Well, this is the final chapter. Thank you all very much for reading this and, ah someone asked what "mou hitori no boku" means. It's means "my other self" or "my other me" and it's Yuugi's usual address to the spirit of the pharaoh since that one doesn't have a name, as we all well know. So, here you go, enjoy the last chapter!

Title: Darkness' Addiction to Light
Part: Epilogue/4
Author: Usagi-chan
Warnings: some madness, lime, lemon, light spoilers for everything in the manga till Death-T
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Darkfic
Pairings: Yami no YuugixYuugi

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, I don't make money from fanfiction. I write only for fun and to get better at English.

Description: This fic starts from the mangas right after Yami no Yuugi won his game against Seto Kaiba in Death-T. Yuugi has been aware of his other half for some time now, and he has also told his three best friends about his darkness during Death-T. After Kaiba's games, thinking that he doesn't fear his other half anymore, Yuugi's assumption is proven wrong when he starts to remember more and more about the time when Yami no Yuugi took control of his body and played his games against the people who hurt Yuugi. Shocked by what he has to watch from afar and confused by what he is feeling during those times, Yuugi becomes sad and fearful again about his other half. That is, until Yami no Yuugi does more than punish bad people. He is finally able to talk to Yuugi and tries to convince him to have a meeting in their soul room. Will this meeting help Yuugi to understand his darkness and his own feelings? Will he even dare to meet his Yami after all?

And I mustn't forget, many thanks to Deb and SF for betareading.

This thing with the names:
Well, I am using the original Japanese Names but... since I saw a lot of fics where this terrible English names were used, I will give a "who is who here for help".

Yami Yuugi Yami no Yuugi, Mou hitori no Boku (called by Yuugi) (YY)
Yugi Mutou Yuugi Mutou (YM)
Joey Wheeler Katsuya Jonouchi (KJ)
Seto Kaiba Seto Kaiba (SK)
Tristan Taylor Hiroto Honda
Tea Gardner Anzu Mazaki

"Speaking" -Speaking
'Thinking' -Thinking
"Mind communication"- Mind communication between Hikari and Yami speaking of the spirits outside the soul rooms


The first streaks of sunshine shone through a small skylight, brightening the room and turning the darkness into small, harmless shadows. On the bed a figure rustled under the covers, slowly awakening to the new day.

When Yuugi first opened his eyes, he was greeted with the blurry sight of his own room. Tired and yawning he rubbed over his eyelids to get his sight into focus and looked again. Now his room was clear to see, bright and welcoming, neat and tidy, just as it had been when he went to bed.

But as soon as this conclusion showed up in his mind, his eyes became wide with shock and sudden realization. He never went to bed! He'd gone to the two rooms in his heart, the place where his other half lived when he didn't use his body. He had been with him, started to get to know him... and even slept with him!

And now he was back again, here in his room. And he was alone. Shock jolted through his body like lightning when he remembered what happened in his soul room. Was it really all a dream as he had feared before? Did he ever possess a puzzle with a spirit? Or was this spirit evil after all and the nice being he had stayed with in his dreams only a creation of his deepest wishes and desires?

Yuugi was frightened by these by the sheer thought of it all. He didn't want to be alone; he didn't want to be without his darkness. He had never intended to wake up again. His panic was so immense that the petite teenager didn't even feel the warm caresses inside of his mind nor did he notice that suddenly, another person had appeared inside his room.

Sunlight from the small window shone right against the young man standing in the middle of the room. But the light wasn't blocked by the figure fully. Most of the light shone right through the strange body, leaving the impression of the person being surreal and transparent.

But Yuugi didn't notice any of this. He had curled up on the bed, arms around his knees, his whole body shaking while his face gave away the desperation he felt.

"Please," he whispered, "mou hitori no boku, I don't want this to be. I don't want to be alone!"

Suddenly there was a mixture of warmth and some kind of wind pressing against his back whilst another part of this strange sensation wound around his body, taking him into an embrace from behind. It felt solid against his back and at the same time it was like lying on the surface of water, but without becoming wet.

Yuugi shrieked quietly, a little in surprise, part in shock and fear.

"But you aren't alone, sweet lover mine," someone whispered against his ear. A strong, deep, sensual, warm sounding voice, shattered the hikari's fear and loneliness with only one word.

"I am here, aibou! "

The addressed struggled to be able to turn around in the embrace to look directly into red burning depths. His yami was really sitting in front of him, a small, warm smile on his face.

"I promised I'd never leave you alone, now didn't I? And I won't break that promise. Not when it comes to you, precious one. "

"Mou hitori no boku!" Yuugi cried out, happiness and wonder shining in his eyes. "But... how?"

The yami shook his head, while hugging the other a little tighter.

"I could feel your distress and fear, aibou. I tried to soothe you, sending warmth and assurance to your mind, but you didn't notice. So I tried to show myself, and it worked."

Yuugi tried to suppress the sob that wanted to escape his throat. He felt so happy, knowing what he remembered wasn't a dream.

"Stay with me, mou hitori no boku," he whispered, smiling up at the ghostly form of his other. "Never, ever leave me, please."

The dark one stroked over his beloved one's cheek, smiling back softly, soothingly.

"Never," he whispered. "Never will I leave you. But, aibou, as much as I hate to interrupt this, I think your grandfather just called you from downstairs. You have school today, don't you?"

The light nodded absentminded, never moving until the words of what had been said finally sunk in. And with a cry he dashed out of the room, a chuckling spirit following.

Yuugi barely made it in time for school and it wasn't only due to the fact that he had gotten up late. During breakfast he'd realized that it wasn't exactly pleasant for him to walk. His yami was more than upset with the discovery and Yuugi needed to reassure him three times that it was OK and that he really didn't mind.

Even though he now felt a little uneasy and sore, it didn't change his mood and he walked into the class with the biggest smile ever on his face; a condition which didn't go unnoticed by his friends.

"Hey, Yuugi, you look really happy!" Jonouchi shouted before attacking the smaller one with a strong hug.

"Mou hitori no boku! Help!" the hikari joked and his other only chuckled. When he was set free again, Anzu was the next to measure him.

"Jonouchi is right," she confirmed and smiled. "You really look better."

Honda nodded his approval by her side as well. Yuugi looked shyly at the ground, a small smile on his lips.

"Thank you," he said quietly. "And yes, I feel better. Because I have been wrong."

"Huh?" the others looked puzzled.

"We talked," the light explained. "I now know that I don't have to fear him."

A small red blush covered his cheeks.

"And he promised to try and change. He won't be so mad and insane anymore with his games. I'll help him to be less cruel, for him to overcome his madness and find his way back to himself, to his true nature. As a reward," he looked up, smiling brightly, "I will try to become stronger."

For a second all his friends were utterly silent, speechless and shocked at the sudden declaration from their petite friend. But then all of them spoke out at the same time.

"That's a great goal, Yuugi!"

"But you are strong!"

"You can talk to him? How?"

"What did you talk about?"

"How is he? Is he nice?"

"You solved your problems?"

"Does mou hitori no Yuugi have his own name?"

Yuugi just laughed, happy and amused by the sudden attack of questions from his friends. He watched his yami standing beside him, smirking as well, amused by his lover's best friends. This was, until Jonouchi asked one fateful question.

"By the way, Yuugi, what else happened yesterday?"

When the hikari looked at his best friend, confusion in his eyes, the blonde blushed and added unsurely, "Well, I might be mistaken but... it seemed that you were limping slightly."

Yuugi immediately became deep red and he quickly looked to the side to hide his embarrassment caused by the pictures crossing his mind.

"Come on, Yuugi, you can tell us; we are your friends," Jonouchi coaxed and Honda nodded seriously.

"Yeah, Jonouchi is right. If someone hurt you..."

Quickly, the smaller one shook his head.

"No, no, no one hurt me and if anyone had, mou hitori no boku would have already punished the person, don't you think?" He tried to smile without blushing too much. "Honestly, nothing bad happened, I swear."

"Nyaaa, I didn't say that I suspected a bad thing," Jonouchi returned and smirked a little. "You could as well..."

But he was never able to voice more about his assumption since at that moment, their teacher entered the room and called for the students to find their seats.

The hikari sat down in his usual place, Yami no Yuugi standing beside him, a thoughtful look on his face.

"I think Jonouchi-kun suspects something," he told his lover. "He is more than meets the eye. An interesting enigma and a very good friend."

Yuugi nodded absentmindedly.

"Yeah, there is still a lot about Jonouchi-kun which I don't know. But he is the best friend I've ever had."

The petite teen smiled though brows still knitted together in deep thought.

"Aibou, what's on your mind?" the yami asked, concern and care in the deep, love filled voice. But Yuugi didn't respond, instead keeping the thoughtful look up on his face, while his teacher was busy talking with the class representative. But suddenly, he looked up again at the translucent form of his darkness.

"Ne, mou hitori no boku?" the light asked, embarrassment clearly heard in his mind voice. "How come I am not only feeling sore on my back but... well around... you know... the part you used as well?"

By now he was blushing furiously, not even daring to name what he meant because he felt too shy about the whole topic. He could hear his other half laughing quietly through their mind link.

"This is because we share one body, sweet lover," he explained before the amusement in his voice changed to a slightly apologizing tone. "I fear that as long as we share your body, it will not only show the symptoms of what you experience in our soul rooms, but what I do as well. So, you now have to bear both after-effects, yours as well as mine. I am really sorry about that, I never thought something like this could happen. I should have known better."

But Yuugi just smiled.

"That's OK, I am a little shy to admit this but... it was really worth it, so stop blaming yourself!"

Their talking was suddenly interrupted when the voice of the teacher interrupted their conversation over mind link.

"Class, we have a new student today! May I introduce to you: Bakura Ryou!"

Curious and excited, the students looked over the shy, smiling boy with white-blonde hair. Yuugi regarded him too and he could feel his other half measuring this Bakura as well. Then all of a sudden, the darkness in his mind stirred, alarmed and surprised.

"Aibou, remember what we talked about last night; the promise I made? I think I will try to start changing and keep my usual actions from today on," the darkness suddenly declared, feeling something would happen soon. And though he didn't know exactly what the enigma of the new student was - Yuugi smiled.