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By: pinkchick



The dim light of the moon illuminated the shadows. The trees ruffled and swayed from the whistling wind that was begging them to bow down to it. The usually crowded streets were now deserted, only shadows lurking, hiding in dark alleys. To the naked eyes, this would seem like another usual night in the town of Bayville; but, to anyone looking deeper and closer would see a man walking through the shadows of the evil night. The man was unbeknownst to anyone around.

The man was of medium height but with a muscular build. He was wearing a long, black trench coat with a matching hat covering his dark and sinister features. He smiled an evil smile; one of power, greed, hatred, control, and most of all, pure evil. The man walked another few miles on foot. He reached a practically deserted road that led up to a large metal gate. He stopped at the gate and read the sign attached next to it. On the rich brown sign, it read: XAVIER SCHOOL FOR GIFTED YOUNGSTERS.

The man ran his black gloved hand over the sign and smirked in a devilish way. The day would come soon. The day when he would finally get the ultimate power. As he ran his hand over the sign once more he could feel the energy and his greed run through him like electricity. Yes, of course, the day would come. He stood back and watched the dark mansion a while longer until he began to walk away and back into the shadows from which he lurked. "Sleep soundly, my children. For you shall need it for now. Soon... the day will come for you -- I will come for you."