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The COD arrived safely to Norfolk, where Harm was placed into an ambulance and taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital for further tests and observations. Harm lay victim to needles and tests for several hours before he was finally wheeled into a hospital bed for the night and had a chance to call Mac and apprise her of his arrival. Gee, it's late perhaps I should wait and let her sleep, she's been through so much in the last several hours. Then he remembered her last words, "I love you too Harm...and I can't wait for my welcoming party when I get back". She'll probably still be up, hopefully thinking about me, he thought to himself grinningly. With that Harm picked up the phone, dialed 9 to get out and placed a shore to ship phone call to the love of his life.


"Uhhh....Mackenzie" Mac stated mid-yawn. She had been woken up from the most wonderfully erotic dream of a certain pilot that looks stunning in dress whites and gold wings, that spread a huge smile across her face, but unless this phone call was important she would forever carry a grudge to whoever woke her from such pleasurable pleasantness.

"Morning sleepyhead" Harm said joyfully knowing full well that he had woken her up from her blissful slumber.

"Harm!" she practically shouted "How are you? Feeling okay? When did you get in? What did the doctors say?"

"Mac calmed down, I'm fine a little sore and lonely but other than that just fine Mostly because I'm talking to you and because you love me as much as I love you. The doctors ran a battery of tests, but I don't have any of the results yet. They said by tomorrow morning. I got in several hours ago, but didn't get a room until about 10 minutes ago because they had me all over the building poking and prodding. But more importantly how are you Mac? Other than the fact that you are utterly lonely and lost without me."

"Ha, lost without you I think it is the other way around. Who was the one to find and save your six, again? I'm feeling just fine Harm, now that I know you made it back to the States safe I can sleep better, not that I wasn't sleeping fine before you WOKE me up."

Harm decided to call her on the fact that she didn't answer the lonely part of the question and the "sleeping fine", "So what were you dreaming about that made you sleep so fine, that you forgot to fully answer my last question?" He grinned hoping that she had been dreaming about him and their "welcome home" party that would be totally private and exclusive.

Damn, I was hoping that he would be too tired and groggy to not catch the lack of a "lonely" answer. I don't want him to think I can't live without him, even though it is true, but a Marine must keep up some decorum. And the sleeping fine, well I know just how to deal with that remark...

"Well Harm, I did answer the lonely portion of your question you are just to groggy and exhausted to realize it. Besides what girl would be lonely onboard an aircraft carrier with a crew of 8,000 which more than ¾ are male and ½ of those are probably single and ½ of that officers and ¼ of that pilots." She knew this would get to him, to his ego.

"Maaaaccc!" he wailed.

"Don't worry there is only one crazy pilot turned JAG lawyer for this Marine and unfortunately for me he is in the States and unfortunately for him I am in the lovely black number from Russia right now." She stated seductively. Well I think I handle that pretty well, turned it back on him nicely.

"And as for sleeping better well, now that I'm not in the middle of the desert looking for you I can relax knowing that you can't get into any trouble in a hospital....Wait no I forgot you, even you, can get into trouble in a hospital" She said remembering the terrorists that held a hospital hostage, after Harm had been hit by a car. She laughed at that memory, picturing the infamous Rabb frightened to help that poor woman in labor because he was too embarrassed to look. What a prude. She scoffed to herself.

Finally deciding to give up on his quest of making Mac blush, I'll take the nice visual she has provided and get some much needed rest. Must save up my energy for that homecoming...he thought to himself.

"Well Mac, I'll let you off the hook just this once since you did save my life and all. Get some sleep beautiful and I'll call you later once I get the results from all the tests the doctors ran today. Have more pleasant dreams Mac....about ME!"

"Alright Harm, I'll talk to you soon then. Take care of yourself, keep your hands off those nurses and no walking around in that hospital gown without a robe! No one should get to admire your bare six but me. And for god's sake Harm stay out of trouble, at least till I get home to bail you out."

"Yes of my life and soon to be wife that just doesn't know it yet..." Harm said with a huge grin at that thought. I'm going to need to call my mother soon and have her send a certain something out this way. "G'night darling"

"Night, Knight in Whites" Mac said as she hung up the phone.

Note: I took that last line from the fanfic "Knight in Dress Whites" which is a great story by the way so read it after you've reviewed mine! Hope you enjoyed it, sorry it was short but it's late and I have an early class!