Author: VirginSuicide

Title: A Letter to Heaven

Rating: PG

Summary: 5 year old, Harry Potter writes a letter to his parents. (Poem)

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or anything related.

Dear Mummy and Daddy,

I just wanted to say 'hi'.

You've been gone so long now,

Did I get to say good-bye?

Aunt Petunia said you were dead,

But I didn't understand.

So I asked the nice post-man,

And he said you had passed on from this land.

He said you were in heaven now,

Watching me from above.

That we would see each other again, some day,

That you were bursting with pride and love.

I wondered how he knew this,

As he walked off down the street.

Maybe he could give you my letters,

Till that day when we will meet.

Did you leave me here on purpose?

This place that I despise.

Was I a freak like uncle said,

Just filth who told big lies?

I don't like him very much,

He hits me when he's mad.

He's says I've been a naughty boy,

And should be punished for being bad.

But I don't know what I've done wrong,

Should I be punished for being sad?

It hurts so much when he uses his belt,

Please help me, will you dad?

His big, rough hands pick me up,

And throw me across the room.

He kicks me in the ribs,

And his loud, angry voices booms.

"You're a filthy little freak,"

He says, as he slaps me across the face.

"You ungrateful little shit,"

"You're nothing but a disgrace!"

He throws me in my cupboard,

And I hear the lock click shut.

I try to stifle a sob,

As I wipe blood from my cuts.

Please can I live with you now,

I've had as a much as I can take.

I'll be a really good-boy,

I can clean, and sew and bake.

Aunt Petunia's not much better,

She hits me with the pan.

She's says if she had it her way,

I wouldn't live to be a man.

Dudley doesn't like me,

He tells me to my face.

He's not the only one that wishes,

I was gone from this place.

I dream of unknown relatives,

Taking me far away.

But when I open my eyes,

I'm greeted with the day.

I have no friends in kindy,

Dudley made sure of that.

They're all afraid of him and,

His friend who looks like a rat.

The two of them are best of friends,

They pick on me at school.

They punch me and they kick me,

And they make me look a fool.

I thought of running away,

But I have nowhere to go.

I thought I'd be lost forever,

Buried beneath the snow.

When I try to remember you,

I see a bright green light.

I hear laughter and some screaming,

And a pain that blackens my sight.

I write this letter to you,

In the hopes you'll take me away.

I'll give it to the post-man,

If they unlock my cupboard today.

Love, Harry.


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