Chapter 12 – Only the Beginning

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"I saw you Mariko, you pushed me, you tried to kill me and Heero. "

Mariko visibly paled at Rei's words and Rei knew that she was right. Mariko opened and closed her mouth, but she couldn't think of anything to say. The brat was right and she had been found out. Mariko knew it would be useless to deny so she shrugged and smiled, letting her true colours show.

"You were becoming a pain in my arse, I had to do something," Mariko said shrugging her shoulders again; grinning wickedly and Rei winced at the hard look in her eyes.

"But why Heero?" Rei asked her eyebrows furrowing wondering why Mariko wanted to kill her boyfriend as well and Mariko gave a harsh laugh.

"That boy keeps me from my son, which I am sure Wufei would have told you in your late night conversations, stupid boy that he is, utterly useless, all I asked him to do was charm Kayuto so that Kayuto would name him the heir, not too much to ask is it? But no Wufei just had to go piss him off, so your father named you the heir," Mariko said this spitefully and her words shocked Rei.

"Me?" Rei repeated in awe.

Rei couldn't believe her father had named her the heir to his fortune. It was unbelievable. Could it be my father actually cares about my future and me? Rei wondering briefly but her thoughts were interrupted when Mariko let loose a guttural chuckle.

"Of course, who else would inherit his millions but his precious Rei. He loves you Rei, you know that? It makes me sick at how much he dotes on you and that ridiculous temple, and now he is giving you his fortune," Mariko shook her head in bewilderment, before she reached into her little sparkly handbag and pulled out a revolver and upon seeing it Rei took an involuntary step backwards as Mariko said quite seriously and sanely, " I can't let that happen, I worked too hard for this."

"What are you doing with that gun?" Rei asked worried looking down the barrel trying not to let her fear show. Mariko was unstable, she could pull that trigger at any time.

"I'm getting rid of you, once and for all, so my son can inherit and we can live happily ever after," Mariko said dreamily as though she had said it to herself millions of times. She actually believed her own words and Rei tried to look for a way to keep Mariko occupied while she considered her options.

"You don't think anyone will be suspicious?" Rei asked curiously and Mariko gave a silvery laugh, full of teasing.

"Please, your father has many enemies, any one of them could have assassinated you," Mariko said carelessly and Rei narrowed her eyes at this woman hatefully.

"Your not going to get away with this," Rei warned her and Mariko giggled.

"I think I am," she retorted and Rei put her hands on her hips a strange smile on her face.

"I don't think so, what do you think dad?" Rei cocked her head to one said looking out onto the balcony where the door was wide open and from the shadows stepped her father, much to Mariko's absolute horror.

"I don't think so hun, Wufei your thoughts?" Kayuto asked and Wufei stepped from the shadows his eyes cold and hard as he gazed upon his mother and turned away from her dismissively.

"I think we all heard well enough, right Heero?" Wufei asked and Heero stepped from the shadows of the balcony as well. He walked into the room and went to door of the adjoining room swinging it open to reveal, Minako, Ami and Makoto.

"I've heard enough, girls?" Heero asked them and Minako folded her arms across her chest nodding.

"Yeah I think that's enough," she answered for all three of them and Quatre stepped out from behind them.

"My recorder has heard enough too," Quatre said holding up his recorder and Mariko's face went white and she realized that she had been caught. The gun wavered dangerously in her hand.

"How?" she asked in wonder and Rei smiled smugly.

"I told my father when he brought me to my room that it was you who pushed us. He wanted to proof and you gave it to me, I knew you wouldn't be able to resist trying to finish me off not when there was so much for you to gain," Rei goaded Mariko who stood there in the middle of the room frozen, the gun still in her hand.

It was at that moment Duo wandered into the room with Usagi at his heels. The two had been absent from being invited so they had no clue what was going on.

"What's going on in here?" Duo asked in amazement staring at the scene before him. Heero's face turned into that of a thundercloud.

"Duo! Go back to your room!" Heero roared but Duo ignored him, tossing his brown braid off his shoulder cockily.

"What's Mariko doing with a gun?" he asked staring at the woman and Mariko smiled sweetly at him. My but her Duo was a gorgeous young man.

"Duo go!" Heero yelled at his brother again but Mariko wasn't about to let them off that easily. If she was in pain they were all going to be in pain.

"Want to hear something Duo, my precious little Duo, I'm…your…mother…" Mariko said this her voice darkening with every word and Duo took a step backwards and staggered into Usagi and both of them fell into a heap on the floor, but amazingly Usagi didn't cry. She knew there was something bigger than her going on right now.

"What? Heero is she lying?" Duo asked in a small voice and Heero couldn't lie. He turned away from his younger brother and gave single answer, so filled with distaste and disgust.


"My mother…" Duo was spun out by the knowledge that after all this time, his mother had been that of one of his best friends.

"Wufei's my brother…" Duo murmured more to himself than anyone else looking up at Wufei who gave him a half smile.

"She's a bad person Duo, be glad you are nothing like her," Rei said to Duo coming to kneel in front of him taking his hand and that was the last straw for Mariko. She snapped.

"don't you touch my son!" she screamed and Rei stood up in shock as Mariko advanced on her and her finger squeezed the trigger of the gun.

From there everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Rei saw from the corner of her eye, Heero take out his gun and shoot Mariko in the chest, and she could hear her father crying out her name but he seemed so far away. She could faintly make out the sound of the girls sobbing and Usagi horrified scream. Rei felt a dull pain in her chest and slowly lowered her head to look at the bullet hole and she realized belatedly that she had been shot. Rei's legs gave way and she fell into Duo and Usagi's waiting arms. Their tears were wetting her face and above her she could see everyone closing in, her father and Heero at the front, Heero reaching her before her father.

"Rei! No! oh God! If only I had been Perfect, a Perfect Soldier this would never have happened, I promise I will be the Perfect Soldier from now on, Rei…Rei I love you," Heero fell upon her body desperately gathering her up in his arms and cuddling her to his chest, for once showing all his emotions perfectly and Rei used whatever strength she had to brush his tears away and looked for the last time deeply into his blue eyes, her hand caressing his cheek lovingly.

"I love you too Heero," she said softly and then the last breath escaped her body and her hand fell to her side limply, her head falling backwards. It took a few moments for Heero to register that she was dead.

"No!" Heero and Kayuto both let out the scream of pure grief.

Usagi had tears running down her cheek and she saw the same faces of complete and utter devastation on the faces of all her friends. The suddenly there was silence. Usagi looked around and saw that the boys, Wufei, Quatre, Trowa, Heero and Duo were all frozen in time as was Kayuto and Mariko. They were frozen in time, with looked of sadness and pain on their faces as they gazed upon Rei's dead body.

From out of a portal strolled the Senshi of Time, calm as can be.

"Pluto, Rei's dead, take us back through time!" Usagi cried out running to Pluto who smiled conspicuously and tapped her nose.

"She isn't dead, watch," Pluto invited Usagi and all the other senshi and they turned their gaze back to Rei's body. Her body had begun glowing in a red haze and then suddenly Rei took a deep breath, her eyes flying open and her back arching as her life was given back to her. Usagi burst into more tears, only this time tears of joy.

It took a few moments for Rei to realize what had happened and she turned to Pluto for an explanation.

"What…happened…" Rei said through ragged breaths and Pluto smiled knowingly, she had been through the exact same procedure before.

"To become immortal you had to die a mortal death," Pluto told her and Ami was still looking around at time having stopped. She knew Pluto only did so on very rare occasions. She frowned and Usagi noticed Ami's concern and looked to Pluto who seemed very calm and unperturbed by all that had happened.

"Why did you stop time?" Usagi demanded and Pluto bowed her head respectfully.

"Because your time here is finished, its time Serenity, Crystal Tokyo is waiting," Pluto said simply and Usagi sank to her knees reaching out to grab Rei's hand.

"But I thought…it was created when I was twenty-one…" Usagi breathed but Pluto was quick to correct her.

"No, you created it when you were sixteen but we kept it sheltered from the rest of world until you were twenty-one, at sixteen all of you disappeared from normal Earth, as did the young Gundam Pilots."

"Are they coming with us to Crystal Tokyo?" Minako asked quite innocently, the hope shining in her blue eyes as she turned to look at Wufei. Pluto looked sadly at the face of their young Goddess of Love and shook her head.

"No, they are going to the future with their Gundams, these five young men will win the war for the Sanq Kingdom," Pluto said sadly and Minako's face fell.

"Let us say goodbye Pluto," Ami pleaded quietly and Mako put a hand on Ami's shoulder to comfort her and Pluto again bowed her head this time with regret.

"No, I'm sorry, but when I froze them I…" Pluto broke off at the accusing look she saw in Rei's eyes for already Rei could sense what Pluto had done. Being immortal gave her intuition a kick-start, she felt more knowledgeable and she knew what Pluto had done.

"You what?" Usagi asked wondering why Pluto broke off her sentence but Rei finished it for her.

"She wiped their memories clean, they don't remember us at all."

"Yes, I had to, they will remember parts of this life, Heero will remember his promise to be the Perfect Soldier for a reason he can't remember, Wufei will remember a wife he thought he once had called Meiran, he will remember her to be like Rei and Minako joined as one, Trowa won't remember much at all I'm afraid his past will be forgotten, just a glimpse of a woman he once loved. You Makoto and every woman he meets he will compare them to you, and Quatre will remember that he once had a best friend in his childhood, but she died in the first wave of fighting," Pluto told them all the memories she had implanted into the Gundam Pilots heads and Mako gasped with shock, her shoulders heaving with her sobs and Ami clung to the older girl, trying to give her strength as well as dealing with her own pain. Rei felt numb, and noticed Usagi was shaking.

"And Duo?" she asked, her voice cracking with emotion as she turned her head to look at him, his face frowning with grief as he looked at the spot where Rei had once been.

"Duo will remember that he has been abandoned by all who loved him, believing to have grown up in a church, and in his heart he will always remember the Moon Angel whom saved him from the burning church," Pluto said hating to be the bearer of bad news and Usagi buried her face in her hands, as silent tears took over her. Rei rubbed her Queen's back gently.

"So we will never see them again?" Makoto asked, her voice and heart heavy and Pluto gave her a wink.

"I didn't say that," she said smiling wickedly, as she repeated her previous words, "I said they had to go to the near future to win the war, after that their destiny is their own, by the time the war is over, you will all be immortals living in Crystal Tokyo, a place of legend that will reappear to the world after the war is over, who is to say what will happen after that."

"So we might meet again?" Ami asked hopefully and Pluto nodded her head.

"It's a possibility."

"And my father?" Rei asked the question and Pluto for once didn't have any winks to give her. For Rei's father the cold hard truth of life was to set in.

"I'm sorry Rei, but you have to disappear from his life too," Pluto said and Rei's lower lip trembled as she looked at her father's weathered face.

"He has been through so much already," Rei whispered more to herself than anyone else and Pluto couldn't think of anything else to say.

"I'm sorry."

Rei walked over to her frozen father and leaned over to kiss his cheek gently.

"I love you papa," Rei whispered in his ear, knowing that even in his frozen state he would hear her, and feel the love she had come to feel for him.

"Let's just go," Rei said turning her back on the scene behind her. Turning her back on Heero, Duo, Wufei, Quatre and Trowa, and Kayuto and a life she had come to love despite her stepmother. She had to turn her back on some of the happiest times she had ever known and all for destiny.

"Are you ready Serenity?" Pluto asked her and Usagi took out her Silver Imperial Crystal and held it in both of her hands delicately.


"Okay well I will send the Gundam Pilots on their way and then its time to begin," Pluto said concentrating and all the Gundam Pilots were engulfed in a white light.

"Yes, it is only the beginning," Usagi said as the Spirit of Serenity came upon her and her dress changed into that of Neo Queen Serenity.

Rei turned back in time to see Heero disappear through a time portal, the other Gundam Pilots were following suit.

"Farewell Heero, we will meet again, I promise," Rei said softly, hearing each of the girls whisper the exact same words to the men they were saying goodbye to.

Usagi, no Neo Queen Serenity was right, it is only the beginning.

They would meet again.

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