Hiya guys! Sorry, but this isn't another chapter. However, it is good news. I've had lots of requests from y'all to continue the story. So… I've decided to write a follow-up. This is the summary.

When Two Paths Entwine

Two years after the fateful night that changed her life forever, Kagome comes face to face with the man who's haunted her every dream. How will she endure his presence day after day, in such agonising circumstances? She finds herself living in constant fear that he might discover her greatest secret.

Like my other stories, this is NC17 -except at of course-and will provide some lovely S/K moments. (pauses to listen to hurled insults) yeah, yeah (rolling eyes) I said that about Mystic Scroll and it's chapter 20 and you're still waiting. (sighs) Well, that's why you have this. (ignores the threats and abuse)

I'd like to take this time to mention that I will be joined by several other authors, who have all volunteered their time to co-write this story. They are, Aurora-Nyte of also known as l3lackroze at A Single Spark, Playwrite-Chailyn is also from as is Minni-May-Yukabara and finally rainthewolfdemon from Animespiral. There will also be some participation from a few of my readers. After all, this is the reader's story.

Having said that, I will now give you a small extract from the follow-up, just to wet your whistle. Hehehe.

Never, in her wildest dreams had she imagined that she would ever see him again. She had long ago accepted the heartbreaking fact that he would always remain as nothing more than a passing moment in her life. The intense joy she felt threatened to bring tears to her eyes.

The sound of her laughter brought Sesshoumaru from whatever spell that held him. He rushed forward and swept her into his arms, squeezing her against him as a feeling of ecstatic relief swept through his entire body. Her soft warmth pressed into him, heightening the emotions and causing his arms to tighten about her painfully. He was so scared that she might disappear again, that he could not bring himself to let go. They stood like this for what seemed an eternity, before the need to taste her brought his head down to hers.

The moment she felt him brush softly against her parted lips, Kagome moaned and thrust her tongue into his mouth. This action released the well of emotions inside him and Sesshoumaru groaned, lifting his hand to her head. He brought her closer and deepened their kiss. His tongue moved with heated desperate strokes, eliciting a similar response from her. They both flamed with desire, holding each other close as their mouths moved hungrily together. Sesshoumaru was fast losing control of his emotions. He wanted desperately to feel her soft skin against his….

So, what do you think? Hehe. I can't wait to hear from you guys. Thanks for all the support (and abuse) that given me. It's been a real pleasure writing for y'all.

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