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Summary: When Special Agent Carol Davis is found dead in a corridor that should not have been empty, Gibbs and the team must solve the case. Then one of them is kidnapped by someone from Gibbs' past. Will the two seemingly unrelated cases come together? Or is Gibbs trying too hard to make things fit because of his guilt?

Gibbs walked into the NCIS Headquarters feeling extremely moody. He sat in his desk chair and glared at the computer screen, which was running through the database. Tony DiNozzo and Kate Todd, his fellow agents, walked in together, talking animatedly.

"No, Tony, he won't. I don't even think he'd let Abby do that," Kate was explaining irritably.

"Who wouldn't let Abby do what?" Gibbs asked curiously.

"Oh- um- nothing," replied Kate quickly, elbowing Tony before he could respond. He did anyways.

"You wouldn't let Abby bring a friend to work," he explained confidently.

Kate hit him across the back of his head. "Tony," she hissed menacingly.

"I see... DiNozzo? What does that have to do with you?" Gibbs replied, rather amused.

This time Kate spoke up, knowing full and well that Tony would not appreciate her response. "Well, Tony here figured that anything you'd let Abby do, you'd let him do too. He wants to bring a girl with him to work"

Tony smiled at her. "Jealous?" he replied cockily.

She smirked. "You wish," was her immediate reply.

Gibbs rolled his eyes. "Let the torture commence," he muttered as they continued their 'discussion'.

He examined his desk and discovered no files on it. Odd though it was, Gibbs wasn't complaining. It had been a trying week, what with Kate and Tony's constant bickering over pointless matters.

"DiNozzo! Shut UP!" Gibbs yelled angrily.

Tony was taken aback. Gibbs was usually in a fairly good mood, considering the circumstances, but now he was ticked- not a good sign, considering it was only just 8:00.

"Gibbs? You okay?" asked Kate, genuinely concerned for her boss.

He didn't answer her, but opted to stalk off moodily.

Kate and Tony looked at each other, then at the floor. Tony seemed to be undaunted by the awkward silence, as he commenced to sit at his desk and play computer games.

Kate rolled her eyes. "Typical male stereotype," she murmured.

"Hey!" objected Tony. "I may be topical, but I'm not deaf!"

Kate laughed. "Whatever Mr. Topical..." She shook her head, amused at the holes Tony was forever digging himself into.

"You're mocking me aren't you?" he accused her.

"Me?!? Mock you?!? Never..." she replied, feigning shock.

He turned back to his game and gunshots sounded throughout the office building.

"Tony... Tell me that was your game," pleaded Kate quickly as Tony tore his eyes from the computer screen.

"N-no. It wasn't," he replied, looking to her for an explanation.

Their eyes locked. Suddenly, Kate was struck with a horrifying realization. "Gibbs!" she gasped. "It's the terrorist," she added in a solemn whisper.