Rikku stands in front of her mirror as if she were before a firing squad. Clad only in a bra and panties, she sees the result of a mistake she made months ago beginning to surface. A bulge that will be hard to hide as the months go on replaces her flat stomach and perfect abs.

How was she going to explain this? It was just one night, but they say that's all it takes if you're not careful. Yuna wasn't supposed to ever know, but it looks like she will eventually.

The questions will come barreling out full force-

Whose baby is it?

Are you going to get married?

Will you keep it?

And the ultimate question:

Do you love the baby's father?

Yes, she did. She wasn't supposed to, he didn't belong to her. Yet, the thought didn't even cross her mind when he came into her tent late one evening after a fight with Yuna.


"She doesn't understand me the way you do, Rikku." Tidus said to her, his hand cold as he gripped her waist.

She felt chills go up her spine; Her heart pounding so hard she feared it would burst right out of her chest. She placed her hands as they trembled on his forearms and dug her nails in his skin, pulling him into her.

"We shouldn't be doing this." Rikku whispered in his ear, brushing it slightly with her lips. He quivered, wrapping his arms around her tighter. Tidus ran his hands up her nightshirt, feeling her soft skin underneath.

He brought his face to hers; she felt his breath on her cheek, their noses just touching. Rikku closed her eyes and waited eagerly for his kiss. Tidus wasted no time pressing his lips to hers forcefully. His hands made their way to the crown of her head, entangling her mop of sunny blonde hair between his fingers. Rikku ran her hands up his arms grabbing his face, rubbing it roughly before settling them behind his ears to his neck.

Passions that have been kept hidden for two years were unleashed that night. They were the only ones in the world at that moment, their bodies intermingling in ways they shouldn't. Hands were moving swiftly over exposed flesh, causing waves of pleasure neither of them had ever experienced. Collapsing into each other's arms breathless and fulfilled, they drifted off to sleep without thinking of consequences or people they hurt.

----End Flashback----

Now, all she wanted was to forget it even happened. She had to tell Yuna, it was the right thing to do. Whether or not she would understand was the question on her mind. Yuna was always forgiving, but surely, she had limits, and maybe this would be the last straw. She didn't wait two years for Tidus to come back just to have her cousin sleep with him in her tent yards away.

Rikku put on clothes less revealing than she was accustomed to. She had called Yuna to her tent and was anxiously waiting for her to arrive. The quicker she told her, the faster they could all get on with their lives. Rikku hoped that their relationship would endure, but she wasn't going to hold her breath. If Yuna was to be angry with her, it would definitely be justified and she would have to live with it.

Yuna stepped into the tent and found Rikku sitting on her bed. She was lost in thought.

"Rikku?" Yuna said in her usual innocent fashion, her arms placed neatly behind her and her head cocked slightly. "You wanted to see me?"

Rikku snapped out of her daze and looked at her cousin. Heaving a sigh, she motioned Yuna to sit next to her on the bed.

"Yunie," Rikku said.

"I have something to tell you."