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No Laws to Love: Final Chapter: Hot Boys, Misunderstandings and Relationships 101

The aroma of black coffee was enough to soothe his nerves for now, as long as the redhead kept his promise. Sasuke leaned back and rubbed his temples, he hadn't gotten any sleep after the conversation. Well, it really wasn't much of a 'conversation' given that it was two unsociable people on the phone together. But it was worth it in a way.

His fingers twitched as the minutes passed. Goddamn that Sabaku. This wasn't a time to strut in late. The attention he was getting was enough for him to throw over the table and storm out of the café. Obvious glances were thrown his way, scoffing he ignored the provocations of girls who had nothing better to do but gawk.

He ran a hand through his still damp hair. Getting here on time even made him rush his morning wake-up rituals, and yet the bastard was half an hour late anyway. Sasuke was seriously considering leaving—but it was something he wanted to ask the other boy. And Hinata was enough of a reason for him to keep his ass seated and wait.

Sighing, he closed his eyes and leaned back into the chair, defeated. His misery was soon interrupted by a presence standing next to the two person table.

"Hey there," A silky voice pitched through, "Mind if I sit here?"

He cracked an eye open at the flirtatious brunette who took the initiative to sit herself down across from him.

"Why are you all alone?"

Sasuke didn't answer. Maybe she'll just get bored and leave. He hated the fact that random people would just come up and talk to him like that. It was surely a sign for him to find a girlfriend that he could glue to his side and just ward off all the evils of the world.

Opening his eyes, he reached out for his coffee to drink and the brunette only leaned forward more, giving him an eyeful of her cleavage.

"I'm not here alone," He stated icily.

He could see her eyes dart around the room looking for someone—anyone who could be looking at her.

"That seems on the contrary," She mocked him as she gave him a sly smile, "Maybe she stood you up?"

Sasuke kept his composure as he continued to sip the wake-up blend.

"What's it to you?"

She played with a strand of her hair and smiled, "Well, you know, I have the day off from work and since there's also the Festival tonight. Get my drift?"

He resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

Great. Older women.

"Not interested."

The smile faded as her mouth curved down in a pout, "You shouldn't turn someone down before even kno—"

"Fucking by time you showed up," He cut her off as a figure came into view behind her. The scowl on his face was eminent, but the other person overlooked it.

The brunette turned around to look at the newcomer. Her mouth opened slightly as she snuck a glance back at him and huffed as she stood up and left.

Gaara glared at the random woman who got off the seat and shot him a weird look.

Running a hand through his disheveled bed-hair, he ungracefully seated himself across from the disgruntled boy.

"What?" The red head snapped at the obviously pissed-off bastard. It sure wasn't his idea to wake up early and meet at some random café that he didn't even know existed.

Before Sasuke could reply, the waitress came up and interrupted him. Glaring at her, he shoved the empty cup of coffee away from him and ordered for them both.

"Two espressos, that's it."

The girl got the message and stalked off.

"I didn't want an espresso," The red head glared, "Who said you can order for me?" The wakeup call messed with his sleep schedule, making him more irritable than his usual stoic self.

Sasuke scoffed at the guts the kid had telling him that, "Who said you can just waltz in here almost an hour late?"

He glared back at the dark haired boy, "Who's idea was this in the first place?"

"Well then," Said dark haired boy retorted sarcastically, "What did you want?"

Gaara crossed his arms, "Like it matters. Let's get this over with."

On the other side, the group of girls that were previously checking him out got their stuff and proceeded towards the door. A comment could be heard from his end.

"It's always the cute ones, isn't it?" The blonde huffed.

Another girl sighed, "I wish I was a man now."

They sent a longing plea over at the table and Sasuke glared.

What the hell were they talking about?

Gaara turned around and gazed at them through hints of sleepiness and their cheeks flared up in color and the girls filed out.

You..two…The voice piped up. Gaara seriously thought it would've been asleep right then.

You two are like a fucking couple! What the hell was that argument?!

That…was not an argument. And never in hell would I ever…don't you even mention that to me again.

He really had no patience for his second "me's" opinion at this point. Gaara wanted to get this shit over, go back to sleep, and pick up Hinata later. What the hell did this idiot want from him now?

"Are you…" Sasuke paused as the coffee was placed before them, "Going out with Hinata?"

Gaara calmly reached for his cup, taking his time in answering knowing that it would irk the Uchiha more than he already was.

"What's it to you?"

The Uchiha gripped his cup tighter and glowered in the redhead's direction.

"It's a yes or no," He lowered his tone, "Don't make this more complicated than it has to be."

Gaara's conscious sniffed.

What that a threat?


Why don't you just pound it into his head this time?

I did already

No no, Gaara could be honest he heard the voice cackle, Hinata's not here to witness it…

He chose the wiser route.

"I won, didn't I?" He never liked to rub in his wins over a person, but it felt all warm and fuzzy when he received the patented Uchiha glare shot his way. Gaara and his subconscious could only smile smugly within.

The atmosphere dropped a few degrees as Gaara watched the other boy's reaction.

That scowl doesn't suit his features at all…

Are you…


Gaara inwardly blanched at his conscious' flirtatious implication at other boys.

"I'm talking about Hinata's feelings," Sasuke's tone was laced with anger.

The other boy raised an eyebrow. Hinata's feelings.

"When did you start to care about other people, Uchiha?" He provoked, "Why are you asking me?"

Now that got him interested. Why would the Uchiha go out of his way to talk to Gaara about someone else? Truth be told, Gaara wasn't exactly the brightest crayon in the 'feelings' department, but he knew the basics. And to put it simple, Gaara contained a lot more emotions than the boy across from him. Which only counts as 'anger' but that was by far more than the angst-ridden rich boy. Who's fault was it that his older brother got way more attention than he did? That dearest Sasuke-kun of half the female population was known as Itachi-kun's younger brother for the first thirteen years of his life.

Sometimes, having Temari as an older sister does have its advantages…in the gossip column, but that helped him poke and prod the other boy in sensitive subjects.

Uchiha Sasuke was talking about feelings. Now why would he ever?

She turned him down! The voice perked, more of less ecstatic about their new found information.

Don't make fun of people's misery

As much as he enjoyed winning both prizes over a pampered brat, Gaara could feel somewhat a little smug sympathy to the boy. Everyone has their bad days…too bad for him. There was no point to fighting over something that has already been lost. He'd learn that a long time ago when his parents left them.

"Give up."

Two words that slipped out of Gaara's mouth unceremoniously as he stood up abruptly, tossing a few bucks onto the table.

A pair of lips thinned into a straight line.

"Don't decide what I should do," He hated the redhead's ability to irk people.

Gaara stuck his hands into the pockets of his pants as he turned towards the door.

"I didn't decide that," Sasuke could've sworn the other boy's face flashed pity quickly but was covered up soon, "That's why, you lost even before you started."

His hands tightened around the cup as he watched the other boy leave calmly.

I lost even before I started

Leaning an elbow onto the table, he rested his head in his hand, chuckling.

He lost both the match and the girl to the same guy.

"Maa! 'Nee-chan, hold still," Hyuuga Hanabi growled, frustrated as her sister continuously twitched as the younger girl tried to curl Hinata's shoulder length locks.

Hinata blushed and stammered, "G-Gomen Hanabi…I-I'm just so nervous…"

Smirking, Hanabi added a bit of hairspray to keep the curls bouncy. Hinata's speech had been ridden with more and more stammers as the day proceeded and only Hanabi knew why. Extreme nervousness did this to her sister.

"Don't be! I think you look hot."

The older girl's cheeks flushed as she traced her finger over the hem of the knee length skirt. She wasn't as flashy as many of the girls she'd seen who decked themselves out during winter. Donning a dark blue sweater and white skirt, she pulled on the leg warmers Hanabi had insisted she buy that morning.

Her hands shook slightly.

What if he didn't come? What did he think of her in the first place? She ran away like a coward after admitting her feelings, which earned her no answer from him. Did he think she was pathetic? Was she a weak, insecure little girl?


Take a deep breath, and everything will be alright.

Then she panicked again.

What time?!

She didn't even remember what time he said he'd pick her up!

The doorbell rang from downstairs, snapping her out of her trance. Hanabi squealed in delight and took off out of the room.

"That's gotta be him!"

Her eyes widened, "H-Hanabi!" Standing up, she tried to keep up with her hyperactive sister.

Sasuke pulled the black track jacket closer to him as he gazed at the scene before him, disgusted. It was times like this where he wished that he attracted the right kind of girls. Being the total heartthrob wasn't all it puts out to be. Half the time they were clingy and whining and jealous.

The lanterns adorned the bustling street as couples stopped at the games booth laughing and hugging. His hands clenched as he watched the guy in front of him put an arm around his girlfriend.

Nothing comes easy.

Sighing in defeat, he might as well go take a look around before stomping home in a tantrum.

Games and shops were open, with the promoters ushering people in for food and drinks. Maybe he'll just sit down and…mope.

No…not mope. His eyebrow twitched at the descriptive word. He was not moping. Just…very dejected.

A blonde blur bumped into him and bounced backwards. Quickly grabbing the girl, he stopped her fall only to be greeted by a loud voice.

"YOU!" Her random accusation startled him and he let go, leaving the girl slamming backwards onto the ground.

Blonde hair, blue eyes and extremely loud. Where had he seen her before? Oh yeah…

In a huff she picked herself up and sniffed a command at him.

"Apologize for dropping me!"

Her hands were placed on her hips as she tapped her foot in a demanding manner.

Turning away he scoffed, "You ran into me first."

Her mouth opened and she retorted angrily back at him, "Hey! It's not my problem you were sulking in the middle of the street, Uchiha Sasuke!" She pointed an accusing finger at him.

His eyes snapped back at her, "I was not sulking."

She blew a strand of hair that caught over her eye, "Whatever, you pompous jerk."

Sasuke, to say the least, had never been so angry in his life with a girl. Maybe it was the situation he was under. Starting the day out meeting Gaara didn't do so well with his mood for the rest of the un-expecting community that came afterwards. But whatever it was, this girl seriously irked him with her attitude. She was just so…argh

Maybe he was just feeling under the weather, but in two months, two girls had been able to get under his skin and annoy him this much.

He grabbed her arm and lowered his voice menacingly, "Look here, Sabaku's friend, it's none of your business. Why don't you just go and…just go away!"

She jerked out of his grip, "Hey, just because you got turned down doesn't mean you go take it out on bystanders."

Sasuke stood still in front of the girl. How did she know?

"What…What did you say?"

Fixing her sleeve she answered, quite miffed at his reaction.

"Used to always getting what you want? I'm glad Hinata-chan picked Gaara," She glared at him, "You're just a spoiled brat who stomps his feet and screams when he doesn't get what he wants."

His eyes narrowed at her assertion, "You don't know anything about it," He hissed.

"More than you do," She crossed her arms "Rejection's a painful thing, isn't it?"

"Shut up," He wanted nothing more to do with the conversation.

"You know," She paused as she studied his face, "It's better if you actually talk about it then going around trampling people."

Sasuke snorted at her pitiful attempt at giving him advice. Who the hell was he supposed to talk to? Itachi? The guy had his own problems chasing around a girl he had ditched years ago. Haku? Knowing that overly feminine boy…he'd just say something about Sasuke having an attraction to Gaara than Hinata in the first place.

"And like anyone cares," He muttered.

"Maybe if you quit acting like there's a constant stick up your ass, you'll actually have people to talk to," She stepped to the side to continue her trek.

"You talked to me."

She paused, turning around to face him again, "That's because…You looked lost and lonely."

He frowned, "And you're what? A community service worker?"

The blonde shrugged, "See, here you go again. That's your problem." She turned back and started walking again.

Sasuke sighed. What the hell was going on now?


He ran after her and grabbed her shoulder, startling the blonde.

"What was that for?!"

Letting out a deep breath, he stuck his freezing hands into his pockets, "Where are you going now?"

She raised a finely arched eyebrow, "Meeting some people. Wanna come?"

Leaving all dignity aside, he nodded and mustered up a "Yeah."

The girl grinned at him, offering her hand, "I'm Yamanaka Ino. Nice to meet you Uchiha Sasuke!"

He grunted in reply and shook her hand quickly and followed the blonde down the streets. It wasn't too bad being in company of others. Maybe this meant for him to finally change. Sasuke glanced over at the blonde who was chatting incessantly about the people he was going to meet.

Ino shot a look at the quiet boy beside her and grinned. Hinata really had a way with unsociable people to actually snap the handsome Uchiha. Then again, Ino prided herself in putting together the most unusual group of friends. It started out with her face-planting a few kids who were making fun of Naruto when they were younger, to when both blondes pestered the lazy genius to tutor them so they could pass their high school entrance exams…to the violent redhead that had been sitting outside in the rain. All in all, Ino just had a knack for finding people.

I guess I found myself another stray puppy

"What the hell are you doing here?!"

Both siblings froze on their spot on the stairs as they peered over to the front door where Neji had it propped open and a familiar redhead could be seen.

Hanabi turned to her sister.

Oh shit. She mouthed to a frantic Hinata.

"Is Hyuuga Hinata home?" Gaara blinked at the obtrusive boy before him.

Oh great. Great timing Gaara

"And who are you?" Neji narrowed his eyes at the same sight again. What is it with Hinata and attracting strange emo boys? First off it was the Uchiha…then this. And as far as Neji was concerned, he was a public school brat and nothing compared to Hinata's prestigious status.

The redhead didn't answer, but instead engaged in a heated staring contest with the older boy.

"A-Ah…Gaara-kun…" A meek voice behind the long haired boy interrupted them.

Neji turned around…and blinked. His little cousin was…all dolled up for the first time in his life. The boy standing behind him coughed slightly which only made the girl flush an incredible shade of red as she played with the hem of her sweater.

"Hina…Hinata…?" Neji coughed as a replica of her snickered behind Hinata.

"So, what'd you guys think of Hinata-neechan?" Hanabi purposely winked at the coloring redhead behind her cousin.

For once in his life, Neji was speechless.

On the other hand, Gaara managed a few coherent words.

Alright Gaa-chan, let's take this slowly. "You." Can you say that?

"Y-You…" His mouth processed the words his subconscious rallied out on its own.

"Look…" You can say it. It cackled, taking in pleasure of its host's inability to compliment.

"…look…" Gaara couldn't tell which was more visible, his grimace or the fact his face was matching his hair.

"…nice…" The last word came out more like a cough than speech, but the girl who was used to speaking in such manners caught the word and her face flushed an equal shade to his hair.

Hinata tightened her grip on her sweater as she forced the words out. He…had complimented her!

"T-T-Tha-Thank y-you," She squeaked, visibly wincing at how her voice sounded.

Then the awkward silence settled in as Neji still stood, stunned between Hinata and Gaara until Hanabi coughed.

"Uh, Neji-nii…I think…Isn't it time to call Tenten?"

Neji blinked and then turned around to glare at the redhead before shuffling away from them. Once he was out of sight, Hanabi took the initiative to shove her sister in the direction of Gaara outside.


"Have fun, neesan!" The door slammed forcefully as Gaara clumsily caught the flying girl.

Hinata's face planted itself snugly into Gaara's chest as he wrapped his arms around her uncomfortably as she tried to regain balance, the bag in his hand flapping at her backside.

"Oomf!" She managed to step on his foot, smear her lip-gloss on his track jacket, and ram the top of her head into his nose. But at the same time, it felt nice to have his arms awkwardly circling her tiny frame.

Her slender fingers gripped the side of his jacket as she steadied herself, aware of his arms that still hung around her waist.

"G-Gomen, G-Gaara-kun!" She blushed as her right hand came up to the smudge on his black track and tried to clean the glossy imprint it left.

His arms left her side and immediately she missed the warmth, but said nothing as he pulled away to fix the smudge himself.

"It's okay," He stated as he shooed her hovering hand away.

Hinata blinked, "B-But I-I…I r-ruined y-y-your…"

He raised an eyebrow as he stuck his face closer to her face, "Do I make you that nervous?"

The blood rushed up to her face once again as she stammered an incoherent answer.

"N-No" She lied, her eyes darting, she was nervous as hell, "I-it's…I-I'm j-just…"

He smirked at her obvious answer. Gaara was prepared for this, as Ino had briefed him on how to manage shy, delicate girls like her. He couldn't simply state it as uncaring as Shikamaru did to Ino—which earned the lazy boy a fist to face before their first date.

"Hinata," He took a deep breath, "Uhm…when you said…"

She paused in her momentarily hyperventilating, giving him her full attention.


This was harder than he thought—putting it into words.

His subconscious picked that exact moment to bust into song, much to Gaara's discretion.

Want me, Want me…like how I want you, want you


As much as he could remember from Ino, that wasn't a way to approach it either.

"…that…uhm liking me…"

Hinata was definitely on pins, listening to every word in his broken speech. This was her moment.

"Well, uh, I…uh…" He paused as he stared at her, unblinkingly. She stared back with the same intensity for once, meeting his gaze with confidence that she didn't have earlier.

Her hair was curled slightly, with pieces framing her pale, delicate features that were enhanced by her milky lavender eyes. The dark blue sweater dipped down, exposing the shoulders and top part of her white button-up blouse. Not to mention that cute white skirt and navy blue leg warmers she was wearing.

"Uh…" Words lost him at that moment, and he did what the first thing he could think of.

"H-Huh, ah?" Hinata backed up slight as a light blue bag that Gaara had been holding behind him was thrust in her face.

Cautiously, she reached for the bag, "M-Me?"

He grunted in response, obviously kicking himself for the loss in words earlier.

Digging into the small bag, she pulled out a Prussian blue scarf. Her mouth pulled into an 'O' as she felt the soft, light material.

Who knew Gaara had such good taste?

"T-Thank you, Gaara-kun!" She beamed in response to the present. Looping the bag around her arm, she arranged the scarf around her neck, admiring the handiwork.

Raising her left hand tentatively, she reached and held onto the pocket of his track jacket, moving closer to the obviously blushing boy.

"I-I li-like you a-a lot," She stammered, heat rising on her cheeks.

He took a deep breath. If she could say it, he could too. Besides, what was so hard when you know the other person already liked you? Then again, this was Gaara's first mutual attraction to anyone. The words…just didn't come out right because he was nervous…it was more on the basis that he didn't have any experience in this before.

Gaara had always been that scary loner kid that everyone avoided. He was always angry and hard to talk to—until he met the two loud blonds. Ino was the first one to get past his temperamental exterior, matching fire with fire. Yet, she didn't affect him like how Hinata did in a subtle way.

Leaning down slightly so that they were face to face, "I…like you too." His face showed no other emotion, but the blush was eminent on his pale features.

Hinata flushed, pleased with his answer—and secretly with his close proximity. Maybe…

His hand reached up, patting her on the head much to her dismay as he smirked.

"So don't be so nervous," He pulled himself closer.

She nodded vigorously as his face came closer. Her stomach was doing flips as she could've sworn he could her heart beat. The way he was hanging over her, it was all too tantalizing to the girl who've barely had any contact with the opposite sex.

This is it, Hinata!

In excitement, she accidentally jerked her head, throwing him off balance, and his lips…brushed against the tip of her nose.

For a second she saw him smirk as he turned around, his hand still resting on her head and draped across her shoulders as he pulled her closer to him.

"Let's go."

She couldn't help but giggle, "A-Alright."

The corners of his mouth turned down, "Don't stutter so much."

Hinata blinked, "…I'm…sorry…"

"Quit apologizing too."

"Ah…" She paused, staying quiet this time, her cheeks pink as she clung onto the side of his jacket.

"I wasn't being mean," He corrected himself, pulling her closer to keep the warmth, "Just don't let people walk all over you." Gaara was referring to Uchiha. But then, that was settled for.

That clicked in her head, the same conversation from the second time he had offered to walk her home. She turned her head slightly to gaze up at his face, smiling to herself, as she took a deep breath.

"That's why I have…you…right?" Not stuttering once.

Hinata could see a slight up-curve of his thin lips as he answered her. To her, he talked too much. But it wasn't a bad thing. Maybe it was time to change.


They were going to need a lot of work.

But happiness was simple, and that was all they needed.

"Yo! Gaara!" A blond boy waved at his friend enthusiastically. Behind him a brown haired boy snorted, waggling his eyebrows at the incoming couple, adding a few wolf whistles along with it.

The girl latched on Gaara with a deathgrip from nervousness blushed as she greeted them slowly, but to Gaara's surprise, not stuttering once.

Reaching the last person, she hesitated slightly, but the nonchalant façade he held instead of his usual scowl calmed her nerves slightly.


She received a curt by more than usual friendly nod from him.

Not letting the time run for any awkward silences, Ino grabbed the boy beside and grinned.

"Let's go! There's food I want to eat and toys I want Shikamaru to win for me!" And earned a groan from said boy. Naruto and Kiba quickly agreed with 'food' and ran ahead, claiming there was a nice Ramen bar somewhere down the street.

Hinata nodded with the proposal and fell in step beside Gaara and Shino while Sasuke padded silently behind them. She glanced at the indifferent boy beside her, biting her lip about the guilt for the boy behind her. What was she to do? She made her choice, and it felt right—it felt more than just right. But darn her soft heart!

"Gaara-kun…?" She whispered quietly but he heard her and nodded, knowing exactly what she meant to say.

"Go ahead," It was within Hinata's nature to be nice and sympathetic, even to those who mistreated her in the past. And he understood it well enough to let her have her way with things. The Uchiha knew well enough what was off limits and Gaara had no doubt with that.

She gave him a reassuring smile as she slowed down her pace to be with the dark haired boy.

Sasuke blinked at the girl hesitantly walking beside him, biting her lip in anticipation.

"Sasuke-san…?" Her meek voice lost its stutter as she glanced at him from the corner of her eye.

He stuck his hands in his pockets and grunted in reply. There was no use being mean to her. She didn't deserve his icy retorts, and even if he did out of dejection—there was going to be a lot of ass kicking. Namely his.

"I'm sorry…" She mumbled under her breath, "I'm…I'm sorry about—"

"No need," He cut her off, understanding her drift in conversation. As much as he was grateful she met him to face and said it—it hurt a little to be reminded of it.

"So…uhm…" Hinata didn't really know how to patch things up, but she couldn't let the boy hang himself in defeat, "Can we still be friends…? Like…when we were…younger?"

Sasuke blinked and stared at her.

S-She knows?

"I…I found some pictures…"

He couldn't help but smirk. Friends. When was the last time he had heard that word? And here, the girl was saying it loosely to him. But it might be nice for a change. A late new year's resolution wouldn't harm.

"Yeah," He watched his breath the cold air, "Friends…"

She beamed him a gracious smile—a smile that deep down inside, he still wished was his to keep.

"We…should catch up with them," Hinata signaled to the group that was already way ahead of them in the trek through the crowded streets.

They sped up, almost reaching the red haired boy and Ino when Gaara suddenly turned around and stared at her.

Hinata jumped slightly from his fast reaction as he blinked at her in confusion before asking.

"Do you like fish?"

She coughed, "Wha…?"

Did he mean…?

"I…guess fish for dinner is fine…" Hinata cocked her head to side as his eyebrow rose at her answer. Beside him Kiba dropped his dog and coughed while Naruto blinked before snickering. She didn't understand why her answer was so amusing to the two loud boys beside Gaara.

Thankfully Ino was there.

The blonde girl popped out from behind the four tall guys, waving a small plastic bag.

"Loook Hinata-chan!" She flounced over to the two dark haired teens, "It's so cute!" The bag suffered severe whiplash on its way there as she continued to wave it in the air. Hinata's eyes widened as she realized what it was.


Sasuke beside her could only cough at the blonde's stupidity.

"Maa, Ino," A the brown haired genius stepped out, holding onto a net, "Don't wave it like that. You're going to kill it." He pulled out his wallet, muttering to himself, "It's going to die and then she's going to want another one. How troublesome."

Standing beside him, Gaara glanced at the tank, "I don't think these taste too well," He commented ruefully, oblivious to the fact that Hinata thought he was talking about something else.

She blushed and shook her head, "No, it's fine. Let's go get some ramen."

Ino bounced right in step beside her, "And let's go on the Ferris wheel after!"

Hinata shot a look at Gaara who was holding onto Ino's goldfish and smiled. Ferris wheel it is.

"Gaara-kun?" She tugged playfully on his jacket, raising her head to his chin level. They were seated alone at the top in groups of two. The downtown was decorated in multiple colored lanterns as the breezes made them flicker like fireflies during the summer. He was leaning against the window, her beside him as their fingers entwined secretly.


As soon as he turned his head towards her, Hinata leaned over, raising her head to bring her lips to his. His body stiffened for a moment, but relaxed soon enough to pull her in and deepen the initiated kiss. Awkward first-times as their noses touched, making him turn slightly. Their lips moved in an unsynchronized rhythm, both trying to grasp the works of kissing. Small, soft lips clumsily massaged over a thinner pair as his head dipped down to ease her height difference. Hesitantly, his tongue lined her lips before meeting hers.

Separating, faces flushed, his arm dropped down to her waist as he pressed his forehead against hers.

"You're…a special one, Hinata," He couldn't help but smirk at the blushing girl clinging onto him.

End: No Laws to Love: Final Chapter: Hot Boys, Misunderstandings and Relationships 101

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