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A/N: This is my second Sailor Moon fanfic. The chapters are supposed to be kind of short, in case you were wondering.

Chapter 1

Drafted and Deployed

"What the heck? What is this?" Mamoru said, getting the mail.

"It appears you're being drafted. And now do you see why I didn't want to move to America?" I said. My name is Usagi Tsukino. I am 18, with blond hair and blue eyes. Mamoru (Mamoru Chiba) is 21 with black hair and deep blue eyes. But enough about us, on with the story.

"Yes, now I get it. But I can't get around it. I'll just have to go," Mamoru replied.

"Oh, Mamoru, silly. There are ways of getting around it. We can move back to Tokyo," I suggested.

"I deploy tomorrow. Wouldn't work," he replied.

"We could… I know! We could just ignore it, I mean, if you don't go…" I said.

"I get in deep trouble with the law. You realize that could mean jail time, right?" Mamoru finished.

"That's better than you getting killed in some war, though," I said.

"Years of jail time is better?" Mamoru said. "I'd rather be dead than living without you that long."

"Aww…" the Sailor Scouts chorused from the doorway.