Disclaimer: Just to be safe putting this up here. I do not own any of the Inu Yasha group; I do however own this lovely poem.

Lady Sethia: I just got done watching episode 163 and this poem came to me. It's basically a poem written by Sango. You should be able to guess who it's about. It's not very long, I'll admit, but I wanted to share it with everyone.

A Sister's Love

You are not dead

But you are not alive

Your face haunts my dreams

Taunting me with how we used to be

Every day that goes by I blame myself

This shouldn't have happened

I should've seen

But I let the devil have his hold on you

Pain grips my heart every time we meet

I know that's not who you want to be

Swearing vengeance I pull myself together

But every time I fall apart another piece ends up missing

Still I live and try to move on

But I'm not complete now that you're gone