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Delicious Revenge--- Chapter I --- The La/-/er

Sequel to Misconceptions

The Nigglings of Rumors

It was a pleasant day in Konoha. As the people mingled in the streets, birds chirped and leaves rustled. A slightly cool breeze blew through the nooks and crannies of the village, banishing most of the oppressive heat that threatened to settle upon the town. Varying voices cried out through the streets, creating a nice blending of sounds along with the other sensations felt that day.

Shops opened up cheerfully, students went to their respective schools, parents went off to their jobs and those not belonging in the aforementioned categories did their own little peaceful things. But through it all, rumors flew from mouth to mouth, ear to ear, person to person, building to building. The rumor that was to set the style of the events of the village for the next few months.

It had all started the day before - yes, the day before. For today was the dawning of a new morning and for two unsuspecting teenagers, a new nightmare.

If one was to start at the very beginning of this peculiar tale, one would have to start at the moment two teenage eavesdroppers - named Yamanaka Ino and Inuzuka Kiba - managed to somehow safely leave the residence of one Uzumaki Naruto, one of the boys previously mentioned to be waking up to a nightmare- or so it will seem anyway.

Continuing the story, we shall follow the proceedings of the teenagers - or rather, the female teenager, Ino; as the boy, Kiba, promptly went back to his house to think long and deep.

The mentioned girl, Ino, immediately left for the houses of two particular girls, Haruno Sakura and Hyuuga Hinata, the presidents of the Sasuke fan club and Naruto fan club respectively. Upon her arrival to the Haruno house she - without any words - dragged out the pink haired teenager and proceeded to lead the girl to a clearing near by. After leaving strict orders and pleas not to leave, Ino left the girl in confusion in search of their other, shyer partner.

Successfully leading the blank-eyed girl to the clearing, Ino immediately sat the two in front of her and began to haltingly speak.

Before she began, the two sitting teenagers had already formed their own thoughts. Two facts both of them observed caused them to panic.

(1) The presidents of the Sasuke and Naruto fan clubs were present. Including the only girl who didn't hold an interest in the two boys. (1)

(2) They were in the clearing that the two fanclubs had designated as the meeting point for when issues came up that involved both teenagers. After all, they were rivals/best friends.

And so, they panicked, thinking that (a) they were injured on a mission the two were sent on, completely ignoring the fact that they would've known if there was a mission and there wasn't or (b) The two of them finally managed to beat up and seriously injure each other.

What they really heard, totally and completely shocked and stumped them.

"Now, before I start telling you the reason why I dragged the two of you out here, I want you to promise me something."

Ino began speaking with caution. While she knew Hinata was not prone to negative emotions, what she was about to tell them would still affect the shy-but-getting-bolder girl.

Sakura, on the other hand, was a completely different story. She was a spontaneous girl, especially with the presence of Inner Sakura, but there was little to no doubt that she was vocal about her opinions. She was particularly vocal when the topic was related to Uchiha Sasuke.

So, knowing this, Ino was determined to have Sakura do one thing. Which was to stay and listen to the whole story and then run her energy out at this spot. Ino didn't want the chance of Sakura storming out and ruining what seemed to be Naruto and Sasuke's budding romance.

"I want the two of you to stay and listen. I don't care what your initial reactions are, but I don't want the risk of the two of you ruining anything."

Ino said all of this quite strictly, wanting the two presidents to listen to her seriously.

Curious at the words spoken, the two infatuated girls nodded and gave their word on the honor of their kunoichi-hood.

Deeming it good enough for her, Ino began to tell her tale. The condensed version is: "I heard Naruto-kun and Sasuke-kun having sex and I am led to believe that they are in a relationship." The full, long story can be found in this story's prequel, Misconceptions.

Now, those who were there with her, namely Kiba and the readers of the prequel, would be urged to disagree with the second part of her statement.

For to Kiba, while it was quite obvious that they were having sex, there was no indication that they were dating. In fact, if one thought about their words, it was almost definite that it was their first time. And looking deeper into their words, it seemed more like Sasuke was doing Naruto a favor.

But Kiba was not there, only Ino. And as such, the rumor of their relationship was now set. After all, such vital information of their two boys would have to be told to the boys' fan club and thus, would not and could not be kept quiet.

So as Ino finished her story-telling, the two girls could only sit in shock before bursting in movement. Well, Sakura had burst. Hinata merely raised a hand to her heart and quietly, rather solemnly said, "As long as Naruto-kun's happy, I am as well."

This reaction was only noted by Ino, who smiled fondly at the sweet and mature girl, before turning to the not-quite-as-mature girl.

The aforementioned girl, Sakura, was now in the process of trying to wear a hole on the ground which she paced on.

"There's no way... how could he... But it's Naruto-kun! I mean... Naruto! Couldn't he have picked a better guy if he was going to be gay? And Naruto-kun! How in the world could he gay? He's always talking about... Oh my god. I can't believe they're gay together."

And so it continued on, Sakura ranting to herself not so quietly while both Ino and Hinata watched her with caution.

Hinata now understood why Ino wanted them to stay. Particularly Sakura. It was obvious that Naruto and Sasuke's relationship had started not too long ago. After all, surely they would've known if it had gone on for some time. And as such they would not need a ranting girl to interrupt them.

Finally, Sakura sat down with a huff at her original position. For a few moments the three girls gathered their thoughts. Silence reigned at the clearing. The trees rustled their leaves; some turning yellow, others orange. A cool breeze blew through once again. Cries of children having fun played through the senses of the three girls.

And then, suddenly, it seemed that a thought hit all three girls at once.

For the pink-haired, dark-haired and light-haired one's eyes all met at some point. A glaze fell over their eyes. And thoughts seemed to run through their mind at lightening speed.

For moments, the three simply sat there thinking, thinking, thinking.

Then, at long last, one of them spoke.

"Guys... do you know what this means?"

Slow nods went through the tiny group.

A muffled shriek sounded out from one of them, suspected to be the dark haired one, though no one will believe it, before another spoke with passion.

"The two most sought after boys in our town has gotten together. One of them, the sexiest and prettiest we've seen since forever and the other who grew to be hot and handsome. Together. As in hot kinky sex and even hotter kisses. To-get-her."

One of them fanned herself at the thought. "Don't forget the contrast between the two of them."

"Oh yeah," the third yet to speak said, "The dark hair and that smooth pale skin next to that shock of silky blond hair and tanned dark skin. God, it's like dark meets light."

And simultaneously, "That. Is. So. Hot."

"And if you think about it, isn't it so cute too?"

"Uh-hmm, the two had been rivals and then friends for so long. And now that they've gotten together... It's like a romance novel."

"And the two of them always cared for each other so much. Taking care of each other, helping each other with their wounds." Hinata sighed, "it's amazing they hadn't gotten together sooner."

"That's true, " Sakura nodded, "Whenever I was with those two, all they seemed to care about was beating each other, but then they'll go and save the other, or help them so that they wouldn't get hurt. And then when one of them did get hurt, the other would yell at him and then take care of the wound."

"It's a miracle we didn't notice this sooner. I mean, I have an excuse, but the two of you are the presidents of their fan club!" Ino said this with an inquiring voice and a teasing tone.

Sakura pouted, "Well, you can't really expect us to look for things like these. I mean, we thought they were just rivals and then good friends. They never said anything to us."

Quietly, Hinata said, "Naruto-kun never seemed any different. It would've been hard to tell the difference."

"But now that I look back at it--" The two presidents looked at each other as they started their sentences.

"It seems so right," was Hinata's ending.

"It seems so obvious," was Sakura's ending.

A bit amused by the two's reactions, Ino snapped her fingers before replying, "It's great that you've accepted this so readily, but we still need to tell your vice presidents and the rest of the fan club. We can't leave the two of them without support. It's probably the reason why they've kept this from us."

The two girls nodded before Sakura spoke up, "We can go to my vice-president first. He should be at his house at this time and it's pretty close."

"Alright, let's go."

The three teenagers got up, eager to tell everybody the wonderful news. There were reasons as to why the two boys had fan clubs. Besides the fact that they were undeniably good looking in their own style, they all saw the way that those two seemed to be lonely. And while some people would be disappointed that they were now taken, everyone in the fan clubs would be glad that the two boys had finally found someone, even if it was each other. Or maybe, perhaps especially because it was the other.


"How's Kenichi-kun doing anyway?" Ino asked Sakura with a curious look on her face, "I haven't seen him in a while."

"Oh, he's training for the Jounin exams. It's his first time, and he wanted to leave for a little while to train alone. He's supposed to have been back yesterday."

"How did you choose him as a vice-president, Sakura-chan?"

"Well, I had to choose a guy, since there was a substantial amount of guys in Sasuke-kun's fanclub. And I chose Kenichi-kun because he was a nice guy, responsible and he genuinely liked Sasuke, at least, as far as I can tell. Why did you ask Hinata?"

Hinata took note of what Sakura said before answering, "Ah, well... I'm not too sure, but I don't think I or most of the fan club picked the right person to be our vice-president."

"Oh yeah, you have a lot of people in your club now, right? That's why you needed a new vice-president?" Sakura asked in curiosity.

"Yes, it was getting hard to manage everything, but..." Hinata hesitated, she was never a person to point out other's errors, however, this girl...

"Hmm, we'll meet her in a little while, we'll see then." Being presidents of the two fan clubs caused the two girls to become close and along with Ino, they formed a tight-knit group that could talk about anything and everything under the sky. As such, Sakura became worried about her friend and was determined to help the girl out if it was needed.

"Oh, we're here. I'll ask him to come out." Sakura ran up to the door of the house the group stopped in front of. It was a quaint house, two stories high and with a neat front lawn. She knocked on the door and waited impatiently for an answer.

The door finally opened to reveal a man in his early twenties. His shock of red hair was quite easily his most noticeable attribute, before moving down and seeing the striking features of the man. Narrow, almost almond-shaped eyes, the color of a thin cloud stretched over a dark blue sky and cheekbones prominent on the face, combined with an elegant nose and a full mouth created the face of a quite handsome man.

"Ah! Sakura-chan!" the red-haired man opened the door wider, revealing a bare sculpted chest void of a shirt, but definitely sporting a six-pack. "What are you doing here?"

"Kyou-kun! Ah..." Sakura was struck speechless at the naked chest in front of her.

Chuckling, the man now named Kyou, turned and shouted into the house, "Kenichi! Your president is here!"

From behind him, another young man, seeming to be around the age of 20, walked up to the door, ducked under the man's arm and rested his back against the man's chest. Smiling, Kyou wrapped his arms around Kenichi, seeming to be rather content to have him in his arms.

"Sakura-chan? What's up?" Kenichi asked the girl in front of him. He perked up an eyebrow when she continued to stare at the two, for Kenichi had also came out shirtless.

Exasperated by her lack of response, Ino walked up to the door and slapped Sakura up the head. "Concentrate here, Sakura!"

Shaking her head, she cleared her throat before finally speaking, "Kenichi-kun, I came here on club business, there is something we wish to inform you."

"Oh?" Now looking interested, he stood straight up, releasing Kyou's embrace, "Do you guys want to come in?"

Before Sakura could answer with an affirmative, Ino smoothly said, "If it's okay with you, we're running a bit out of time, so if you could just step outside for a moment we would greatly appreciate it."

Shrugging slightly, Kenichi planted a kiss on the man behind him and shoved him back into the house before closing the door.

"What?" He looked at the pair's bewildered face before dismissing it. "So, what's going on?"

The two girls took a while to get over the sight of Kenichi shoving his boyfriend into the house, but with a determined resolve, the two shoved the image out and concentrated on the matter at hand.

"We just wanted to inform you that we have strong reason to believe that Naruto and Sasuke are in a... intimate relationship. And we hope that you will continue to support the two."

"Sasuke? Dating Naruto? Huh... that's interesting. Wish I knew he was gay..."

Sakura and Ino merely stood there patiently... or not. "So yeah, we just wanted to tell you that."

"Hmm..." Kenichi continued to think before letting out a soft, "Ah..."

The two girls looked at him weirdly, "Uh... Kenichi-kun?"

"Oh, sorry, just thinking about how they would look like. It's pretty hot yet at the same time, kinda cute." Shaking his head, Kenichi smiled brightly and looked at the girls, "Is that all?"

"Yup. We just wanted to make sure that nobody decides to do something to Sasuke or Naruto with their new relationship. We wanted to have your support."

He nodded, understanding their mission, "So, can I tell Kyou?"

Ino answered this time, "You can tell anyone you want, as long as they would be supportive of them. We want to make sure the two don't have troubles at this fragile time."

Kenichi turned to open the door, "Don't worry about it. I'll help those two out. So I guess I'll see you at the next meeting, Sakura-chan?"

Curious at his apparent anxiousness to leave, she merely nodded and received a quick "Bye" and the closing of a door.

Wondering at his behavior, but also feeling the sun set, Ino pulled Sakura towards the waiting Hinata, "Come on, if we hurry, we can get to Hinata's vice-president, tell her and be home by dinner. I told my mom I'd be back soon. This isn't soon."

Distracted by Ino's hurrying, the three left, never knowing that Kenichi had went back into his house with the intention of ravishing his boyfriend. The image of the Sasuke and Naruto dating and doing other... stuff demanded a reaction and a reaction it received.


Racing against time, the three kunoichi rushed towards the house of Hinata's vice-president. Due to their rush, Sakura was unable to question Hinata and Hinata began to become more and more anxious as they neared their destination.

Leading the others, Hinata sprinted through a small forest before breaking off to reveal a large and humongous house. Seeming to cover almost miles of ground the house gave a looming and threatening shadow, one that caused the three girls to feel rather unsettled.

'If this is what her house is like, I'm afraid to think of what the girl is like.' This thought ran through Sakura's head, making her feel sympathetic towards Hinata. Her sympathies would turn into anger in moments.

Reaching to the door after what seemed like hours, Hinata raised the knocker and allowed it to fall heavily. The lion knocker banged against the bronze backdrop, creating a low hollow thud that echoed in what seemed to be a rather empty house. Within moments, the door was opened to present a butler that seemed to be in his mid-twenties.

Holding a haughty look on his face, he almost sneered at the sight of the three before asking, "Yes, ladies, may I help you?"

Trying to gather up her courage, Hinata started to speak before faltering. Seeing this, Sakura said loudly, yet politely that she would like to see the mistress of the house. And if she asked, that the president to her vice-presidency would like to meet her.

Giving her a simple "Hmm" that spoke volumes of scorn, he told them to wait before closing the door on their faces.

Suppressing that indignant gasp that wanted so much to come out, Sakura glared at the door before turning to Hinata.

"Remember what the two of us taught you Hinata. Do. Not. Back. Down." Ino nodded along with Sakura's statement, while Hinata gave a timid affirmative.

Before more pep talk could be administered, the door opened once again to reveal a girl in her teens. While one could not call this girl beautiful, nor pretty, one could not also not call her ugly. She was just rather... plain.

But she was definitely not ordinary for when she opened her mouth to speak, there was almost immediately a feeling of hatred rising through the two girls who had yet to meet her. "Hum, what are you doing here?"

The stress pushed onto 'you' indicated that she thought them beneath her and had no wish to conceal it. The light haired kunoichi refrained from reaching for their waiting kunai, just barely.

Seeing this, Hinata immediately spoke up, "We simply wished to inform you that Sasuke-kun and Naruto-kun are going out and we wish for you to show your support."

There was a moment of silence before a screech was emitted. Almost thinking that it was an animal who created such a sound Sakura and Ino's reached for their pouches before realizing that the sound had come from the girl in from to them. Silently laughing, the two girls decided to walk a distance before quietly vocalizing their reaction.

Releasing their laughs, the two returned to the sight of the nasty little girl practically yelling at Hinata. And while Hinata did not stand up for herself, she did not cower as she would have done years before. She only stood firm, letting the girl's words wash over her.

Walking close enough to hear the girl's rant, they found that it was a much harsher version of Sakura's initial reaction.

"...that Naruto would go out with that pretty boy! Naruto belongs to me! Even if he didn't, it's disgusting to think that he is gay. There is absolutely no way! I refuse to be the vice-president of a club dedicated to that piece of--"

The girl was cut off as both Sakura and Ino lunged at her. Sakura sat on her stomach as Ino held her hands.

Sakura spoke softly with a hint of threat, "Excuse me little miss, but what were you about to call Naruto-kun?"

Being the stereotypical rich, dumb, and spoiled girl that others have tried to stop portraying, she was unable to hear the threat in Sakura's voice and thus continued, "I was about to call Naruto a disgusting piece of filth who doesn't deserve my--"


Sakura and Ino looked up, shocked at the sound of the slap. Hinata stood above them, breathing hard in anger.

"I don't care how you have acted in the past, but to insult Naruto-kun when he is the greatest boy out there..." She trailed of, seeming to be too furious to speak.

Ino continued where she had stopped, "Naruto-kun is the kindest boy you'll ever meet and for you to call him filth shows only that you are filth. I would've understood if you didn't accept their relationship, but to degrade Naruto-kun like that is complete bull."

"If we ever see you, or hear you speak of Naruto like this again, we will come after you. And the same goes for Sasuke. You have absolutely no right to say what you have said. Regardless of who he dates, Naruto-kun is Naruto-kun," Sakura started to calm, "And if you truly liked him, you would've seen that."

The girls backed off of the one on the floor. Although she maintained a look of contempt and superiority, the three kunoichi saw the gaze of fear in her eyes.

Restraining their urges to slap the girl more, the three left the house quickly, hoping to blow off some steam.

"The nerve of that girl..." Sakura started.

"Completely ridiculous." Ino added.

"I can't believe I didn't see this." Hinata said softly.

"Don't worry about it Hinata, you were worried about her in the beginning, you were just proved right. She's not worth the effort." Ino reassured her, knowing that Hinata would take the words of the girl too seriously and blame herself for picking such a vice-president.

"Listen to her Hinata," Sakura started, "It's not your problem and it's not your fault. Right now, we just have to worry about Sasuke and Naruto."

Hinata nodded and thanked the two, "Thanks you guys, I appreciate it. I just hope things don't go too bad with Naruto and Sasuke."

Sakura grinned before replying, "I don't think we have to worry about the two of them. They have strong wills. They'll survive anything that they get."

The other two agreed before saying their good-byes.

"My house is over there, I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Alright, bye!"

And then one by one they left, leaving Ino alone. She reached the town and slowed down. Peering into the shops, she greeted the people she knew and one by one, more and more people knew.

From mouth the mouth, ear to ear, news of Sasuke and Naruto's new relationship spread. It spread all throughout the village until, the next day, everybody knew. And soon, the two involved would also hear of the rumors. They would hear and they would protest and nobody will listen. Not until the final stage of their revenge that is. When it'll finally be stuck in their heads that Naruto and Sasuke are not dating. But until then, oh yeah, they're dating.

To Be Continued...

(1) When I say girl, I refer to teenage years and perhaps slightly older and slightly younger. And when I say interest, I mean, don't really care who they end up with, past the whole 'I am their friend and they deserve good people' thing. Ino still sees them as any other girl would though, urgh, it's hard to explain, I described it slightly in the prequel. Let's just say she doesn't hold enough of an interest to be in either fanclub... anymore.

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