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Chapter 3

Is He Alright?

The next day, I got a call.

"Ma'am, are you Usagi Tsukino?" the man on the other end said.

"yes. Oh, god. Is it Mamoru? Is he ok? He's alive, right? Oh, please don't tell me my dear Mamoru is dead. He can't be," I said, worried beyond worrying.

"Don't worry ma'am. He's alive, but he might not make it. We're shipping him and the other injured home on a medical ship."

"What do you mean, he might not make it?" I asked, even more worried.

"He's badly injured, and in a coma. He isn't doing so well."

"N-no…" I said. "Not Mamoru… He has to live…"

"Ma'am, there is a chance he'll survive. Though it may be a slim one, I've seen it happen before, and all it took was prayer and the miracles of medicine. I have other people to call. I'll pray for Mamoru. He and I met once, you know. Just before the ship left. He's a good man, I could tell in an instant. Good-bye, and don't worry too much."

As I hung up the phone, the tears just flowed like a river. I couldn't stop them, no matter how hard I tried. 'He might not make it'. Those words stuck in my mind. Why? Why Mamoru? It's just not fair. I sobbed, sniffled, and stuck a tape in the VCR. It was one of when I was sixteen. Two years after I met Mamoru. We were at Minako's birthday party. Rei was videotaping it. Those were wonderful times. Now, Mamoru isn't even here to comfort me when I need it most. I miss him, and I'm afraid he'll never be here again.

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