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Summary: Meet Hyuuga Hinata: wealthy, mannered, smart, and kind. Taking up an extra-curricular activity at her school, she is required to tutor a drop-out physics class at a local high school. Meet Sabaku Gaara: quiet, disinterested, and violent. For him and his friends to stay on the school's martial arts team, they would have to go through the extent of learning with Hinata's help.

No Laws to Love: Part I: Students from Hell

She brushed a stray strand of hair that had escaped the light blue clip on the side as she hurried down the marble staircase of her high school. Her side-bag whipped behind her as she held onto a stack of books in front.

The students in front of her, moving in the opposite direction, all scooted over, leaving her all the room she needed as she sped down. The gray vest jacket and plaid black and gray skirt flapped behind her as she reared a corner quickly.

Meet Hyuuga Hinata.

All around, perfect student. Not to mention that her family owned Hyuuga Enterprises, the leading industry.

Her short cobalt blue hair, almost reaching her shoulders bounced as she walked, while the boys of Kade High School, underclassmen or upperclassmen stopped to gawk at her. Only a few were acquainted with her personally, since Hinata was not much of the type to reign as the popular queen.

"Ah! Hina-chan!" A girl with brown hair tied in two buns ran up to her, with a boy with long brown hair right behind her.

"Tenten! Neji-niisan!" She stopped short to greet her friend and cousin.

"Tomorrow is Lee-kun's welcome-back from France party, you think you can make it?"

Hinata's pale features widened in realization. How irresponsible of her! She had totally forgotten during the week!

"O-Of course I can! What time is it?"

The brown haired girl bounced in glee, "It's going to be at night. We're taking him to a restaurant. Everyone else is going to already be there! You have the address, right?"

She nodded quickly. It was somewhere on her desk, under the stack of papers she had to do for the student council.

Tenten spotted another member and took off, waving, "See you tomorrow, Hina-chan!"

Waving bye to her, Hinata turned back to face her cousin.

"Are you going home right away?"

She shook her head, "I have some tutoring work to do. I'll be back by dinner."

"Alright then." He nodded in approval and started off in Tenten's direction.

"…Now to calculate the speed of object B at this location, relative to object A at a standard position, we would use the Einstein's law of relativity to…"

A loud thwack could be heard across the room, and the teacher, a white-haired man turned around gazing tiredly at his class.

How typical…

Ignoring the noise, he turned back and resumed his lesson on the law of physics. Not long after, another thwack was heard, followed by some giggles. A thud could be heard following that measure.

Sighing, the teacher—by the name of Hatake Kakashi turned around once again and leaned his back on the old chalkboard, staring emptily at his class of delinquents.

A blond boy was bawling about a mark on his forehead. And sure enough…there was a red mark, where something hard, and heavy, like the physics book clenched in his hand, was thrown at him.

Strange though, thought the amused teacher.

Uzumaki Naruto never brought his book to class—or to school. Actually, he never brought anything except his lunch.

His gaze turned over to where the blond was glaring at—another boy with bright red hair.

If Naruto had been punished for going against school rules for bleaching his hair blond, this kid was even worse, he bleached it and then dyed it bright red.

Sabaku Gaara, his expression remained in the constant glare of death, was slowly wiping a spitball off his binder. His physics book, however, had defied all laws of gravity, where it laid on his desk, and simultaneously flew across the room, connecting with Naruto's forehead.

Using the momentum of Gaara's throw, but it would've been harder, if not for the air pressure of the cooling system blowing right above Naruto.

Yes, Gaara defied a lot of stuff.

If only they knew everything they did applied to what they're supposed to learn…

Kakashi-sensei's attention wandered over to another noise he heard in the far back corner of the room. It did not sound like a student.

Delinquent #3

As much as Kakashi-sensei could tell, the boy was trying to shove his pet dog back down his jacket to avoid being seen. Kiba.

Another noise; a loud snore could be heard right next to him.

Head down, face turned to the side, and drool coming out; Nara Shikamaru was one of the least productive people in the class. Besides from the other three listed. Kiba and Naruto can't concentrate...and Gaara just...chooses not to.

Kakashi-sensei sighed his deepest sigh and turned back to the lesson. Maybe someone somewhere in the classroom would be listening; he hoped his smallest hope.

Then he remembered! He remembered something important—very important.

"Finals are in two weeks," He drawled, hoping to catch some of their attention. A few people in the front looked up.

"To prepare, we're going to have an after-class study session everyday for the next two weeks."

Groans could be heard.

"Aw man, you gotta be kidding!" Naruto yelled from his spot.

"Yeah!" Kiba stood up from the back, "Why the heck do we need it!"

"You guys are so loud…" Muttered a voice in between the two.

Apparently, Shikamaru had woken up.

"It is optional, however, for the five people with the lowest grades in the class, it will be a requirement to attend."


Naruto and Kiba, stood up furious pointing at him, "THAT'S US!"

Kakashi-sensei smirked, "That's very perspective of you two."

Turning over, he pointed to the other three who were required to stay also, "Sabaku Gaara," A glare was sent his way. A scary one too. One that promised much agony for Kakashi-sensei for the rest of the year.

"Nara Shikamaru."

"Aww mannn…" The boy put his head back down.

"And Aburame Shino."

There was a great silence.

"Where is Aburame Shino?" Kakashi-sensei cocked an eyebrow.

A snigger could be heard from the brown haired boy with paint on his face. Kiba smirked, "He's probably off collecting butterflies again in the park."

"Anyway," Kakashi glanced at the clock, "It will start today, so if you want or are required to attend, there would be no need to leave the classroom after this. Besides, it's not me who's teaching you."

"EHH!" Naruto stood back up, "Then who is!"

Kakashi-sensei shrugged, "As much as I know, it's a student from Kade High School who's doing this for his extra-curricular activity."

"What a nerd," Gaara commented monotonously, rolling his eyes.

The bell rang on cue and the students filed out, leaving only half of the class sitting around idly.

Not bad…

Kakashi-sensei mused.

Four present decided to move into one section of the hall.

"Heh," Naruto smirked, "We'll show that goody-goody a fun time."

A dog barked as Kiba came closer, "Me and Akamaru will join you too!"

"You…brought your stupid dog with you?" Gaara deadpanned, "How dumb."

"Is not! I think it's perfectly fine!"

"Would you guys just shut up so I can sleep! Man, you all are so loud." Shikamaru rested his head again.

Ten minutes later…

"Hey! The person's late!" Kiba called out to Kakashi-sensei, who was currently engrossed in his signature book that the guys had tried countless times to swipe.

"Yeah!" Naruto agreed, "We should be let go! We're late for practice!"

The silver haired man gazed up, "If you don't pass this class, there'll be no practice for you guys to go to."

"It's still more troublesome...I'll just have to...pay attention during the exam..." Shikamaru groaned.

"…Yeah…" Gaara stood up, "I'm leaving. This is a waste of time."

He strode over to the door, his bag swung over one shoulder as he attempted to slide it open, only to meet face to face with his new instructor.

…Who was a head shorter than him…

Glowing pink and happiness with embarrassment…

The kind of Happiness where Gaara can sense pink bunnies and orange butterflies hopping and flying around in the back, with a sunny blue sky backdrop and the cheesey music playing horridly that only the music impaired could listen to.

Don't get me wrong people, Gaara is a nice and somewhat in a surprising way a happy person, however, he tries not to overdo the sunniness of his smile.

Which then acquires to that...he never smiles.

Except when he's causing someone excruciating pain.

Like that one guy from the rival highschool.

Yeah, that taught him not to call Gaara a strawberry.

Anyway, back to the story...

Wide innocent eyes staring back up at him from a pale, porcelain-like face and petite figure.

"H-Hello…Is this class B-3?"

The skirt was too short for his comfort…she was standing a bit too close for his comfort too.

For once in his life, Gaara could not make a crude comment like, 'Why don't you look at the sign up there?' But very gentlemen-like, stepped back and let her in as he returned to his seat silently.

"Ah!" Kakashi-sensei snapped his book close and sauntered up to the new girl, "Kade High said it'll be sending a tutor, they never said one so cute!"

The comment made the girl turn three shades, as her face flushed even more. Yes, getting hit on a by a hot twenty something year old teacher from a different school, could be a bit overwhelming, ne?

"She's cute, ne?" Kiba whispered to Naruto and Gaara, and somewhat to the half-awake Shikamaru.

"Ne! Kakashi-sensei, quit hitting on her and let us get to the lesson!"

The girl blushed even more.

"She's already late," Gaara stated, bored, catching her attention.

"A-Ah, I'm so sorry about that. If you wish to l-lea—" She bowed politely to him, only to be cut off by Kakashi-sensei.

"Uhm, they're required so it's okay. Come late if you have to," He winked at her.

Gaara snorted, "You're too old. Go away old man."

Hinata stared at the rude redhead as if expecting him to be assigned detention, but then changed her gaze at the chuckling instructor.

"Introduce yourself first, please," Kakashi-sensei sat down and pulled out his book once again.

She nodded, unsure as she faced the classroom, "H-Hello, my name is Hinata and I'll be your physics tutor for the next two weeks."

Interested murmurs from the male population of the class was heard…many of them approved of the tutor…or more, if I may say, the pretty plaid skirt the tutor was required to wear for her school uniform.

Kakashi smirked behind his book.

Besides…this was a delinquent class…made up mostly of guys…with the shortest amount of attention span anyone can ever achieve.

Oh, but they exceedingly concentrated on the girl though…

That's a start…

End Part I: Students from Hell

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