he always did when she pouted the way she was now. "No moppet don't even being to argue with me, you're a country girl Kagome, you have no idea what goes on in the real world. You read books and fantasize about princes and castles and damsels in distress being saved by gallant knights."

"What's wrong with that? I know they're not real!" Kagome quickly defended herself, crossing her arms beneath the jacket.

"Yes, but you don't think about the villains my girl. They are real and they're much scarier in real life." Tucking a stray curl behind her ear, he smiled down at her. "Life is much scarier than what you read in books moppet, there isn't always a happy ending and there are real dragons and witches you must watch out for."

Kagome smiled a little, knowing he meant well and hugged him around the waist. "But what about heroic knights? Are you not my noble protector?"

"Quite right, and as such I can't risk leaving you in any type of peril." He grinned down at her and slipped from her arms, leading her over to a nearby bench.

"I've arranged for you to stay with a friend of mine in the country. He's a respectable fellow," He couldn't help a small s smirk.[When he wants to be]

He continued though, "He's leaving for one of his smaller estates in the country nearby, not more than a two hour ride from here. He won't be home much but he's offered to take you with him and to keep you as a guest there. You can stroll through the garden, read your books and relax there at ease, like I said, he's a descent fellow."

[Normally, and he's promised his half-brother to behave himself unless he wants to be forced into marriage.] Miroku waited for her to answer, watching her closely. While she seemed to think over her options, he got a better look at his cousin and felt a twinge of regret for having asked Inuyasha to watch over her.

[Damn Kagome, you had to be attractive didn't you? Why can't you act the normal, bumbling country girl? You're supposed to be insipid and dull, not fiery and witty.]

"All right," Kagome sighed, knowing he'd have his way anyways. Miroku had always been stubborn as a goat and very selective of his friends. If he'd chosen a chaperone for her, there was no doubt he'd picked the most boring, serious man on the planet to keep her safe. [And 'safe' of course means bored to death to Miroku.]

"Great, then we'll be going now so you may gather your things. Like I said, I must leave tonight but you'll be setting off with him in the morning." Miroku rose and led her back into the ballroom, stopping outside the doors to regain his jacket.

After thanking and excusing themselves from their hosts, he let her go say her good-byes to Sango and her aunt while he went to clear things up with his friend. He wasn't surprised to find him surrounded by a throng of fawning young women desperate for a last attempt to catch him.

Clearing his throat, Miroku nearly laughed at the relieved look that passed through his friend's eyes at the sight of him. "Excuse me ladies but the duke and I need to discuss a pressing matter."

"That's right, I'm sorry ladies, if you'll excuse me," Inuyasha smoothly extricated himself from them and followed him out to the doorway. Miroku signaled for his carriage as they found a place to chat.

"Thanks for taking her in, I'm sure she won't be any trouble to you," he began humbly, his voice quickly changing to a warning tone though, "But I have to have your word Inuyasha, no wildness while she's there, no mistresses. I'll be back as soon as possible, in two to three days at the latest, and I know you're a good man but I also know you like to have fun and there will be some more partying going on in that area."

"Are you implying I would take your little cousin to one of those parties?" Inuyasha mock glared, "As if I have no honor? You dare speak this way to a member of the house of lords? A man so much higher above you, who has the courtesy to even befriend you?"

"Yes, I would speak this way to a prince if necessary." Miroku continued, knowing his friend was just joking about his status. "I know you, and I know my cousin. She's a sweet girl but she's very curious and whimsical, she's easily swayed and I'll not have you debauching her."

Inuyasha scoffed, "And risk having to wed? You make her sound like a ninny. Is she really whimsical? Surely she doesn't read that foolish romantic drivel and..."

"And the silly mystery books and tales of terror and poems as well," Miroku nodded, grinning when Inuyasha rolled his eyes.

"I assure you I'll control my debauching urges and keep my hands to myself," Inuyasha swore with a grin, becoming serious for a second to re-assure his friend. "I'll watch over your little girl for you, and make sure to be the most honorable of hosts Miroku. You have my word."

"Thank you," Miroku smiled, relief evident in his eyes. When the porter informed them the carriage awaited, Inuyasha wished his friend good luck and headed back into the ball room.

On his way down the stairs, he was thinking over what he'd gotten himself into when the sound of a woman's soft laughter was heard. Surprised by the effect the sound had on him, he turned in time to see a girl going up the steps, brushing past his side. Catching a glimpse of pouty pink lips and long black lashes, he stared at the retreating figure dressed in a light blue gown as she made her way up. There was something interesting about her, he took in her ink-black hair and graceful movements, blinking when she stepped out into the doorway and was out of his line of vision.

[Who could that have been and why didn't I notice her sooner?] Still wondering about the mysterious woman, he struggled to pay attention to the other young women gathering around him again, smiling absently like he usually did. [Damn, this had to happen at the last event of the season]

Looking down at the insipid creatures surrounding him, he inwardly rolled his eyes and prayed to the heavens Miroku's cousin wouldn't be another of these annoying girls.

Back at the doorway, Kagome allowed her cousin to help her put on her cloack, taking his arm while walking down to the carriage. "Thank goodness the season's finally over."

She smiled and stepped up into the carriage, "I couldn't stand one more of these events, I'm telling you, I would go mad."

"Don't worry my dear, you'll have plenty of rest in the country," Miroku replied, grinning as the carriage set out and his companion kicked off her slippers.

"Sorry, my feet hurt like the very devil," Kagome sighed, lifting her sore feet up onto the seat beside him.

"A young lady shouldn't curse Kagome," Miroku pointed out.

She smiled and laughed a bit, "She shouldn't be shoeless either but you're not scolding me about that."

"As long as you only behave this way with me, it's fine," Miroku looked out the window as they passed by Inuyasha's grand London home. "By the by, you never asked who I'd asked to watch over you."

"Some boring nabob I'm sure," Kagome yawned, "Don't tell me, its one of the older married gentlemen, probably met you at the library and his wife is a kind older woman. They've been married for years and their children are all grown and gone from home, thus they were delighted to help you."

Miroku grinned again, "That would be just like me wouldn't it?"

When she nodded, his grin dissapeared, turning serious once again, "No moppet, 'tis no old gentleman you'll be staying with. I've recieved his word, however, that all will be perfectly proper while you are staying at his home."

Kagome sat up a bit straighter, curiosity about this change and his oath compelling her to ask. "Then who is it?"

Miroku looked her in they eye as he spoke, "My best friend, Inuyasha Drake, Duke of Wyvern."

When her eyes widened and her jaw dropped a little, his grin returned as he gave a confirming nod. "Yes my dear, you will be staying with the one and only Devilish Duke."

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