Don overbalanced and landed on his hands and knees. Again.


It happened every time at that point of the move he was trying to master. Every time.

The only thing that varied was the landing; either hands and knees or backside.

He sighed and got up to try again.

It was essential to master this technique; it was the springboard for most of the more involved actions and he was determined to learn it.

He'd end up sore and bruised after every session, but he kept it up, putting in hours of practice before and after "official" training.

Don preferred to do the extra training on his own- his brothers' well-meant advice usually resulted in even more bruises; besides, this was unique to his training.

Ok. Concentrate. He contemplated the action and tried to visualize it.

He took a deep breath and let fly, completely missed the crucial beat, and crash-landed head over turkey.

He shook his head, hoping the noise of that seven-point landing wouldn't entice any family members into thinking he'd finally done himself in.

Mikey dashed in at that moment and skidded to a stop next to his brother spread-eagled on the ground.

"Donny! You Ok bro?"

Don sat up. "Ow...yeah, I'm fine, but I just can't pick it up! It looks so easy when someone else does it!"

Mike grinned. "Perseverance, my son, is the key," he said, imitating Splinter to a tee.

"Don't I know it. It's always taken me longest to learn new stuff. You or Raph or Leo would have had it tamed by now," Don said resignedly, staggering to his feet.

Mike patted him on the shoulder. "Aw come on Donny, you'll get it! I know you will!"

Don smiled at him. "Thanks Mikey. OK, I'll give it another go," he said, carefully flexing a sore wrist.

He didn't get a chance, however, as Leo stuck his head around the door at that moment.

"Time for weapons training, you guys. Come on," he said.

Mike saluted as the blue mask tails disappeared. "You heard the boss," he grinned and waited for his brother.

Weapons training is nothing compared to learning this, Don thought to himself, picking up his skateboard and heading into the lair with Mikey.