"…Sameth, you have to make me a sword." Lirael finished. "You have to weave Nehima together with the bells…" Bla bla bla. "And everyone needs to have some blood on the blade."

"Right!" Sam said enthusiastically. He whipped out his sword, and hacked Lirael's pinky off.

"HEY!" Lirael said angrily, looking sorrowfully at her hand. "Why…?"

But Sam had smeared her blood on Nehima, and was off to Touchstone and Sabriel.

"Hyyyyyyyah!" He yelled, hacking Touchstone's nose off and Sabriel's foot. "I need blood!"

"Hey, what…?" Touchstone said, sounding muffled. "I don't like breathing through my mouth, I get constipated! And I don't want to be Touchstone Goldennose!"

But Sam had run off to the Clayr and sliced of her hands. He hacked away Ellimere's thumbs, and the Dog's paw (which grew back in an instant).

Sam ran up the hill and said a couple zillion master marks, and the sword was finished in record time

"Alrighty then, let's GOOOOOOOO!" he yelled, completely hyper. He raced back down the hill, and stuck the blade in the Destroyer's middle. It seemed to shrug, then there was a POOF and it disappeared.

"Oooooookay then," Sabriel commented.


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