As always, this features the "movie version" Turtles


A Slice Of The Action

Leonardo breathed deeply, visualizing the mission that lay ahead.

He hoped Donatello would be able to set aside his reservations; Leo had chosen him because he could be relied upon to keep his wits about him.

They both knew very well that Splinter would not approve of the dangerous task Leo had set for tonight, but to Leonardo it was a matter of honour, and he was willing to share the spoils with his younger brother- if they could do it.

A light tap at his door brought Leo out of his reverie, and he stepped out of his room.

Donny was waiting, alert but calm.

Their brothers and master were asleep; the only light came from a quarter-moon directly over the glass ceiling of the abandoned subway.

Time was of the essence.

Leonardo gestured to Don and they moved silently into the living area, pausing at a slight creak as someone shifted in their bed.

Donatello let out the breath he'd been holding, and together the two crept onward.

Leonardo could feel his heart rate increasing, and forced himself to concentrate.

He'd considered the situation from every angle, and was so confident of his success he could almost taste it.

Donatello had shown nervousness when Leo had first approached him with the idea,pointing out the dangers, and what could happen if they were caught, but Leo had gradually talked him into it, and when questioned why the four did not face the situation together, had convinced Don that in this case two heads were better than four.

They moved forward with their phenomenal ninja invisibility skills, almost at the target.

They studied each other for a moment; it was essential to keep their wits and nerves together, and they braced themselves mentally.

They advanced slowly, making no sound that would alert.

With infinite care the two of them reached forward.

Without warning a light snapped on, freezing the terrified turtles to the spot.

Stomachs turned to ice, knees to rubber.

They'd been caught.

Their minds raced, visualizing the tortures they might suffer; the possibilities were horrifyingly endless.


"My sons, surely you are not attempting to steal the last slice of chocolate cake?"

Splinter questioned gravely.