"What a load of junk!" Buffy looked around the warehouse: the Watchers Council had acquired all manner of things over the years, "What we going to do: have a garage sale?"

"Buffy, please, some of this stuff is irreplaceable." Giles looked round, "Cataloguing it alone…"

"Yeah, sure, fun." Xander walked over to where a sword was imbedded in a large bolder, "What is this anyway?" Absentmindedly, he pulled the sword free, "Oops: I think I broke it…" He looked round: the surviving Watchers had all gone down on one knee, "What?"

"Xander, you just pulled...." Giles looked pale, "We're doomed!"

"Why?" Buffy asked.

"Because that's Excalibur…"

The End!