While most of the city slept soundly in their warm houses, she slept on a cold bed with one blanket covering her. While most were complaining about work, school, and the president, she was worrying about tortuous job and a life full of loneliness and heartache. It wasn't that she didn't already have a life already full of heartache, it was just that instead of being able to change her future she was now stuck regretting and remember the past. Sometimes she would lay awake remember what she had done but never feeling guilty about until she thought about her family and her friends and how much she had let them down.

Although she missed all of them terribly, she knew in her heart that maybe they were better off without her. They had to be for their sake and for hers. Her son had come to visit a couple of months ago but since then it had been almost impossible for her husband to bring him up to see her. Her best friend had been so hung up from work that she hadn't gotten the chance to visit her yet. Everyone had the outside life to deal with and all she had was time.

Most of that time had been divided up into doing her weekly chores and reading. During her time in jail, she had become an avid reader; reading everything and anything she could get her hands on had become a daily hobby for her. Exercising was another one of her daily tasks. She loved to take long walks around the permitted area; the cold air felt good on her skin.

Still, it was hard for her to get used many things; like asking to use the bathroom or waiting in line for an unpleasant and most of the time unsatisfying meal. This didn't change her position on what she had done. She was sick and tired of defending clients that ended up coming after her. She was sick of her life always being threatened and not being able to do anything about it. Maybe she had indeed gone insane but who wouldn't? Who wouldn't snap after all that had happened to her in the past five years.

Now she was stuck here for the next two years of her life with no hope of getting parole until those tow years were complete. Was this how her clients that had felt when they were found guilty? Did they feel hopeless like she did at the moment? When she eventually would get out of here, what was she going to do with her life? She couldn't go back to the way things were; everything would be different in five years.

For now however, she had to worry about things in here. Nothing was free in prison. Soap, Shampoo, and toothpaste had to all be bought out of her own pocket. Her husband however, did come up every so often to give her money since she didn't make no where near the amount it cost to afford any of these accessories. The food was absolutely horrible. Most of the time she wouldn't eat it but no one could go forever without ever eating. The water tasted like it had come out of a hose and often looked cloudy.

Six months had already passed for her; she only had one and half more years to go. Still it felt like time was going by tediously; she hated that feeling. It gave her more time to think; and thinking wasn't one of the things she wanted to do. She couldn't sleep that night, like most nights, because the bed was too lumpy and thin. It lied on a cold concrete slab.

The next day had come slowly for Lindsay. She had been up all night crying and thinking but never feeling sorry for the reason that had got her here. She had been pushed too much and finally snapped.

The first call had come for the inmates and Lindsay was out of her jail cell almost immediately. She wanted out of it so badly that she'd do anything to get of it; even go to work. Today however, was going to be very different for her. As soon as breakfast was over and she was ready to start work, a special visitor had stopped down at the prison to see her.