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My finger is broken. Oh joy.


What is this? Why am I not offline? I heave myself up, almost backing into a wall. Why is that incompetent professor lying on the floor, and why does he look so young? I thought he'd just vowed never to activate me again…what is all this?! I point my cannon at him – it's enough to kill a human. I won't let him near me again.

I move towards the window – the room's only weakness. I know he won't come after me. I brace myself and fall backwards into the window, shattering it and tumbling downwards in a freefall. I can hear everything. The glass breaking, the wind whistling past me. A few shards rain down on me. But I don't care. I can't feel it. I can't feel anything anymore. I hit the ground hard – shockwaves pulse through my body, but still no pain. I'm numb to everything. Feelings are pointless. They are weak. That Yurai fool didn't remove emotions and the ability to feel pain from my medal. I can't allow them to come back online. I don't want to be weak anymore.

I can't stay here for long. I have to keep moving. My sensors tell me that my legs are damaged, but I don't care. I will not be weak. I force myself to get up. I can't let anyone else see me. It's only a back-alley. There's nobody here as far as I can tell, but I don't want to take any chances.

I quickly scale the wire-mesh fence facing me. My landing is smoother than the last. Lush grassland and dense forest stretches out far as my optics can see. But I feel no sense of awe or wonder. There is no emotion. Only a plain depth perception grid.

All I have to do is keep walking. Just keep walking until I have a safe place to conceal myself. Everything directly around me is silent, but there's something in the distance that I can't quite make out. I toss it through my analysis systems over and over again. A lot of my systems are still offline. Analysis is difficult when the only thing running is your basic mainframe.

Finally – a result. It's some sort of vocal pattern. Laughter perhaps. The larynx appears to be underdeveloped too…children? But why would such a great number of them be in a forest? Never mind. This is irrelevant. It looks like there's some thick undergrowth over by that clearing. I need to reboot.

This is a pretty effective cover. Nobody will find me here. I let my programming take over – I can hear the familiar commanding voice echoing through my internal speakers; 'COMPLETE SYSTEM SHUTDOWN AND REBOOT COMMENCING'. Darkness consumes me as every part of my system goes offline. Everything is fading…

My reboot seems to be virtually complete. My systems are updated and fully active…apart from one. I can't let it activate. It will make me weak, just like before. It's hardwired into my programming, just like everything else – I'm struggling to keep it offline. But I have to. I don't want to be weak anymore.

I can hear footsteps. And they're coming closer. I stay as still as I can. They can't notice me. They pass without a word. But then they stop. One of them is saying something. Its voice seems almost…metallic.

"Excuse me, Master Koji?"

"Yes Sumilidon? What is it?"

"There appears to be some sort of Medabot in that bush over there"

What?! How did he notice me?! I was perfectly hidden! No…I must stay calm. I mustn't let my emotions get the better of me. I must keep them offline. Perhaps if I just stay still they'll leave.

"Are you sure? I don't see anything"

"I am certain, Master Koji. There is a reboot frequency I am picking up"

"Then its medafighter mustn't be too far off either"

Medafighter? I've heard of those. Medabots become dependant upon them. He thinks I have one? He must be joking.

"Show yourself! I know where your Medabot is! If you don't come out, then I'll be quite happy to destroy it"

"Master Koji, its medafighter doesn't appear to be responding"

"I can see that, Sumilidon"

"Should I go and get the Medabot?"

"Yes, yes. I suppose we could both use a little robattling practice"

The footsteps are getting closer again. There's no other option than conflict. But if that is the way it must be, then so be it. A startling green optic visor stares down at me. I tilt my head slightly – I have to admit, this Medabot looks intriguing. He looks away for a moment "It seems to be a WLF type, Master Koji"

"Bring it over here then! There's plenty of room for a robattle"

The strange new Medabot nods and turns back to me. I brace myself as I wait for him to wrench me up by the neck. But he doesn't. I feel his arm slip around my waist, the other beneath my knees, as he lifts me up gently. Carrying me a few paces, he sets me down in a grassy clearing. I stumble a little, but I can manage on my feet.

"Always the gentleman Sumilidon" A boy with black shoulder-length hair chuckles "I really don't know why you bother – especially with this heap of scrap metal"

Scrap metal?! That's IT! I don't care about emotions anymore. Let the program run – he needs to get what's coming to him! And I- what the…? There's a man wearing a red bow-tie hanging from a tree. Is there a fault with my optics? Or am I just going insane.

"Then it's agreed! I, Mr Referee declare this an official submission robattle. MEDAFIGHTERS! Erm…MEDAFIGHTER! RO-BATTLE!"

The boy raises his arm, as if to speak into his watch. This just keeps getting weirder and weirder…

"Sumilidon! Attack!"

The Medabot lurches forward, gaining velocity as he rushes towards me. I stay firmly rooted to the spot – there's no point in trying to run. I turn away as he approaches, awaiting his attack. Static escapes my vocal transceiver and fades into a real scream as his claws rip through my right arm. I stagger backwards in agony, leaning against a tree for support. My systems are blaring out my status – as if it wasn't already obvious. 'RIGHT ARM: 100 DAMAGE. FUNCTION CEASED. FUNCTION CEASED. LEGS: 90 DAMAGE. CRITICAL DAMAGE.'

I can feel the oil pouring out of my arm. But I can't give up. I refuse to give up – especially after what that human said to me. He's just so full of himself..."Do you have any idea what you're up against?" I taunt, pausing to laugh. I may not be able to fight, but wordplay is the next best thing "…no? Then I'm afraid I'll just have to show you…"


I stumble forwards, making a feeble attempt to hold my own. The Medabot is staring straight at me – he seems almost hesitant.

"What are you waiting for?! FINISH HER OFF!"

"Yes, Master Koji"

He speeds up into a blur, and before I can move, I can feel his claws pierce my chest-plate…and come out the other side, pinning me to the tree. My optics widen as he drives them deeper. He leans in close to me, almost touching my face-plate "I'm sorry…" He trails off, his voice barely more than a whisper.

Quickly removing his claws, I slide down the side of the tree, leaving a trail of oil. The pain is unbearable – I just want it to end. Stupid emotions…I knew they would make me weak…



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