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Delicious Revenge --- Chapter XIII --- QianYun

Meeting New and Old Friends

It was winter and Sasuke didn't like it. For one thing, he was no way closer to finding out from Naruto the exact details of what Kakashi was talking about that night. For another, winter meant that the time for Naruto and his mission was almost here. He didn't really mind the details of the mission, but now seemed to be the wrong time for them to do something like that. Unfortunately, the mission had already been assigned to them and there was no way of getting out of it. Then again, he didn't really have much to complain about. Naruto was definitely getting the short end of the stick. Although at times, it didn't seem like Naruto cared.

And in truth, the blond really didn't care.

Eating lunch at the restaurant with Sasuke across from him, Naruto's mind played with the possibilities of fun that the mission gave him. Swallowing a grin - and a piece of beef – Naruto slipped his foot out of his sandal, reached across and slid it up Sasuke's leg. Amused by the twitch in the dark-haired man's hand - the one holding his glass, no less – the blond continued to softly trail it up and down Sasuke's leg.

"Naruto, love, what are you doing?" A strained smile flitted across the pale face, before it simply disappeared and replaced by a light frown.

The man only blinked innocently at him, which was ruined by the pleased smile, "I'm playing footsie with you, Sasu-chan. Haven't you ever done that before?"

Ignoring the question, Sasuke asked one of his own, "Why?"

Naruto scrunched up his nose in disappointment, he then pouted and said, "Because I'm bored and the lady is already half-an-hour late."

He picked his glass back up and took a sip, "I don't see why you're complaining. We're waiting in a restaurant eating food – expensive food – that she's paying for."

The blond grinned and said, "True." Then he proceeded to signal the waiter and ask for a serving of miso ramen.

"Why are you getting miso ramen in a place like this? I'm sure they have several types of ramen here that you won't get at Ichiraku," Sasuke asked calmly, picking up one of the several house-special rice balls to prove his point.

A lecherous grin stretched across the blond's face, "But I like eating miso ramen when I'm with you. This way, when I kiss you, you'll remember our very first kiss." To the surprise of several not-so-discreet observers and to Naruto's expectation, a rosy blush appeared on Sasuke. A muttered "shut up" from the man only caused Naruto's grin to widen.

But before he could open his mouth to tease Sasuke further, there was a rustle of clothing an a very voluptuous woman appeared at their table, gushing as she approached. "Aren't you guys just so adorable. I must thank Tsunade-sama the next time I see her." When the two men registered her presence, Sasuke sat up straighter – his blush still lingering – and Naruto slipped his foot back into his sandal.

"Harada-san, how nice to see you again." Going against the words he spoke, the dull tone suggested Sasuke's displeasure.

"Now, now, Sasuke-kun. Don;t tell me you're still upset over the last meeting?" The woman, Harada Risa, said teasingly.

Sasuke scowled, "You'll have to excuse me if I don't feel like reliving the experience. It was rather hard to breathe when my face was smashed into your chest." Naruto's jaw dropped as he soundlessly tried to talk. Noticing this, Risa grinned, "Don't worry, I have a hug ready for you too."

Reaching out and pulling the blond's head to her chest and clutching him tightly, Naruto's arms flailed for a few moments before Sasuke yanked him out of her grasp and into his lap.

"Please refrain from harassing my boyfriend."

"Whatever you say, Sasuke-kun." She grinned cheekily and sat in the vacated seat.

"Getting down to business, have you told Naruto what your mission is about?"

He shook his head, "Only a few details."

Risa tittered, "Let me guess, you told him he was going to be seduced and then rescued like a damsel in distress."

A raised eyebrow answered affirmatively.

"My dear Naruto-kun, sometimes, I just wonder how you put up with him. Then again," she pointedly glanced at his wandering hand, "I can see why you're staying."

A blink and a grin later, the blond leaned down to talk into Sasuke's ear, "I like her."

She had heard. "Why thank you, I like you too." When Naruto stared at her in disbelief – he could've sworn he barely spoke with a whisper – she giggled, "Really Naruto-kun, just because I'm hiring shinobi to do some dirty work for me, it doesn't mean I'm completely helpless. Besides, there's no fighting involved with this mission. At least, not much. It's a subterfuge mission, after all."

His face fell slightly, "No fighting? No action?"

"Very little, if any. Although, you might be pleased to hear we are – if you simplify it – pranking someone."

And Naruto perked up, "We are? How? What are we doing? Why are we doing it? Does it involve complete and utter humiliation?"

Risa tittered once again, "My, you are enthusiastic. Wonderful. I'll answer all of your questions, but I think we should move the conversation elsewhere. As comfortable as both of you are, I think Sasuke-kun's legs are falling asleep."

Naruto hopped off with an apologetic grin to Sasuke at her words and started bouncing, "Let's go, let's go!"

"What about your ramen?"

The blond's eyes grew comically wide and he started to wail, "My ramen! I can't leave it!"

Before he could fully go into ramen-deprivation mode, Risa picked up a formerly unnoticed bag and cheerily said, "I ordered your ramen to go and the bill is paid. We're all set, so let's get going!"

Naruto cheered, Sasuke stood and the three left the restaurant. Leaving most of the customers gossiping about the appearance of Harada Risa, Konoha's richest retired shinobi.

To fully understand the conditions surrounding the mission and other things, there are several things that need to be explained. First and foremost, who the hell is Harada Risa. And hand in hand, how can there be such a thing as a rich, retired, shinobi! And to emphasize the extremity !

Since it had already been proven – or attempted, anyway – that this story is unlike any other, it is to be expected that the characters would be of a different sort. Harada Risa- bearing no relation to the one in DN Angel, to repeat – was born as a citizen of the Fire country away (far, far away) from Konohagakure. And just like any other good citizen not belonging to a Hidden Village, she didn't know where it was and only just barely knew of its existence. Until one day, quite by chance, she was playing at a pond and a trio of genin and their teacher sprinted right past her yes. Understandably, she was quite frightened and let out a piercing scream, causing the shinobi to stop abruptly and look for danger.

It came in the form of six-year-old Harada Risa. And what a danger it was.

In an attempt to quiet the girl, the genin team – who were on the way back from a mission – spent the afternoon playing with her. It wouldn't be very good, after all, if adults ran over to check on the girl only to find shinobi passing through. Shinobi who were supposed to exist only in the rumors that passed by the town people's ears.

Fortunately, their time spent with her was quiet (and short). Unfortunately... the little girl wouldn't let go of one of the genin's legs. An attempt at the Kawarimi no Jutsu, while it was successful, did not distract her enough so that they could escape. Furthermore, she was even more adamant about keeping them there, or going with them.

Left with no other choice, the shinobi took her back to Konohagakure where she entered the academy while being privately tutored by Sandaime himself. She became so skilled that she took on a frightening load of A-class mission and higher: earning her wealth and fame. At some point, she became weary of the blood and retired, a healthy sum of money following her.

But in truth, that is not what happened. The team shed their gear, donning normal, everyday clothes and took her back to her father. Who just so happened to be one of the wealthiest men in the country. Therefore knowing the truth about the shinobi – having hired the many times before. So when his little girl – who he didn't like all that much (she was beyond spoiled) – informed him she wanted to follow the "cool strangers" he used his position to do just that.

So the team was forced to escort the brat back to Konoha with a lengthy letter for Sandaime. The letter caused him to stroke his beard in wonder before he told Risa that she was now an orphan for all intents and purposes – minus the desolate financial situation.

A few days later she settled into an apartment with a hired nanny and Sandaime's office became furnished with a lot more expensive items.

She was enrolled into the Academy under the threat of a temper tantrum. Needless to say,she barely passed as a genin. However, she was stubborn and managed to push her way up to Chuunin before settling down as a permanent worker in the mission assignment room.

Risa was more or less content, after all, she got to learn many different types of jutsu and use them at least once a say. And then the fateful day came. Her father died wile playing pool and left everything to his daughter in his will. Risa was suddenly very rich. So she gave up being a shinobi and managed to leave Konoha without being labeled as a missing-nin. Mostly because normal citizens didn't know about her an she gave a promise to help Konoha financially whenever they needed it. Including hiring shinobi. Which brings the story to a full circle. Risa had established a societal life: throwing parties, buying the best things, marrying the most sought after guy in the country, basically living the life.

And then she found out something that made her shake in rage. With her power, connections and money, it was only a matter of time before the target of her rage was squashed like a tiny bug.

The three of them walked most of the way back to Sasuke's house. At their arrival, Risa in her green, backless, shimmery dress settled quite comfortably on their couch as if she owned the place. Sasuke only rolled his eyes at the redhead, but Naruto arrowed his eyes in confusion.

"So, my dears, let's get to it." Risa smiled brightly, her brown eyes twinkling with delight. She looked to Sasuke, "I assume you want me to explain."

He nodded, "I'll go make some tea."

When he was out of sight, Risa turned to Naruto, a wide smile on her face before it dropped into a vicious scowl. He eyes glazed over a bit and she slammed a fist into the table, cracking it, and growled, "I'll make you suffer."

Naruto's eyes widened in shock and he scrambled away from the slightly crazed looking woman. Having encountered many scary women in his life, he nearly stuttered as he spoke, "Harada-san, are you okay?"

Blinking, she looked up at him. "Oh! I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me." She lifted her fist and winced a little at the sound of falling splinters. "I'll get you guys a new table."

Deciding she was alright and still sane, he waved it off. "It's okay, I never liked it anyway. So what is the mission about?"

Risa took a breath and smooth out her dress, "It's simple. I want you to completely, totally, utterly and thoroughly humiliate and shame my husband."

There was a moment of silence. "Your... husband? What did he do to you?"

It was the wrong question asked, for she suddenly launched into a fast, long, angry speech about something or the other. Naruto assumed it was about her husband and cheating. Risa repeated those words enough times for him to catch on. At that moment, Sasuke returned with a tray bearing three cups and a teapot.

An eyebrow rose, "You asked about her husband, didn't you?" There was a small nod and Sasuke sighed, "this may take a while."

Sure enough, it was fifteen minuted, two refills of the cups and a bowl of ramen later before she stopped. She picked up a cup, sipped, set it down and turned to look at the two seventeen-year olds. "So the plan is that you, Naruto, will show off your shapely biceps and grab the bastard's attention. Let him seduce you for a little, but then reject his advances. Rudely, harshly, physically. But the brutal part of this plan is that I want Sasuke-kun to rescue you and beat him up. All on camera, which will of course be broadcasted live to the guests. Obviously, it ca;t be too violent, just need to put on a bit of a show. This will be taking place at the first winter themed party I throw, which is in two weeks."

Risa paused for a breath, but before she could continue, Sasuke pointed out the time. "It's three o'clock, you're going to muss your appointment with Tsunade-sama." Her face twisted into an "oh, shit" expression and she ran out with a good-bye tossed over her shoulder.

"I hope there's more details involved with the mission than that."

"Yeah, there are several things you should know..."


Three days later, every detail about the mission that could be planned was finished with. Now Naruto and Sasuke were left with noting to do. Until...

"Hey, Sasuke. Want to go out and act cuddly?"

The dark-haired man looked at him suspiciously, "There's another part to that."

"Let's have a fight afterwards."

Sasuke yawned and propped himself up, only to be pulled down into Naruto's embrace. "About what?" The blond thought for a moment. "How about... we raise their suspicions a little bit again?"

A smirk, "You mean..."

Naruto grinned widely. "Exactly."

"Alright, let's go then."

There was no movement from the men.

"Sasuke, you need to get off of me first."

"Naruto, you need to let go of me first."



The village's favorite couple was out and about on a date again after so long.

Sasuke and Naruto walked around their normal area, greeting owners and customers alike. Through it all, Sasuke maintained physical contact with the blond– either an arm around the shoulder, a hand at Naruto's waist... his lips attached to Naruto's neck. The women they met giggled and cooed behind their backs sometimes in front of them. A select few were burning in jealously until Sasuke did something to make the blond moan and gasp, upon which their eyes just glazed over. Most of the men snickered and gave suggestive nudges to each other. Others- mostly around the late teens to early twenties – scowled at Naruto's submissiveness.

Before, that is, Naruto noticed their comments and whispered into the Uchiha's ear, who immediately scowled, arguing for a few moments. Then he stalked over to where a group of their friends had rested for the afternoon, drinking, eating and laughing.

The dark-haired man stood in front of another similarly dark-haired man, growled "This was not my idea", before promptly sitting in Neji's lap to start making out with him.

All with Naruto watching from the street, a suspiciously pleased smile appearing.

Sasuke spent several moments coaxing the lips up him to move. He slid forward a little more closer, slid his pale hands into the long, luxurious black hair and slipped Neji his tongue. A long, drawn-out moan rang out through the now silent streets. At the sound, a horrified Hyuuga opened his eyes and started to struggle.

However, before any progress could be made, the hands that were previously in Neji's hair sneaked its way down and then back up - this time, inside – Neji's shirt. Then he did something with his tongue which apparently felt very nice as a broken moan rumbled from Neji's throat. Feeling the body under him relax, Sasuke lifted his mouth – eliciting a whimper – before trailing from his lips down the pale, soft neck and the peek of a collarbone. A nip and a suck, then Sasuke dove back into the man's mouth. It was a hard, rough kiss, something most aptly described as the Uchiha ravaging Neji's mouth. One last groan from Neji and Sasuke pulled away with a loud smack of their lips.

Quite calmly, he shimmied, - yes, shimmied – off of his lap and walked back to Naruto. Grabbing the blond's hand, he walked away coolly, as if he hadn't just done something completely unusual. The observers, as a collective, glanced back at Neji to be greeted with the sight of a thoroughly ravished and sated shinobi. Calm, collected, almost cold Hyuuga Neji was molested into a dazed and high state, leaving everyone with a clear understanding of why exactly Naruto was so submissive.

After all, if kissing Neji garnered this type of reaction, imagine how amazing the sex was.


"That was really hot"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Only you would think your boyfriend making out with another guy was hot, Naruto."

The blond grinned at him, "You only say that because you didn't see yourself. So how was it anyway? Is Neji a good kisser?"

The man grunted in reply.

Somehow, Naruto got his answer from that. "It looked pretty good and it seems like you enjoyed it from your response."


"Sasuke, Sasuke, what ever will i do with you?"

"I can think of a few things," Sasuke said nonchalantly.

Naruto gaped at him for a moment, "Pervert."

"You love me this way," he put his arm around the other man's waist, brining them closer.

"Yeah, yea- but Sasu-chan, I thought you wanted to do it! And who am I to deny you what you want? His lips twitched and Sasuke scowled for a jiffy.

"Naru-chan, you have to understand! That was in the past! Now that I have you, none of that matter anymore. I love you, and only you." His voice softened at the end, the words ringing with sincerity.

Blue eyes softened with the declaration and he replied, "And I love only you."

They gravitated towards each other, lips parting in anticipation. But before they could seal their pseudo promises with a kiss, they were interrupted. "Oh! You guys are so adorable!"

The two men turned so fast, they almost got whiplash- surprise lining their body, having forgotten about their observer. At that moment, Naruto's cheeks turned pink, "Sakura-chan! Mou!"

She giggled, "If you guys are done with the the mushy love scenes, Iruka-sensei told me he wanted to talk to you, but he couldn't find you."

"Really, Sakura-chan?"

"Yup! He said he'll wait for you at the academy."

"Thank you, Sakura. We'll head ov- How are you and Lee doing?"

Sakura blinked at the sudden change of subject, then blushed. But for an odd reason, a crease appeared on her forehead and she appeared worried.

"Sakura... chan?"

A bright smile, obviously forced, appeared before she replied, "We're doing fine! Tanks for asking. I have to run some errands, I'll see you guys around!"

Sasuke and Naruto watched her walk away in silence.

"That was weird."


The younger of the two peered at the other, but when he couldn't read anything off of his expression, he sighed, "Let's go see what Iruka-sensei wants us for."

There was no verbal response, but Sasuke started towards the direction of the academy.

Something was off.


Sometime during their walk to the academy, Sasuke had twined his fingers with Naruto; he thumb caressing the back of his hand continuously. The blond bit his lip to refrain from laughing, but it was ticklish, damnit! Amazingly, the two reached the academy without any detours, mishaps, or seemingly random bouts of laughter from Naruto.

Sasuke, on the other hand, was unlucky enough to have full, solid, worrying thoughts on his mind. Iruka's request had unwittingly led him to think about Kakashi and in a puzzling, simple way, led back to the issue of confronting with Naruto. Needless to say, he was a bit unwilling. Thankfully, before his thoughts could really drag him down , Naruto had caught sight of Iruka and they both managed to make it seem as if they hadn't seen each other for years instead of the days they really were. Sasuke smiled softly, but stiffened when he noticed Kakashi's arrival.

To his relief, the little "reunion" was apparently over and as impatient as ever, Naruto inquired to his reason for being there. Iruka broke out into a blush, a small smile fluttering on his lips. "It's nothing, really. I just wanted to thank you or the dinner we had a few weeks ago. It... helped me – us – to figure out certain things."

Naruto grinned uncontrollably, "Aw, we didn't do anything. It was all you guys. All of it."

Sasuke smirked, knowing that Naruto meant more than their initiative to actually get together. Their actions in Sasuke and Naruto's time of need was all the reason they needed. At this point, a person would wonder what the point of that was. After all, their teachers were happy now. But the two men had something up their sleeves; a card they had yet to reveal.

Until then, it was fun to act like the nice guy. The four of them chatted for a while, updating each other on their lives.

Well... Naruto and Iruka chatted, Kakashi randomly commented on things and Sasuke sat there listening. At some point, it was decided that upon Sasuke and Naruto's return from their mission, they would go out for dinner together. A dramatic goodbye later, the younger couple left the area, heading in the general direction of their home.

But when Naruto's stomach declared itself hungry with a large growl, Sasuke smiled faintly and volunteered to get him ramen. Confusion on Sasuke's peculiarity were brushed off at the thought of ramen and within a few moments, he was left by himself to walk home. Whistling cheerfully, he was quite relaxed and comfortable when Neji suddenly appeared.

"Neji!" Naruto snickered to himself, "What's up?"

Neji gazed steadily at Naruto, thoughts turning around in his head. The blond was always a weird one, but what he did today officially took the top place of weird things. Telling his boyfriend to make out with him? When Naruto knew that Neji had an attraction for him?

Unless... he didn't know.

His lips parted tentatively, should he tell? But in the end, he had nothing to lose and just possibly, everything to gain. "Why did you tell Uchiha to kiss me?" Neji mentally patted himself on the back for sounding so calm.

Naruto smiled brightly, "Why would I ask my boyfriend to kiss you? It could very well been his own idea."

"Naruto. I have no time to play games with me. Why are you playing with me?" The dark-haired man narrowed his eyes, "Don't mess with my feelings."

"Your... feelings? I wasn't aware that I was doing anything that would affect your feelings." The blond's brow creased as he frowned, uncertainty and confusion coming over him. Quite subconsciously, he started backing away from Neji, ready to sprint at a moment's notice, or so it seemed.

"You can't honestly tell me that nothing I've ever done has affected you. Can't you see the way you affect me? For the past few years, I've been changing bit by bit, all because of you. And.. you haven't seen it?" A pained look crossed Neji's visage, making Naruto worry.

He spoke hesitantly, "Neji... I don't understand. What are you talking about?"

Abruptly, he looked away from Naruto and to the moon, "Have you ever noticed how it is that the moon can't shine without the sun? It relies absolutely on the light that the sun gives off, if it weren't for that, it would never be noticed. Lingering in the darkness of space, always there, but never seen. But then again," he turned back to face Naruto, who was a few inches further from before, "There wouldn't be anything to take notice of the disappearance of the moon, since without the sun, nothing at all can survive. So can it be considered fate?"

Wide-eyed, Naruto frantically interrupted Neji, "Whoa, whoa. Who's saying anything about fate? Neji..." He paused, watching the other man carefully. "I'm with Sasuke because I love him, no other reason... Please, don't think otherwise."

Neji bit his tongue, a bit of negative emotions creeping over him. He shook his head after a moment. "Of course, I'm sorry to bother you."

Naruto blinked at his words and by the time he looked again, it was as if Neji was never there. But Sasuke was.

"Did you ever wonder if all this didn't happen... would we really be together?" a quiet voice carried its way over to Naruto and he turned halfway in acknowledgment. He smiled at the sky and the trees brushing the edges of his vision.

"We're always together. We just might not realize it." Two arms came up to embrace him from behind, a head settling itself into the crook of his neck. He leaned back a little, watching the setting sun. The warmth emanating from Sasuke soothed his emotions.

"No matter what, you're always my most important person. Always."

And he felt the smile against his neck, a similar one appearing on his own face.

"So!" he said, breaking the moment, "Where's my ramen?"

To Be Continued...

QY- You know, I actually wrote out an entire outline for this chapter. And when I wrote the actual chapter... nothing is the same. Tch.

Right, I don't remember if I said this, but instead of the 3 endings that aren't separate which I told you about a few hcapters before, there'll be only one ending to this story and an one-shot sequel. (Which will turn out to be like.. 30 pages long, I bet) I figured I should do a one-shot prequel, multi-chap, one-shot sequel. Like my original plans. Funny how everything is going back to how I first thought it out to be. I figured out that if I did three endings, there'll be too much angst in the second and not enough fluff in the third. So.. yeah. Anyway, we'll see. But in case anyone wants to know, I figure there's going to be around 25 chapters to this. Hopefully.

Damn, I knew I would forget this. The whole miso ramen thing is based off a character interview Toriyama translated in which Sasuke is asked what the kiss tasted like, and he said miso ramen.

Written: 7/25/05 to 7/31/05 (This felt pathetically short, but apparently, it's average length. Chapters 9-11 were flukes I tell you, flukes!)