Introduction: Wow! Fellow, readers…this is my FIRST time ever writing a fanfic in a new (anime) category! Up until now, I've only written Digimon stories! But I figured it was time to take a small break from it, and try something new! So read this fanfic and tell me whatcha think! By the way, this is my first Yu-Gi-Oh! story, so please go easy on me, this time around!

Author's Note: Before you read on, I would like to point out that this story is based on the ORIGINAL "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Japanese TV series and early chapters of the manga! If you were hoping to see some dueling action, you won't find it here! This story is about Yugi acting as the "avenger of justice", using the powers of his Millennium Puzzle to release his dark side, and challenge evildoers to dangerous and life-threatening games!

However, later on I WILL be writing a "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters" fanfic, so if you don't like this story, just try to be patient and wait for it! Still…while this story is BASED on the first series, I've taken small details from the "Duel Monsters" storyline and integrated them into this story, such as usage of the English dubbed names, the LAME-O friendship themes, as well as a few other interesting surprises…

Warning: This story has been rated PG-13 for violence, concerning a small bit of gunplay. Weapons are a horrible thing, and no one deserves to be hurt like that. So if you're not a fan of the original "Yu-Gi-Oh!" series, and/or you don't like violence, then DO NOT continue any further! Otherwise, I encourage you to read on and enjoy!

There is a history of games. Game history is interwoven with human history, starting in the Egyptian empire five thousand years ago. Ancient games foretold the future for citizens and kings. As games were played, fate was decided in magical ceremonies. These were called "The Shadow Games."

Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Thrill of the Hunt

Chapter 1 - The Hunt Begins

It was a seemingly normal day in Domino City. Since it was a school day, most kids were…well, in school. The clocks throughout the area displayed the time as 11:15 am, which was the start of a study hall period at Domino High. But meetings in the teachers' lounge usually took place around this time, so some of the study hall classes were left unattended.

It didn't matter as much as one might think. Some of the teachers there often accused the students of wrongdoings that they did not commit, just to see how much trouble they could get them into, when in reality, the student body was mostly peaceful and quiet enough, even during study hall.

Speaking of "hall", two students were IN the hall, getting something from their lockers that would soon provoke a lot of laughter. The shorter of the two teens, Yugi Moto, a freshman with red highlighted, black spiky hair complete with yellow bangs in the front, wasn't so sure about what he was about to do.

Yugi turned to his taller friend, Joey Wheeler. The young man ran his hand through his short blonde hair.

"I don't know about this, Joey…are you sure that this is the right thing to do? I mean…this IS study hall period…" Yugi said, in a worried voice.

"Don' worry 'bout it Yuge! I got it ALL worked out! Besides, your gramps wants us to test this stuff ta see if it works, right?"

"Well, yeah…but not in SCHOOL!"

"Like I said, don't you worry one bit, pal! 'Sides, if we get caught, which we WON'T…then I'LL take da rap for it!" Joey assured his friend.

The two friends nodded, and quietly entered the study hall. As expected, no teachers were present and most of the students were minding their own business. Some were chatting, others were playing cards, and a few were actually doing homework or studying!

Yugi turned his head to see some girls chatting in a corner. Among them was Yugi's close friend Téa Gardner, a teenage girl about his age with short brown hair. Like some sort of weird sixth sense, she knew she knew that Yugi was looking at her, so she quickly turned her head and looked at Yugi. She sweetly smiled at him and waved her hand. Yugi shot her back a warm smile and waved back.

Téa knew only too well that Joey was known for getting himself into mischief without even trying. Seeing what he and Yugi were up to, she continued to smile and shook her head then went back to talking to her friends.

Looking through the scope on his little "tool", Joey could barely contain his excitement. He also saw his prey. It was in the shape of Tristan Taylor, a tall buddy of his with a strange pyramid-shaped, brown hairstyle.

Though Tristan had his back turned, Joey saw that he was talking to a girl. And not just ANY girl, as far as Tristan was concerned. This was Miho Nosaka, the student librarian. She was a very pretty girl with long pale purple hair tied back in a ponytail with a lovely yellow ribbon, which had become more or less her trademark, earning her the nickname "Ribbon".

Joey grinned as he watched Tristan try for the umpteenth time to ask Miho out on a date, having absolutely no doubt that she would turn him down yet again. But Tristan hoped that this time it would be different. And Joey simply hoped that Tristan would keep his back turned long enough for him to-


"HEY!" Tristan yelled.

Joey couldn't help but laugh at what had transpired. Him and Yugi had snuck up on Tristan and blasted him away with the new brand of squirt guns called the "Squirt Master 4000". Solomon Moto, Yugi's grandfather, had each given them one to test out. Although Tristan was covered in water, his pride was really what was all wet.

The blonde boy laughed heartily and so did many of the other students in the room who had saw what had happened. Yugi knew it was rude, but he couldn't help but snicker a little at the (hopefully) harmless prank that they had just pulled.

Joey sometimes was known to possess a short temper, and could get angry easily if pushed. But Tristan tended to be a little calmer at times, and knew how to handle the situation at hand in a sensible way.

"C'MERE, JOEY!" Tristan yelled (in what seemed to sound like a murderous rage) as he got up to move.

Joey made a break for it, and scampered out of the classroom and down the school hallway while being promptly hunted by a furious Tristan.

After school, Yugi headed straight home. For the past week, he'd been working on a new jigsaw puzzle that his grandfather had recently acquired. Téa and Joey had no plans for the rest of the day, so they joined Yugi and accompanied him back to his house.

As the three friends walked together, they began to chat about the puzzle that Yugi had been spending so much time on.

"So exactly how big IS this jigsaw puzzle, Yugi?" Téa asked.

"I'm not too sure," Yugi replied, scratching his head.

"Well, don' worry, pal!" Joey said. "It might be huge, but it couldn't possibly be more complex than your Millennium Puzzle, right?"

Yugi nodded, and glancing down at the golden (inverted) pyramid-shaped pendant connected to a rope that was almost always hanging around his neck. He smiled at the memory of how he wished for a real friend when he was assembling it. The strange symbol on the front of it (which resembled some sort of eye) had always caught Yugi's attention.


The three young teens turned their heads in the direction of the sound. A stray dog was racing down the street from behind them.

"Yugi, is that dog STILL hanging around this neighborhood!" Téa impatiently asked.

"Sure looks like it," Yugi said, watching the animal race down the street. "That dog just CAN'T stay outta trouble, no matter how hard it tries!"

"Sounds a lot like me!" Joey said, laughing it off.

Yugi sighed, knowing that the dog wasn't rabid or anything. It was, in fact, very kind to all of the little kids around the neighborhood, who loved the dog. Yet none of the parents were very fond of animals, much less dogs. A small part of Yugi felt that he could rest a little more easily if he knew for a fact that the dog had a good home, and a kind-hearted owner to care for it.

He gave Tea and Joey a more in-depth explanation about how that dog had a real knack for getting itself into mischief. But then a bad feeling manifested itself in the back of Yugi's head. It felt like some kind of warning, saying that something terrible might soon occur. Yugi tried very hard to brush the bad thought away.

"More juice, kids?" Yugi's mother asked, walking into the living room with a tray of drinks.

"Right here, ma'am!" Joey hollered.

"Me too, Mom," Yugi added.

"None for me, thanks," Téa said politely.

Mrs. Moto smiled as she took the empty glasses from the two boys and replaced them with full ones. Joey took a long, loud slurp of his drink through a straw, causing Téa to scowl at him.

"Is something wrong, my boy?" Solomon Moto asked.

"Not really…it's just that…well…I saw that misfit dog again today while we walked back here. I guess I'm just really worried about it."

"Well, don't think about it too much, Yugi," Mrs. Moto advised. "Hopefully, someone will take pity on that dog and give it a good home."

"Yeah…you're right, Mom. I'm probably just worrying too much."

"Hey, Yuge…why doncha turn on the boob tube?" Joey asked, turning to the television.

"Okay!" Yugi cheerfully exclaimed, grabbing the remote control.

The first image everyone saw was an exclusive news report. Téa, Joey, and Yugi put down their jigsaw puzzle pieces, at what they saw. The television showed some sort of instant replay of a target getting shot up, specifically its yellow-colored dot in the center.

"Whoa, bull's eye," Joey said, half-impressed.

The camera angle moved away to show a man putting down his firearm and waving to a crowd applauding for him.

Targets had been set up on a high stage against a sturdy wall. Near the back were stacks of bottles and other simple items to be used as additional targets. Yugi and his friends were a little confused about what was going on, but a young female news reporter appeared at the scene to explain all. Yugi snickered a bit when he saw Joey drool a little at the sight of the young attractive newswomen.

"…and I'm here on the scene, at a special exhibition and demonstration of skill conducted by the famed game hunter, Arch Seeker. As he-"

"Who?" Yugi asked, immediately turning down the volume on the television.

"I heard a' dis guy," Joey said. "This guy's pretty good with his hands, as well as his weapons. No wild animal can sneak past him in even da thickest clump of woods, and he's the best there is at shooting down targets from like a ZILLION miles away!"

"Yeah, that's REEEEALLY fortunate for the animals that he tracks down in his spare time," Téa said in a VERY sarcastic tone.

"Hey, I'm not saying that he's RIGHT for doin' everything he's done…I'm just saying that his skills are impressive, is all!" Joey argued.

Yugi laughed a bit as he turned up the volume back up on the television. Téa and Joey stopped arguing as they saw the news reporter briefly interviewing the hunter. He looked like a man, possibly a few years short of being middle aged, but he had a few wrinkles in his pale skin, and he had short (but slightly spiky) whitish hair with some faint hints of gray streaks in it. He wore two circle shaped earrings (in his ears, of course), a long-sleeved dark blue shirt, black pants and long black boots to match.

"Mr. Arch Seeker…" the newswomen began, " it true that you claim to be the greatest hunter there is?"

"Too true, ALL too true!" Seeker boasted. "No one can outdo me when it comes to hunting! I am the GREATEST!"

"And what exactly makes you the greatest, sir?"

"It's quite simple…NO one can beat me! And if ever anyone dares to get in my way…then I hunt them down like the vermin they are! My prey goes on the run until…BANG! Down they go!"

"Being the big game hunter that you are, I'm sure that you use a wide variety of weapons to hunt with. Which one do you prefer to use?" the women asked, pointing her microphone at Seeker's loud mouth.

"Ha! NO weapon is useless in MY capable hands! As long as I have SOMETHING to crush my prey with, they're as good as DEAD!"

"Ewww! That old freak is sick!" Téa complained, briefly shivering and hugging herself.

"YUGI!" Mrs. Moto nearly yelled, pulling everyone's mind back to the here and now, "I don't want you watching another moment of that trash! Turn it off NOW!"

Yugi scrambled for the remote and quickly pressed the "POWER" button, but Téa's eyes immediately widened at what she saw before the image on the television screen vanished.

"Whoa! Wait, Yugi!" she sputtered, quickly grabbing the remote from Yugi's hands.

"Téa, what are doing!" Yugi asked, slightly feeling a wave of panic course through his veins.

"Yugi…I think I saw something on the TV that you missed!"


Téa quickly switched the television back on, and the interview was apparently over, since the hunter had went to demonstrating his oh-so amazing shooting techniques and archery skills, displaying his usage of guns and sharp arrows.

"Somethin' caught yer eye, Téa?" Joey asked, standing up to stretch his arms.

"Uh, YEAH! Look!" Téa almost shouted, pointing to a certain lace on the TV screen.

"Oh, no!" Yugi cried. "Joey, it's-"

"It's that dog we saw before!" Joey finished.

The six eyes stared at the television screen and saw that the camera angle had zoomed out. And wandering behind the crowd of people was indeed that same shaggy, misfit dog!

Suddenly unknown to all except for Yugi, the golden Millennium Puzzle jerked of its own accord, and tugged just enough for Yugi to notice. Then the queer eye-like symbol glowed for the briefest second, and something inside Yugi's mind awoke.

He felt as if the Puzzle were trying to hint at something. Plus, that uncomfortable feeling from before was back, and Yugi didn't like it one bit. The Puzzle seemed to be giving him another foreshadowing of something evil that would commence…a distrubing warning. Joey's voice snapped Yugi back to reality, and what he had to say regrettably matched perfectly with Yugi's thoughts.

"Oh, no! If dat messed up mutt sticks his wet nose where it don't belong, that dumb hunter'll use 'im fuh target practice and turn him inta mincemeat!" Joey panicked, remembering full well what Yugi had said about the dog.

"Not if we can help it!" Yugi declared. "We gotta go and get that dog out of there!"

"I'm with you!" Téa said.

"I'll go, as well!" Solomon added.

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" Yugi's mother asked.

"Don't you worry about me!" Solomon replied. "I'm as fit as a fiddle!"

"Mom, I know I might be overreacting, but could you call up the vet that lives down the block? Something tells me that we might need her!" Yugi requested.

"But it could very dangerous if you all go down there! Promise me that you'll all be careful!"

Yugi, his Grandpa, and Téa all nodded, except for Joey, who just flashed one of his famous, confident grins. And without another word, the four of them were out the door.

It was late afternoon when Arch Seeker's demonstration and performance was over. A good amount of his equipment, supplies and weapons had already been packed up. Now he was sitting at a small table, greedily counting up how much money he had made this time.

"Not bad…not bad at all, if I do say so myself…and I DO!" he bellowed, pointing a small pistol up straight into the air, and shooting once.

That weapon was full of blanks, but Seeker enjoyed shooting it off, anyway. He loved the sounds of ammunition being shot off into the wild blue yonder…or into an animal's flesh!

"Maybe after it gets dark, I can sneak off into the zoo, and squeeze in a little extra target practice on the sleeping animals!"


Seeker dropped his money and turned his head, and saw a shaggy dog growling at him. He glared at the dog, with nothing but impatience and annoyance in his eyes.

"Whaddya YOU want, you germ-infested mutt! SCRAM!" he snapped.

But the dog kept on growling at Seeker, possibly sensing how much of a horrible man he was on the inside. Seeker sometimes had a short temper and had shot a few small, defenseless animals to death. It was more than safe to assume that he felt no remorse over it.

"I said beat it! Unless you want me to put a bullet in between your eyes, you better hit the road!"

Seeker got even more ticked off as the growling continued. He almost unconsciously and secretly reached for the spare pistol in his belt…

"You're one brave strong animal, I'll give you credit for that. So I'll give you one more warning to leave with out any UNPLEASANT consequences," Seeker said as he cocked the gun…

The dog didn't budge an inch. All that was heard was the persistent growl of the animal entering his ears.

"Don't say you didn't have your chance," the man coldly said as he pulled out the gun from hiding. "Tell me, are you familiar with the old saying…hunted and shot down like a DOG!"

The dog bravely stood its ground against this terrible, cold-blooded hunter and showed off its sharp set of teeth. Thankfully, Yugi and his friends had just arrived on the scene, just in time for-


"NOOOOOOOO!" Yugi screamed as he watched the man pulled the trigger. Joey and Solomon gasped, while Téa covered her mouth and squeezed her eyes shut and turned away from the horrible scene that had just played out.

"Apparently you don't know the first thing about discipline, you pathetic excuse for an animal! You're barely worth using my bullets on!" Seeker hissed.


That was all that Yugi yelled, not stopping to catch his breath like the others had. He ran straight to the dog, which was now on the ground whimpering a bit. He kneeled by it, getting in between the dog…and the other animal standing before it.

"Where'd you come from, kid!" Seeker asked. "Move outta the way so I can finish this miserable creature off!"

Yugi had his head turned away from the man, and made sounds which sounded like tears of sorrow. He let a few tears fall to the ground, and then turned to lock eyes with this "hunter."

"How…? HOW…how could you DO such a thing to a defenseless animal like this!"

"If you got something to say to me kid, then just SAY it, already!"

"YOU HEARTLESS MONSTER! I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS!" Yugi screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Ha! You're a feisty one, aren't you? Those are pretty BIG words coming from such SMALL prey!"

"BIG things possessing amazing talents can come in SMALL packages!" Yugi angrily shot back.

"Oh, really? Then tell that to the last batch of small animals that I've defeated! You don't even know what you're talking about!"

"HOW DARE YOU! You're disgusting! This dog didn't do anything, except maybe sense how much of an insane creep you are!"

Seeker, who had his back turned to Yugi, turned around again, menacingly brandishing his gun. Yugi's tear-filled eyes went wide, but he did his absolute best to remain firm, and gritted his teeth, despite the fear that was running through Yugi's mind.

"Is that a threat! Look at this weapon! D'you think this is a TOY or something! I should just end your misery right here and now! Look…when I hunt, I give all of those animals a fair chance to defend themselves or run away! But it's not MY fault if they aren't fast enough to escape! When they tire, they're already as good as dead! They lose the hunt, and I score an automatic victory!"

"Yeah, right!" Yugi shouted. "And then you just go back, track down some more defenseless animals, and do it again!"

"What can I say? A good hunter must acquire STRONG hounds to replace the weak ones!"

Yugi just continued to glare at Arch Seeker, while the other three he had arrived on the scene with continued to watch. But they were too paralyzed by fear to even come close.

"Look, kid…we could argue all day about this, but I'm on a tight schedule! I'm outta here!"

"You're not going anywhere!" Yugi declared.

But Arch Seeker angrily whipped around and-



Well, that marks the first chapter of my very first Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic! Another reason why this story is so violent was because I was simply trying to do something really different for a change. The next chapter will be posted soon, so there's no reason to worry too long about what shall happen to Yugi! I'll see ya next chapter!

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