Alternate Reality

Chapter 1

Magical Meetings

In our present world, magic is an unreal figment of imagination to the average Joe. Nobody truly believes that there is any magic residing in anyone. All of that lived in the world anime and manga.

Yes, there were "magical" people who performed astounding tricks in front of people's very eyes. Nobody would believe them but what they said was true, it all really was a just an illusion. To magicians, it was all just a matter of manipulating people's minds into believing that they had just seen what had happened.

But to the people who actually know the truth. . . well, they knew the truth.

Magic didn't come from wands, spells, and enchantments. In fact it doesn't even have anything to do with genetics.

True magic comes from spiritually strong people who can manipulate their own aura and will to do something that was thought to be remarkable. Sometimes downright impossible.

And because of their special attributes, they are told not to tell anyone.

In this time, people wouldn't understand the counter reality that they held. They would quite easily jump straight to conclusions and think they harbored some evil force within them. They would think they were possessed or something that was just as equally crazy.

Thus causing the "mages" to keep their secret and uniqueness quiet.

That is- - -

Until one little girl gave out her little secret.

"Down the hall and on your left," A tall brunette lady stood there and directed. She stood behind a light colored counter with forms and papers covering the smooth top surface. She stared down at the little girl on the other side of the mini wall and pointed her finger in the direction she was referring to.

She seemed tired. Probably from searching for the info she was asked to look for. It wasn't easy working in a hospital.

"Thank you," the young girl replied, bowing down and letting her long, dark hair drape over her face. Then lifting her head to reveal her blue-gray orbs, glimmering in the white light of the hospital hallways.

The nurse smiled back at her as she watched the small person trot off into the white colored hallway.

The 6 year-old walked down the immensely lit halls. Twisting and turning every which way, searching for her desired destination. But in each room she just happened to peak in, it would always contain tired or weak people. Each one quietly suffering with their pain as they each lay on the milk colored beds.

Her eyes drooped a bit until she stared down at the vanilla tiled floor that she was stepping on. She felt sorry for them to be suffering this way. But for them, their time of end was coming. There was only one person who didn't belong here at this very moment. And it was her job to get him out.

She quietly listened to her hollow steps against the cold floor. Each one bouncing off the flat walls that was surrounding her. She was getting tired of searching; she wanted to actually go through with what she wanted.

Seconds ticked away on the clock down the hall. Each annoying tick reaching her ears just as much as her footsteps were. She turned her head from side to side, still looking for the room.

Until she finally found the right number.

The girl quietly walked up to the matching white painted doors and stopped just about a foot in front of it. A smile crept onto her face when she tilted her head up to stare at and read the sign that was bolted to the door. This was the one she was looking for.


AGE: 7


And what a case of pneumonia it was. According to what she knew, he had been in the hospital for 2 months because of it. Her smile dropped a bit as she thought about what he was going through. 'He must be bored out of his mind,' She thought as the smile slowly came back onto her face.

Her hand opened slightly at her side as she concentrated on certain thoughts that she wanted happening. A slight daze fell over her as a dizzy spell washed over her standing figure. A bright warmth ignited in her slightly opened palm as she moved her head to gaze upon her heating hand.

Her sight fell upon her wrist as the daze continued to sway her consciousness a bit. Luckily her sight hadn't really been wavering that much, just her attention.

Around her wrist she saw a bright yellow dandelion colored light surround it. Actually it was more like little orbs of light that looked like cotton balls to her. But it was still pretty all the same. She stared at it for a few moments, her full consciousness was gradually restoring.

And when she was fully snapped out of it, the lit orbs of colors disappeared into who knows where. But when that light faded there was something in her hand that replaced it.

The girl held up the object in front of her eyes, the bluish-gray orbs of hers inspecting the object thoroughly before relaxing and letting her smile back on her face.

There in front of her very eyes was a peony flower.

Her eyes widened in amazement as the vibrant colors were absorbed into her sight. The different shades of pinks gave the flower an even more beautiful touch. The silky petals stayed in place as each one held on to the other.

"This is the one he would like to see?", she thought to herself. Only to shrug off her curiosity a moment later.

She reached her hand towards the cold, silver door knob and twisted it.

Streaks of sunlight were strewn across the tiled floor of his hospital room. He could hear birds chirping in the trees just outside his open window. A warm breeze swirling around outside only to sneak inside eventually.

It seemed like the most peaceful atmosphere one could imagine when stuck in a hospital.

Sure it was.

But he was bored out of his frickin' mind!!

Inuyasha lay still in his bed as he shifted his eyes to stare outside the window. The birds were still chirping. The breeze was still going. And the sun was still shining. It was the same thing every single day! Nothing changed! And it was so BORING!!!

The hanyou boy let a sigh escape his lips. An impatient sigh. But that didn't change the fact that there was still nothing to do except lay there in his bed.

"I've been in here for 2 months and what comes out of it?" he asked himself quietly, still staring at the open window. Thankfully there hadn't been one of those net things that separated the outside from the inside. If there had been one, the birds wouldn't fly in sometimes which caused him to snap out of his boredness only for a few moments until it flew back outside.

He just wanted to stand up and walk over to the window and look outside. A change of scenery would have been nice since he'd been seeing the same thing for about 8 weeks. But no, thanks to his pneumonia he was too weak to stand up. Even worse, he couldn't even sit up very well.

Sure he'd been getting company from his few friends and his mother on certain days. But nobody had come for the past week and a half. He could understand his friends not coming that often since school was taking up most of their time, but his mother!

Silence washed over him as he wandered through his thoughts.

"Maybe she's been having trouble with the daycare?" He thought to himself as he still lay there. Yeah, his mother had been running a daycare service ever since he was 4 years old. And just up until recently parents had been dropping off their kids at any moment and some of the other workers had ditched their parts.

Another sigh escape his lips. Somebody just had to be frowning down at him up there. He shook his head disappointedly at the thought until he heard the handle on the door moving.

Inuyasha looked up at the clock, "4:40. . . . ok then, she's 20 minutes early," his mind said, remembering the times that the nurse came in to give him his medicine.

He watched as the door opened- - -

But then it closed.

Confusion struck him for a moment. Nobody came in! Why had she bothered opening the door if she was just going to close it again?

Although, there was one more thing that struck him as odd.

There was someone else's scent in the room.


Odd, he was hearing a voice too. Was his sickness causing him to go crazy? But then a kiddy panic took over his little 7 year-old mind, "What if it's a ghost?!" he exclaimed in his head.


Inuyasha stopped his panicking as his ears twitched a bit. If his hearing was all right he could've sworn that the voice was coming from the side of his bed.

Hesitation took over his mind for a moment. He wasn't sure if he wanted to see a ghost just yet. Maybe when he was dead and he was a ghost that might've been a good time to see one.

Despite his previous fears he turned his head a little bit to the left and looked down over the edge of the bed.

And that's when he saw her.

There standing beside him was a little girl. Well, maybe he wouldn't be calling her little since she seemed only slightly shorter than he did right now. She had raven dark hair and blue-ish gray orbs that seemed to smile at him. And along with her smiling eyes came a smile on her face as she held a pink peony blossom in her right hand.

His eyes widened at the sight of that flower. He hadn't seen one of those in ages. The last time he'd seen them was in his backyard in his mother's garden. She had planted so many of them because he was told that the first present she received from his father was a peony blossom.

So it became especially special in his mother's eyes.

But there was one thing strange that crossed his mind again.

There was no scent coming from the flower. If it had been there, he would definitely recognize it, he'd been around those flowers so long that he'd memorized the scent.

"Hello," he responded, pushing himself to sit up in his bed. He never really wanted to look weak in front of guests. Even though he had no clue as to who she was. And he didn't need a reason to know who she was either. Since she wasn't famous or well-known or anything like that.

"Who are you?" he asked. There wasn't any point beating around the bush, so to speak.

If it was possible for the girl's smile to get any brighter then it had done so right now. Inuyasha watched as she leaned forward in a bow out of respect, "Kagome Higurashi," she introduced herself in a gentle tone of her voice. She quickly set herself back upright and looked at him, "You're Inuyasha right?"

He responded with a nod of his head, not really knowing why he was answering to a complete stranger.

The girl called Kagome watched him as he struggled to sit up in his bed. And after a while he finally managed to get himself to lean against his now upright pillow. "This is for you," she beamed as she held out her hand that was gently gripping the stem of the flower. She had to tiptoe a bit, but that wasn't hard to believe. The bed was pretty high, which would probably explain why he hadn't seen her enter the room; the end of the bed was probably in the way.

Again, Inuyasha scrutinized her to make sure she didn't look suspicious, which she didn't whatsoever. After a while of hesitation he took the blossom from her hand. And at that moment a surge of something unusual coursed through his body. It seemed odd in a way. It felt like something you would normally feel, but like he hadn't felt it for a while.

Kagome watched as the petals started to sparkle with a dim shine as soon as he touched the blossom. Her expression now held a look of relief on her face as she stepped back a bit and headed towards the door.

The hanyou boy watched as the small girl made her way towards the exit, "Wait!" he exclaimed without realizing until after he heard his own voice echo in his own ears. Kagome turned around to look at him. The smile was replaced with a small look of confusion as her eyes twinkled a bit. "Are you leaving already?" he asked, even if he didn't really know her it was still nice to have her company.

"Aren't I bothering you?" she asked, cocking her head to the side for no reason at all.

Inuyasha shook his head in reply as he watched a smile catch light on her face again. There was something about that smile that just made him want to… want to… he didn't know what it made him want to do. But it sure was refreshing in a way.

"So I can stay?" Another nod came from Inuyasha as she skipped over to the open window and hopped herself up, making her sit on the very sill of it. The boy seemed only to be lightly shocked as she simply sat there without any fear of falling out, and it looked like she seemed oblivious to the 5 stories of falling that awaited her if she fell when she started waving her feet back and forth. "Hah!" she squeaked as she sat herself properly with a proud smile on her face.

Inuyasha stared at her for a while. He hadn't seen any girl that would be daring enough to do that. Sure he'd be willing to do that if he was well, but he was hanyou. This girl seemed to be just like any other normal human. He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't realize the silence that surrounded them, and when he realized it he decided to get rid of it.

"Why are you here?" he asked rather demandingly which caught her a bit off guard. She wasn't expecting him to ask that question.

"Eh?" she squeaked trying to stall for an answer, a confused and only slightly panicked look crossed her features. She honestly didn't know why she was there. She just had this big feeling to just come to this particular hospital and happened to notice something wrong with the place. "My grandmother used to be in this room when she was kept here, but then she died," silence covered them, Kagome didn't really know where to go from there since that wasn't really a good reason. "So I just wanted to see if it's changed or not," there was her reason… not a very good reason, but a reason no less.

"Uh-huh," Inuyasha answered to that explanation, it wasn't very convincing and that didn't explain why a peony flower was in her possession when she entered. Although the mention of someone dying in this very room made him a bit uneasy. He shuffled slightly in his bed, as if trying to avoid some kind of spirit that might possess him.

"So how long have you been here for?" she asked curiously, trying to avoid the subject of why she was here.

"About 2 months now," he answered.

"Wow that's really long!"

"It is, but at least I'm missing school"

She was expecting something like that to come from him, "So you being here is ok with you?" she blinked curiously again.

"I guess, but it's frickin' BORING!" he enunciated the word to make sure she got the point.

He watched as she giggled on the windowsill, "I would be too if I were stuck here,"

"I think everyone whose here is pretty much like that,"

"They are," she answered, but then the conversation ended. There wasn't much to say about being bored in a hospital.

Silence lay over them again as the birds chirped behind her. That's when she actually took a more observing look at Inuyasha. It wasn't every day you saw a boy with long silver hair and- OMG! She stared at him with wide eyes realizing what two things lay atop his head. 'He has puppy ears!' she squeeled in her head trying to hold in her outbursts of cuteness when she saw the fuzzy appendages. That's when she made a conclusion out of this.

"You're a hanyou?" she asked, making him realize that she was still here.

"Uh… yeah," he answered another question, although before he answered, it seemed like he was unsure of himself.

"Cool!" she squealed in a way that confused him, that is until he realized that she was staring at the top of his head. Oh. It was the ears again. He sighed as Kagome gradually stopped herself from staring.

And then silence came again. It was starting to dawn upon him that he hated silences when he was being watched by someone or with someone. That's when he opened his mouth to speak… or at least tried to.

"Anyway, you wanna know something really funny that happened?"

It looked like this girl didn't like silences either.

"Sure," he answered, in the mood for something to possibly laugh about.

"Ok then, everyday of the week me and my brother would-"

Inuyasha smiled as he listened intently on the girl's every word. He had actually managed to laugh a few times during her babble and it was also very amusing how she would trip up on her words on occasions.

"And then my brother tripped on our cat, Buyo, and then he-"

"Did you happen to have sugar for breakfast?" Inuyasha interrupted, asking just for the sake of asking, and also to see if she would get mad.

Kagome looked at him, confusion evident from her expression. She pondered over it a while, as she placed a finger on her chin in thought, "No… why?"

"Just wondering," he answered. She had been talking so long it wouldn't have been surprising if she did.

But for a while now something seemed to be swirling in his thoughts while he listened. He had to notice something a bit different from her while she was here, compared to his friends who sometimes visited and blabbed on like that. He didn't seem to lose his patience so easily around her, strangely enough. He had to wonder why.

"Anyway where was I? Oh yeah, after that my brother went and- ah!"

"Huh?" he stared at her from her sudden cut off.

He watched as her face dropped slightly, but then seemed to return to her normal smiling self in a matter of seconds. "I have to go now," she answered, making Inuyasha feel a bit bad.

"Already?" he had no idea why he worried about that. And why did he sound like he was complaining?

"Yeah, I'm sorry,"

"It's ok,"

"I'll see you around then,"

"Ok," his eyes were set on her, waiting for her to get off the windowsill and land on the floor.

Her smile brightened as she held an open hand by her face indicating what she was saying, "Bye,"

It only took a matter of seconds for him to realize what was happening before his very eyes. Kagome leaned back a bit as her hair started to follow after her from the air that she started running through. Her body gradually disappearing from sight of the window as he stared. Until it struck him like a bag of bricks.

She was falling out the window.

But it wasn't until she was completely out that he made a reaction.


Inuyasha tossed the covers off of him as he swung himself off the bed and his feet hit the floor. Letting the flower slip out of his hands as it hit the soft bed.

He quickly ran to the windowsill, throwing his weight in an effort to see outside and below. But that action had almost caused him to fall out too. So he managed to just hang from the sill and peek out a little to the ground below.

But she wasn't there.

In fact there was no evidence showing that she had fallen.

Nothing to show that she even hit the ground.

If she had really fallen out the window and hit the earth's surface she definitely would have been dead.

But there were no signs of death either.

He simply stared in bewilderment as his eyes searched the outside for the person he was only talking to a few moments ago. But again, there was nothing to show of her. "Kagome!" he called again to see if she was anywhere near the window. Nothing but silence greeted his ears as he waited.

That's when his mind was tossed into deep confusion as he thought to himself about what had just happened. 'Nobody can just disappear like that!' he contemplated, still looking out over the edge.

The doorknob twisted open, but he didn't seem to notice the usual nurse walk in when she did so.

"Inuyasha, it's time to take you- - -" she stopped mid-sentence, staring disbelievingly at the patient in front of her. She subconsciously let the tray in her hands (which held a pill and some water) clatter to the floor.

The hanyou snapped back to reality when the sudden disturbance, well, disturbed him. He turned around to look at the nurse at the door. And it appeared that she was gawking at him and making very well done impressions of a fish that was out of water.

And that's when it happened.

He felt the nurse run quickly over to him and embrace him like a mother that had been searching for her lost child. "Look at you! You're all better!" she exclaimed, excitement and volume rising in her voice leaving the hanyou utterly confused.

Until he realized that he was actually standing.

Even when just a while ago he wasn't able to sit up straight in his bed.

He felt the nurse pull away from him and look him straight in the eyes, "Are you feeling better?" she asked, shooing away his bangs and feeling his forehead. A happy, excited laugh escaped her lips.

His only response was a nod and a smile that crossed his face. She smiled back at him as she stood up and looked down at him, "I'm going to go call your mother and tell her that you're feeling better." She squealed, "Who knows? Maybe you'll be able to go back home tonight if you wanted," she stopped ranting a bit to face the door but then turned her head to look back down at the child. "Would you like that?"

He shook his head more aggressively this time to show he really wanted to go back. And with that the nurse walked back into the hallway and down the corridor. The light taps of her footsteps gradually disappearing as he stared out the door.

Silence overtook him as excitement grew in his mind.

He was going home!

Wait a minute.

Inuyasha pivoted on his feet as he headed towards the bed that he had lounged in previously.

But stopped when he realized something vital.

The peony flower was gone!

With that thought he snatched up the covers and threw them off the bed. Exposing the sheets of the mattress as he eyed the bed carefully.

But it wasn't there anymore.

Inuyasha stared in disbelief at the empty bed. 'But I could've sworn I left it here,' he thought to himself.

After a moment or two he took the time to search the blanket he threw to the floor and under the bed.

But it was nowhere to be found.

Things didn't just disappear like that.

People didn't just disappear like that.

No ideas greeted his mind as he stood there, trying to make sense of everything. But still only one thing would come to his young little mind.

'She was a ghost,'

Hi everyone! Well this little story just suddenly popped up in my head and I decided to flesh it out in words. All I want you guys to tell me is whether it sucks or not and other opinions. And also if you think I should continue it or not.

Constructive criticism is welcome entirely! Hope you liked this little work!