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"How long do I have to wear this?"

"Just a bit longer. Can you smile? The people need to think you're happy."

"I don't smile!"

I rolled my eyes at Tristan's last comment. We were officially moving into Camelot today and we had worn the crowns for the sake of the ever-growing population. Well I actually bullied him into it!

"Please… for me," I resorted to begging.

"Why did I agree to be the king of The Rouge?"

"Because you love me and married me," I sang back cheekily.

"Why did I agree to that too?" His disgruntled voice reached my ears and inspired a grumpy look on my face.

"Stop fighting you two," Kel commanded from up front next to Galahad. She had a ridiculous smile on her face. She had just announced the news that she was pregnant. I snorted a bit at her joy and put a hand on my own swollen belly. Pregnancy wasn't fun at all.

We finally finished the procession and came to a halt in front of Camelot.

"Wave," I snapped and elbowed Tristan in the ribs. He shot me a withering look before waving his hand quickly in the air before letting it fall loosely to his side.

"You're acting like a child," I hissed. A ghost of a smile played on his lips.

Guinevere was holding Garrett so all the people could see him and I could tell by the look on his little face that he really wanted to be somewhere else. Yeah well you and me both, I couldn't help thinking. My impressions of Camelot weren't great. I seemed to connect it strongly with ghosts. Nimue and Merlin, with the help of the forgotten people, had assured me they were all gone.

Arthur was making a speech, which I was ignoring as per usual. Arthur tended to prattle on a bit. I was observing the people who were traveling in. The Sarmatian families had traveled home with promises of visiting. Only Witcarl, Yorka (and their triplets) and Vira remained. They were waiting to see the wives of their sons give birth. I really hated the idea that I was going to have an audience for that. Zarch had promised to come back in time for Kel's birth.

Arthur finished and we were allowed inside. I forgot all my misgivings about the ghosts as I stared at the beautiful interior. I do believe I was actually speechless. In fact I think even Bors was speechless. Alera clutched my hand as she gasped. Lyndaal gave a low whistle, which broke the silence.

"Oh my," Fulicina whispered and Dagonet put his arms around her and beamed at his new surroundings.

"So which one's my room?" I piped up.

Not catching my sarcasm Arthur spoke, "Up the stairs. Take a left then a right then another right and it's the second door."

"Wow specific! And where's Tristans?" I was of course joking but I got a few shocked looks and a death stare. We each got told where our rooms were and I began running, um alright… waddling very slowly towards the rooms.

Half an hour later, after I conquered the stairs and listened to Tristan complain as he carried our things around we reached the door. I pushed it open with out hesitation. It swung open to reveal a series of rooms. There were three. I imitated Lyndaal and whistled.

"Nice," I nodded my head approving. Lots of places to hide stolen things. Not that I stole any more. Tristan finally made his way into the room and dropped the bags on the ground.

"Took your time," I addressed him off handedly.

"If I didn't have to carry all this stuff," He protested.

"It's necessary things," I defended my belongings.

"If you just got rid of some of it," Tristan prodded.

'We are not having this conversation," I snapped. Tristan opened his mouth then snapped it shut.

"Oh gods," He murmured.


"I've been corrupted. I'm having a conversation about nothing important," He looked sincerely aghast at the thought. I reached over and took his hand tenderly.

'You didn't expect to keep me enthralled with one liners did you?"

"Who else is there to enthrall you?"

"Lancelot, Gawain, Galahad, Alecto…" I was cut of by a swift kiss that was more to silence me than anything else. I opened my mouth to say something before there was a rap on the door.

"Come in," I shouted while Tristan moved around the three rooms. A servant I didn't recognize came in. she curtseyed.

"His highness sends word, milady. You are to prepare and join every one at the feast of welcome."

'Another feast?" I wailed. Between pregnancy and these feasts my waistline was expanding dramatically. The girl nodded and with a pained smile I let her go.

"Honey, we get to play king and queen again." I heard an obscenity from the next room. I smiled. Maybe feasts weren't so bad.


Or maybe they really were.

"If I have to talk to another witness noble I shall scream," Vanora promised as she settled onto a bench next to me. She had scurried behind the pillar to hide and had found me there hiding as well. I watched through a small gap. Mistress Qurick and Fox danced together. Never saw that coming ever! Siamon was here with his pregnant wife Laranna. Point to me!

"Who do you think will crack next?" I asked idly watching the knights talk to the guests of Arthur.

"I'll put my money on Galahad," A coin flashed in her hand.

"Your on. My bets on Lyndaal." We shook hands. We watched through a crack till suddenly Lyndaal excused herself and with a stiff walk approached the pillar. She ducked behind and collided with us.

"Great minds think alike," I muttered. It was a tight squeeze now. Two pregnant women and Vanora.

"Galahad or Gawain to snap?" Vanora questioned her.

"Lancelot," She suggested and took another candidate.

"My money's on my dear husband," I in turn showed the coin I had gotten from Vanora.

"Tristan's actually doing well," Lyndaal told me, poking her head round the pillar to get a better look.

"Show me," I demanded shocked. With much pushing, shoving and grunting I managed to poke my head round, though I strongly suspect that my foot was in Vanoras lap and hand sprawled over Lyndaals face.

Tristan was talking civilly to some Roman.

'Wonders never cease… can I change my bet?" I could feel Lyndaal shake her head and I guess Vanora was doing the same.

I went to sit back down when suddenly I felt this pain rack my whole body. I doubled over and would have fallen to my knees if Vanora and Lyndaal hadn't half caught me.

There was another sharp pain. Then I felt something moving down my legs.

"Oh shit," Lyndaal gasped.

"Her waters just broke," Vanora said, her voice reaching a higher pitch.

Between me they half carried, half carried me around the pillar.

It would have been an absurdly funny sight if it had happened to anyone but me. Right now I was thinking solely of the pain and remembering every story I had heard about painful childbirth.

Tristan immediately ran over. The look on his face was terrifying. I wish I could have captured it to show people later that he did rally have emotions. Nimue appeared at my side.

"We have to get to her to her rooms," Nimue commanded. I am still a bit fuzzy about how I ended up in my rooms. I remember a blur of faces. I couldn't really focus on anyone including Tristan. It was only after I was laid down on the bed that reality became known. I felt as if I had been pulled sharply back into my body and everything was sharp and clear.

Including the racking pains. I yelled as a particularly strong pain over took me.

I watched through hazy eyes as Fulicina and Vanora began ushering people out. Dagonet looked like he was going to protest. Gawain, Galahad and Lancelot looked like they couldn't leave fast enough. Lyndaal and Guinevere knew how useless they'd be in the room and left as well. Arthur and Bors left compliantly. I think they were secretly scared of Fulicina and Vanora when they were in this type of mood.

Tristan hung by my side for a minute before being reluctantly pulling out. I didn't want him to go but as I reached my arm out to him another wave of pain crashed into me and I let my hand fall while I yelled. He slipped out of the room.


"He's pacing out there," Kel told me a couple of hours later. I was breathing heavily. I was not enjoying this at all. Nimue monitored me incessantly. Alera held my hand and Fulicina held the other. Vanora and Kel had been running back and forth getting towels and hot water.

"Should we let him in?" Alera asked. I nodded wearily and my forehead was soaked in sweat and my hair clung to my skin. I wasn't very pretty right now.

"Fine," Fulicina relented. She didn't believe in men in the birthing room, "Just for a moment."

Nimue also nodded her consent. Kel moved to open the door. Tristan moved in quickly though I heard another voice.

"How come he's allowed?" Arthur wailed before Guinevere hushed him.

He strode swiftly to the bed and took the hand Fulicina had let go. I squeezed it hard.

"When this is over I will make you pay," I said through gritted teeth. He raised an eyebrow.

"Are death threats normal?" He inquired of Nimue. I don't think he was too fazed.

"Well she is currently in a lot of pain," As if to prove her point another contraction hit me and I yelled. Nimue continued over the noise, "And I think she's blames you."

"Well I didn't get my self pregnant," I snapped and cried out again digging my nails into his hand.

"I think he should leave for his own safety," Fulicina suggested worriedly. So Tristan was removed from the room again, possibly to resume pacing.

"You are the first woman I have seen to threaten to kill her husband," Nimue said placing her cool palm to my forehead.

"Well you know me," I hissed tonelessly, "Trail blazer!"




"What's going on?"



"Kyrilla maybe you should leave."

"Of course Nimue but I heard screaming in the divine realms and just wanted…. AHHH! IS THAT A HEAD?"





"You rang?"


"BUT I just got asked…"




I slumped back. I was exhausted. I heard the cry of a baby. I breathed in relief and began crying. Alera was crying and so was Kel. In fact I don't think there was a dry eye. Nimue looked almost as tired.

"That was much longer than Guineveres," I heard her mutter to Fulicina. I managed to push myself into a sitting position. I wanted to see my child. I wanted to see the being that Tristan was going to train as warrior and serve as a knight. I wanted to see the son…

It was a girl. A beautiful girl. So small and pink. Her eyes blinked rapidly as Nimue put her in my arms. I couldn't say anything. My mouth was gaping in awe of what I had just experience. I had made this little girl. This absolutely beautiful little girl.

The door flew open and Tristan burst in followed by just about everyone in the castle it seemed.

"I want to see my son," He was so handsome when he spoke passionately about something.

"Ah Tristan," I started weakly and wearily. Everyone moved back from the bed so he could move next to me.

"It's a girl!"

I waited anxiously, unsure how Sarmatian regarded their women. Had he really wanted a son? Then he smiled and I realized he was looking at this little girl, our little girl, the same way I was.

I knew he loved her the instant he saw her just as I had.

"What is her name?" Kel asked slowly. My eyes flashed to Tristan. We had never discussed names. It hadn't even occurred to me I would have to name my child. Arthur caught on.

"We'll give you some privacy and see you in the morning," He slipped a command into the casual statement. We were left alone.

"What should we cal her?" I asked softly. She had slipped into sleep and I didn't want to wake her.

"I have an idea," Tristan murmured with out taking his eyes off her.


"Isolde," He responded earnestly.

"You knew me first as that name!" I pointed out.

"Yes and it is the second most beautiful name in the world to me!"

"She is beautiful," I admired my daughter.

"You're beautiful."

I laughed gently. I looked far from beautiful and I knew it.

"Isolde then?"

"To Isolde!" and I transferred her into his arms.


"Can I open my eyes now?"

"Not yet," Tristans voice comforted me.

"Don't drop Isolde!"

"I'm not going to drop her."

Tristan had me by the hand and made me close my eyes. Isolde, who was a few weeks old, was in the arms of her father. I was being led along to gods knows where. He wasn't exactly a surprises man!

I heard hushed voices around me.

"Alright, Open your eyes!" He whispered in my ear. I did as commanded! My jaw dropped.

"The round table," I gasped out. It was the same table just revamped a great deal. It was beautiful. I hadn't see the round table in it's new home yet. I leant over and took Isolde from Tristan. The other knights smiled but didn't say anything. Arthur looked like a king!

I moved around the table taking it all in. Tristan had shut the door behind him and took his place at the table. I noticed a sword in the middle.

"Larxs sword," Arthur told me as he noticed the direction of his gaze. I nodded. I knew the sword. Obviously Arthur had kept it. I moved right round so I was standing next to Arthur. He made eye contact with Tristan who nodded and moved forward to retake Isolde from my arms before he went to his position again.

I eyed them confused.

"Emile, if you would please kneel."

I thought Arthur had lost the plot for a second there but because I was too tired and happy I didn't argue the matter.

"You have been with us for a long time and been part of our group such along time. We've seen you change and develop. Corrupt Tristan and bring that beautiful child into the world and she is truly special and beautiful. Just like her mother! And we feel like we should give you some honor!"

His words were beginning to sink in. I was blushing and on the verge of tears. Bors and Dagonet were already crying. Arthur pulled Excalibur from its sheath. Gently he touched me on both shoulders.

"Arise Emile, queen of The Rouge and now Knight of the round table.'

He helped me rise and embraced me fiercely.

"Just don't try to rob us again," He whispered in my ear. I laughed and could feel a couple of tears trailing down my cheek.

I turned and found Galahad standing there with his arms open.

"I love you. Did you know that?" He whispered. He meant like a sister.

"I love you too."

I hugged Bors next.

"Now you're one of us girl," He murmured affectionately.

"I know… it's awful isn't it."

Lancelot threw his hand around me and I had to slap a wandering hand.

"Good to know things don't change?" He questioned with a big grin on his face.

"Good indeed," and I chucked back the dagger I had pulled from his pockets. The look on his face was priceless.

Gawain swung me round and kissed me on both cheeks. I laughed as he set me down on my feet.

"Now I get to look after you for ever now," I told him.

"You look after me I'll look after you," He cheerfully agreed.

Dagonet was a mess. He was unashamedly crying.

"Come on Dad. Try and look happy," But it was no use, I was crying as well now. He crushed me in a massive bear hug. I moved back around to stand with Tristan. Isolde was placed in my arms and his arm went around me waist.

"There is one last thing that needs to be done for you to be a full fledged knight," Arthur said slyly grinning. The other knights were grinning.

"I think I know what it is!" I had wondered when this would come up.

"You ready then?" Lancelot asked grinning broadly. Gawain and Galahad were clapping each other on the back.

"I'm always ready."

As one we extended our right arms in the air with out fingers closed into a fist. I shifted Isoldes weight so she was safely held with one arm. As one we all opened our mouths and roared:



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