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Just so you know, the gang are all 15 now. Why? I dunno…or…something.

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"Hey, baka! Pass it over here!"

The so-called 'baka' picked up the ball and kicked it as hard as he could. It sailed through the air – and right past its target, crashing through a window on the second storey of a huge old building, obviously derelict.

"Nice move, baka"

"I told you not to call me that!"

"But you're an IDIOT."


"Then how do you explain that?" he looked up at the shattered window, illustrating his point.

"Well…I…uhh…It was an easy enough mistake to make!"


"Tsch, so what?!"

His friend looked at him flatly "Whatever. As long you're the one that gets the ball"

"WHA?! WHY ME?!"

"'Cause you're the one that threw it, dumbass"

"Oh…ehh…right" He started to make his way up the ivy that seemed to have so conveniently grown up the side of the house, swinging in through the window and scraping his butt on the shards of glass. "Oww…"

He looked out of the window, waving at his friend down below "I'M OKAY HENRY!" He grinned stupidly, pushing a slightly oversized pair of goggles back into place, just above his hairline.

"I'm so happy for you."


"Sarcasm…doesn't that word ring any bells with you?"

"Yes…wait…no…wait…why would I be ringing bells, anyway?

Henry slapped his forehead, sweatdropping. "Look, could you just hurry up already. This is my only day off for the rest of the month – my boss at the Hop Mart is making me work overtime. God, I hate that guy, he's just so…so…I dunno. He seems to think he can just- wait…are you even listening to me?!"

Ishiteki Yurai, or 'baka (idiot)', as he was usually referred to, had been friends with Henry for as long as he could remember. It all really began when Ishiteki was two years old, and Henry was ten. Henry's mother forced him into babysitting him – he resented the job at first, especially since Ishiteki, being the idiot he was (and still is), would poke forks into sockets, eat his marbles etc., be ranted at by Henry, and then do it even more. Nothing had really ever changed. Henry may treat him like an idiot (which he is), but they really are good friends. Ishiteki is now 15, Henry being 23, respectively. The age gap may be wide, but in the words of the baka himself 'Who cares about age, as long as you can play a good game of football?!' (soccer to you American peeps…and anybody else who wants to call it that ;)

Ishiteki had already ventured deeper inside the room in search of the ball he had manage to lose for about the twentieth time that week.



"Oh, that you heard…"

"What? Did you say something Henry?"

He groaned "Just get on with it! See anything yet? It was your grandpa's house, you should know it well enough"

"Don't remind me of him…he creeps me out…wait a sec…I'VE GOT IT!" he picked up the ball, waving it in the air triumphantly. "I'll be down in a minu-AARGH!" he tripped on one of his ever-loose shoelaces, stumbling into a table covered in dusty screwdrivers, electronic parts and the like. Upon knocking this over, he fell back onto a door, knocking it open.

The door turned out to lead to a storage cupboard. Not that it mattered right now, since he was covered in spare parts, metal, wiring, and one especially heavy thing that seemed to be made up of all three. And that was when it finally hit home in his more-than-a-little-slow mind…


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