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Summary: When Sasuke killed Naruto, Naruto expected to go visit the angels in heaven. He never knew that sometimes the thing you most desire is often found if you just open your eyes...and unlock your heart. Everyone thinks Naruto died. And when the sound attacks a weakened Konoha, a ghost from the past will show them that life will go on, and angels do exist.


Yokatta-Thank goodness


Chapter 1: Death is Only the Beginning


"This is the end!" Sasuke yelled as he activated his curse seal and charged up his third chidori. He ran towards the blonde haired ninja in front of him that was struggling to stand.

'I made a promise.' Naruto thought sullenly. He was low on chakra and had multiple fatal injuries. Not even the Kyuubi's chakra could heal them. He had to fight Sasuke at the waterfall and then had to fight Kabuto when he showed up the escort the Uchiha.

Both boy and fox had fought long and hard, but they ran out of chakra too quickly; but Uzumaki Naruto wasn't a quitter. No, he was a fighter, a shinobi. With the last of his and Kyuubi's chakra he powered up a rasengan.

'I promised Sakura-chan.'

On the nearby shore two people showed up. One had blood red hair and emerald green eyes, while a gourd was strapped to his back on top of a black outfit. The other had a bowl cut hair cut with a green body suit. They watched in horror as the Uchiha charged the severely injured blonde, chakra glowing on his left hand.

The blonde attacked the charging raven-haired boy, a sphere of chakra spinning wildly in his hand.

The blonde staggered in exhaustion, giving the Uchiha enough time to plunge his chidori right into the blonde's chest, right through his small heart.

Sasuke viciously retracted his hand from the smaller boy's chest.

Naruto's eyes glazed over and he fell into the cold water below.

The two shinobi's on the shore watched in horror the blonde sank slowly to the bottom; eyes open, but unseeing. Lee closed his eyes in grief, while Gaara's anger towards Sasuke grew.

From a rubble of mess across the stream a silver-haired teen stepped out. Four gashes across his chest almost completely healed. He quickly looked towards where the blonde was slain then back towards the exhausted Uchiha in front of him. He walked up to him and before the other shinobis could do anything, him and Sasuke teleported away in a puff of smoke.


When Naruto thought about death, he always imagined his spirit leaving his body and floating to heaven to live with the angels there, and hopefully find his parents.

He imagined seeing the world as a green and blue place, where the snow capped mountains were white. He imagined seeing where the ocean meets the stream, and watching the majestic eagles taking flight into the sunset on the horizon. [1]

He imagined life living on.

He used to dream of a place with peace and harmony. Where there was no wars, no fighting, everyone was the same. A place where no one was shunned, and everyone was happy.

He loved the thought that one day he could get rid of the Kyuubi, but as soon as that thought came to him, in left just as quickly. Even though the fox was a demon and a ruthless killer, he knew that he couldn't live without her. [2] Kyuubi somehow grew on him. Behind the evil killing intent and insults, Naruto couldn't help but realize that the Kyuubi had always been by his side, watching over him as he slept. And when he dreamt, he could almost hear her talking to him, soothing him when he was crying, comforting him when he was lonely.

Kyuubi became, unconsciously, a mother to him.

So when he thought of death, and he thought of another world filled with peace and angels, he would always imagine Kyuubi staying with him, by his side.




That was all he could feel. He never imagined feeling pain in heaven.

Then he heard it. Soft murmurs. Gradually becoming stronger, louder, and clearer until he could make out a few words.

"Wake up!"

Wake up? Who wanted him to wake up?

"Open your damn eyes."

Open his eyes? Naruto tried but the pain was too much, so he started drifting back into the darkness.

"Don't even think about it!"

Feminine. Definitely feminine.

He felt a pressure release off of his chest and two soft fingers place on either side of his head on his temples. Then, the pain seemed to have disappeared and he was able to open his eyes, allowing it to adjust to the sunlight.

He heard a soft sigh and looked to the left, realizing that he was on the ground, a stream flowing nearby.

"Yokatta." The voice breathed.

A girl, around his age, with light waist-length golden hair and soft pale blue eyes was kneeling on the ground smiling gently at him while panting. She wore a small white top that came from her left shoulder to wrap around her chest, leaving her right shoulder and stomach bare. She had blue bellbottom-pants on that had a circular cut on each side of her leg to show her thigh. A pale blue see-through sash wrapped around her from her left shoulder to her left waist, while black high-heeled boots finished the look.

Naruto realized that he must have been in heaven, because the voice must have belonged to an angel. Strange swirls at the corners of her eyes and hanging, aquamarine teardrop earring's only added to her beauty.

Rustling noises from behind the girl brought his attention to the bushes nearby. A grey, almost white wolf with piercing blue eyes stepped out carrying a basket of herbs in his mouth. He was bigger and much more majestic than the average wolf.

The wolf walked gracefully to the angel and placed the basket at her side before lovingly nudging her cheek, which caused the girl to laugh lightly.

To Naruto, the sound was sweeter, and more pure that any flute could play.

"Arigato Mingan. [3]" The girl said scratching the wolf's head softly.

Mingan bowed his head and walked to the bush where he had come from, and plucked off a few branches with leaves. He then walked to a nearby tree and laying them gently on the ground.

Naruto was mesmerized by the wolf's beauty, that he couldn't help but watch as Mingan continued gathering leaves and placing them at the base off the tree until he formed a leaf bed. Mingan then lay before the female and Naruto. The girl then gently lifted Naruto's tired body onto Mingan's back. The wolf stood up and carried the blonde to the bed and softly placed him down.

Naruto then looked up as he saw the angel walk over slowly with an orange bundle in her arms. Naruto noted that she looked extremely tired, but her steps were still graceful. She kneeled next to his head and placed a small fox by his head.

"Sleep." She said softly. " You will feel better with rest. I'll be here when you wake."

Naruto suddenly found himself very tired.

"Who are you?" He muttered hoarsely.

The girl laughed lightly. "Salira. Uriel Salira."

The last thing Naruto saw before sleep claimed him was Salira's gentle smile.



[1]-Re-worded from the song 'From a Distance' by Bette Midler

[2]-Kyuubi's a female in this story.

[3]-Mingan=grey wolf


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