Separation – Chapter 1


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Chapter 1 – Leaving Home

"No! I'm not leaving here, you can't make me?"

Rei glared furiously at the aged gentleman in front of her, wishing the ground would open up and swallow him into hell where he belonged. The man seemed unperturbed by her unladylike outburst as he rolled his eyes.

"I am your father, you will do as I say," he said simply as though expecting her to do just that but Rei placed her feet firmly apart hands on her hips in a defiant stance. Hell would freeze over before she would go anywhere with this man.

"I don't even know you," she retorted rudely hating him with all her might. If looks could be fire, Rei's father would have been ash.

When Rei's mother had died, it seemed like a part of Rei's father had died with her. He couldn't stand the thought or the presence of his only child, a daughter who looked every inch like the woman he loved and so Rei's father had done the only thing he knew that would keep his deceased wife from his mind. He sent Rei away, and he had moved on. He was about to be married, in just under a month, to a political opponents sister to mend bridges in the eyes of the public, and he needed Rei there for all the publicity events to show a united front. He would not risk Rei ruining his plans; her refusal could ruin his career. And his career was all he had left in his mind.

Rei didn't know this man in front of her at all. From a young age, 'father' was not a word that had passed her lips. IT was until she was twelve or so she began to even know who he was. H was just a photo in a newspaper to her, a photo on a promotional poster, a person on a commercial break on the television. How dare he just turn up at the temple and expect Rei to forget about her whole life and go with him? He was severely disillusioned if he thought she was going anywhere with him.

"I don't need you to know me, I need you to come with me right now," her father said getting a little pissed off. He thought he had sent her to a private school to learn to be a good, obedient daughter; he would have to remedy that when he took her back with him. Perhaps a new school would teach her some manners.

"I refuse to go," Rei said darkly, her voice strong with conviction.

"If you do not come, I will make life very difficult for your grandfather," her father threatened and Rei smirked. How like her father. To try and ruin what Rei had here in order to get her to come with him.

"You can't do anything to him."

"Can't I? This is a big temple Rei, temples like this need funding, if you don't come with me, this temple will fall to the dust without my support," her father gave her the option and Rei's eyes widened in shock not believing him to be so cold-hearted as to hurt his own father.

"You bastard," she hissed then took a deep breath tilting her head up proudly, "We'll manage?"

"Will you? With you still in school, I think that is quite impossible."

"I'll drop out and get a job," Rei fixed that quite easily and her father laughed.

"That still wouldn't be enough, be a smart girl Rei, you are my daughter after all, pack your bags and lets go, its useless to resist," he said his dark eyes burning into hers and Rei knew then and there he meant all that he said. He would destroy his own father to further his political career. It made her sick to her stomach but she knew what she had to do.

"I...I have to say good...goodbye to my...friends..." Rei's strong voice faltered as she realized she would have to leave behind her whole life, her friends who had become her only family. Her best friend, Minako, she would be so sad. Ever since they had met the two hadn't been apart from each other for longer than a day. Ami and Mako, they had been her friends for so long, they had been her strength her support. And her princess, Usagi, it would break her heart. Rei sniffed bravely as her eyes welled with tears. This wasn't fair. Rei hated the world, she hated her father she hated everyone!

"Well hurry up and do it then, I will be at your school collecting your grades, I will come back in two hours and then we are leaving."

Rei's father turned on his heel not caring that his daughter had tears streaming down her face and Rei raced inside to call Minako and tell her the bad news.

Two hours later Rei stood at the top of the temple steps surrounded by Minako, Makoto, Ami and Usagi. All had red-rimmed eyes from crying. Even now Usagi still whimpered sadly.

"Come on Rei, let's go now."

Rei's father was waiting impatiently by the car and Rei sniffed back her tears turning to her four dearest friends.

"Oh Rei, this is terrible, you have to come visit whenever you can," her blue haired friend said pulling Rei into a delicate hug and Rei smiled through her tears pressing her forehead to Ami's.

"Senshi forever Ami," Rei whispered and Ami backed off to let the others say their goodbyes.

"It feels so unreal, but you'll be eighteen soon and you can go off on your own, come back here, we will always be waiting for you, you can come live with me," Makoto promised, the tall brunette brushed away her tears quickly not wanting to cause a scene as she and Rei hugged and Rei giggled a little.

"I'll make sure to send you photos of the good looking boys at my new school," Rei promised grinning from ear to ear and Makoto chuckled.

"Maybe one of them will look like my old boyfriend," Makoto completed the joke stepping aside as a flurry of meatballs and spaghetti bowled Rei over into a fierce hug.

"Fear not Moon Princess, I will always be here to protect you, I am two hours drive away, be happy Serenity, I will be back soon, you won't even notice I'm gone," Rei whispered so Usagi alone could hear and Usagi was heard to hiccup back her sobs as she pulled away from Rei pursing her lips. Usagi didn't need to say anything. Her wide blue eyes said everything she was feeling as they always did. Lastly Rei turned to her best friend, knowing this would be the hardest goodbye but to her surprise Minako was smiling widely, her eyes bright and happy.

"How can you look so happy when we are about to say goodbye?" Rei asked a little confused by her friends reaction and Mina shook her head pulling Rei into a tight hug squeezing her for effect.

"Its not goodbye Rei, its never goodbye, not for us," Minako said logically in her bright happy way and Rei held out her hand to her best friend, her eyes shining.

"Friends forever Minako."

Minako clasped Rei's hand back, as they two stared at each other. They had been best friends ever since they had met when they discovered they were both senshi and destined to protect the earth. Even though they were as different as oil and water they seemed to stick well, Minako's chirpiness seemed to balance out Rei's moodiness. Minako and Rei. Rei and Minako. Their names were intertwined and always would be if they had their say.

"Friends forever Rei," Minako promised smiling still but her tears and quivering lower lip betrayed her sadness.

"Rei, I said lets go," he father called to her impatiently and she turned to him rolling her eyes.

"I'm coming!"

"Asshole," Makoto muttered.

"You said it," Rei agreed looking at her friends again one at a time. Minako. Ami. Mako. Usagi. She imprinted them into her memory, so that when she was lonely she could bring them to her.

"We will come and visit in two weeks," Minako promised grabbing Rei's hand and squeezing it and Rei nodded then turned and started walking to her where her father waited at the limo.

She didn't look back.

"Bye Rei, I will miss you," she heard Usagi call out to her and that near broke Rei's heart. She was leaving her princess because her selfish father decided he wanted to become all paternal.

Rei's father opened the door for her and she sat on the seat not looking at him, staring straight in front of her. Her father got in beside her and gestured for the limo driver to go and as the car pulled away Rei's father looked out of the window at Rei's friends.

"They seem like nice girls," he murmured to Rei in an attempt to be fatherly and Rei's only response was to grunt and look out of her window.