For The Love Of Pizza And A Brother

All he'd wanted was a pizza. That was all, just one little pepperoni snack.

Donny had tried to talk him out of it, saying it was too late, but Mikey's craving was too strong.

Donny had reluctantly accompanied him- he'd been on his way to bed- and had to listen to his little brother rattle on about how this would be the best pizza they'd ever tasted.

Donny really didn't think a pizza was worth this much trouble, even though he liked it as much as the next turtle, but try convincing Mike.

Leo, Raph and Splinter were already in bed, and Donny had been wishing he were too, when disaster struck.

Mike saw it happen in a series of freeze-frame snaps.

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The knife. Don crash-tackling him out of the way. The ground rushing up to meet them. Donny reeling back. His torso soaked and dripping redness. The stained knife beneath him.

Oh God no.

"Donny...Oh God Donny, speak to me!" Mikey whimpered, half-hysterically, shaking him.

"Mikey..." Don moaned and tried to sit up.

"Don't try to talk...I gotta get help...this is all my fault..." Mike gibbered, scared out of his wits.



"Leo! Raph! Sensei!" Mikey hollered, laying his brother on the couch.


"It's OK Donny, they'll know what to do," Mikey said unconvincingly, still panicking.

Raphael and Leonardo appeared in their doorways.

"Mikey, what-"Leo started to say, then spotted Don.

"Oh Jesus Christ," Raph gasped as they both dashed to their stricken brother.


"Ssh, Donny, we're here," Leo said, grabbing his hand.

"Do something," Mike sobbed, wringing his hands, guilt overwhelming him.

"Raph..." Don uttered, struggling to sit up.

"Donny, no, stay down, don't talk...Oh God," Raph gasped, gently pushing him back by the shoulders as the red fluid began dripping to the floor.

Splinter appeared, heart racing as he looked his son over.

Don tried to make eye contact with the rat.

"Master..." he managed, over Mike's sobs.

Splinter laid a knowing paw on Don's forehead, and bowed his head.

"My sons, your brother needs to say something," he said quietly, looking each of them in the eye.

Mike dropped to his knees beside the couch, crying even harder, terrified by Splinter's inaction.

Raph moved around to face Don, trying hard to swallow his own sobs.

"Go ahead Donny," Leo whispered, still gripping his hand, choking back grief.


"Remind me to stay out of the kitchen next time Mikey decides to attempt a home-made pizza," Donny grumbled, finally getting to sit up, and trying to wipe half a jar of pizza sauce of his plastron. "And you three really need to get a grip and listen when I'm trying to tell you something!"