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Rory's world crashed around her when she heard Lindsey Forrester's voice through her cell phone.

"Hello… Hello?" Lindsey's voice crackled through.

Reality was a cold knife twisting through her heart. Rory turned off her phone, fell on her knees and cried.

Lorelai Gilmore was not far behind from her daughter.

'This could not be happening!' Lorelai said to herself. She caught her smart, perfect daughter in one of the most awkward, intimate and compromising situations ever! Letting out a loud sigh, Lorelai went after her daughter.

How could Dean do this to Rory? What were they both thinking? These thoughts ran though Lorelai's mind while she was mentally castrating Dean, crucifying him upside down, and feeding his carcass to the wolves of Hades. However mentally enticing, the thought was not an option.

"I wish Luke was here right now!" Lorelai muttered under her breath.

Heaving another sigh, Lorelai caught Rory in tears, sobbing on her knees.

"Rory!" Lorelai called after her namesake.

Rory turned. She saw her mother standing on the front step of their porch. She saw the pain in her mother's eyes but Rory knew that whatever spin she would put on the events that just transpired, she and Dean were wrong.

Rory stumbled onto her feet as she tried to wipe the tears away from her mascara-streaked face.

"Mom, I think I would like to be alone, please, "Rory meekly requested.

"Are you sure?" Lorelai asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, I think so," Rory responded.

"You know I can come home and have Michel and Sookie watch over the inn," Lorelai offered.

'Oh no! The Dragonfly! The CDs… What kind of idiot am I?' Rory chided herself. She has let her mother down in more ways than one tonight and she knew that she would not be able to make this up to her overnight.

"I can stay-," Lorelai said.

"No, don't do that. Go back to the inn. Luke is probably waiting for you. I will be fine," Rory reasoned out.

The mention of Luke's name made Lorelai tingle. The memory of the kiss she and Luke just shared was one of the reasons why she came running home, preceded by the thought of Kirk running though town naked except for a pillow that she mentally made note of to replace before the inn's opening.

Lorelai was reluctant to leave her daughter alone. However she knew that she needed to give Rory her space. In so many ways, Rory is now more than a woman than ever and she cannot give her back the innocence she just lost. Silently, Lorelai walked toward her daughter and gave her a bear hug.

"What are you going to do now?" Lorelai asked her as she let go from the embrace.

"I don't know, mom. Maybe just go to bed," Rory mumbled.

"At the inn?" Lorelai asked.

"Here. I can't go with you… now," Rory said.

The silence between them said it all. Rory finally convinced her mother to go back to the inn. She cannot reassure her that things are going to be better by the morning but it would be better than commiserating over something that cannot be undone unless they both went back in time.

Rory was sad to see the taillights of her mother's Jeep disappear at the bend of the road. Rubbing her arms to warm herself up, Rory warily walked back into the house. This place will never be the same again.

She closed the door slowly and deliberately. Then she walked to the bathroom absentmindedly. She was mortified when she caught a reflection of her face on the mirror.

"God, I am a wreck!" she yelled to the face staring back at her. Streaked cheeks and puffy red eyes mocked her. In disgust, she let the cold water run through her fingers. Splashing the liquid on her face, she tried to convince herself that things have to get better.

Wearily, she dragged her feet to her bedroom. She stared at the messy and soiled sheets that reminded her of what just transpired between her and Dean on her once virginal bed. Disgusted with herself, she started tossing clothes into a gym bag.