Title: Only so much
Part: 1/?
Disclaimer: If you own crap it owns you. So yeah I wish I did. But I don't. Zasey is someone else's invention. I didn't even make up the term.
Warning: Fluff with a angsty peanut center. The next chapter will be less fluffy. (yes yes I'm going to try)
Summary: The first part in a series that is running through my head. Takes place a couple of years after the events in the movie. The next part will probably be a flashback chapter. So any questions raised will be answered then.
A/N: Hope you like and come back for the sequel.




"There is only so much love in the world" Zeke began. It was a lazy Sunday evening and the boy had obviously decided to share a new theory. Like most of his beliefs, it was to be simple and kind of jaded, like Zeke himself.

Casey didn't try to stop the fond smile from forming. He did find this statement particularly complexing due to the fact that they were both naked, sated from a whole day spent in bed. "Did we use all of it?"

The big toe of Casey's left foot received a sharp pull. The owner of said foot's head rested properly on Pottery Barn pillow cases. Zeke had abandoned tradition somewhere around two-thirty and was now backwards on the bed. His feet thumped annoyingly on the headboard. He began to give a stern look and disagree but changed his mind and smirked. "Maybe"

The boys then settled back into silence until Casey's curiosity returned. "So – what were you saying?"

Zeke frowned and returned his body so he was facing Casey eyeball to eyeball. "I was saying something?"

The younger boy rolled his eyes and leisurely began to stroke Zeke's arm. "Yes you were about to go all Buddha on the mountain. Teach me something about the world."

"Oh yeah..." Zeke rolled unto his back pulling Casey's hand with him. He stretched until the fingers settled on thinly defined abdominal muscles. "Life – the Universe – all that vague cosmic shit – it must maintain balance."

Casey removed his hand to scratch his head. "So there has to be an equal amount of love and hate?"

"No, not necessarily."


Zeke chuckled and once again the constant energy churning within him forced him to change positions. He swung naked legs off the bed and got up. Crossing towards the bathroom he continued. "Well it goes back to my original conclusion – there being only a certain amount of any given resource. Like oil, iron ore – love is no different." The sound of water briefly drowned out the deep timber of Zeke's filibuster.

Thoughts of Mary Beth and her dried up planet flickered through Casey's mind, briefly and unclearly like strobe lights behind closed eyes.

Zeke wandered back in the room with a glass of water. "Earth to Casey."

Casey sat up in bed and reached for his wallet on the night stand. "Can I have some?"

Zeke handed him the glass. He watched as Casey pulled a 3 by 1 strip of wax paper from behind his Driver's license. "That shit is going to kill you."

It was a familiar warning. "Says the ex-drug dealer." He let the white powder slide unto his tongue. The bitter taste of the headache medicine made him salivate.

Zeke faked a laugh. "It's like acid, it will eat a hole in your stomach lining."

Casey swallowed the remaining water. He knew he was only imagining it, but his headache already seemed to dull. "Yeah, I think that is what my grandmother died of."

Zeke glared.

"Finish the theory and forget about my socially acceptable addiction."

Zeke sat on the bed with his back turned and refused to respond.

"Shouldn't their only be a certain amount of worry in the world as well?"

Turning sharply, "I don't think my concern for your health is funny." Zeke took the empty paper from the table and threw it across the room. "Or uncalled for."

The mattress creaked as Casey maneuvered around Zeke's tension filled form. He let his left leg stretch out and scooted until he was sitting behind him. Casey pressed in until he couldn't anymore, and rested his chin on the solid weight of his lover's shoulder. "I had every test ever invented run on me after "the incident." No tumors, no abnormalities, not even a rogue misfiring synapse."

Zeke sighed, took a deep breath and relaxed visibly. Casey knew the gesture spoke more of letting go than giving up. He could feel Zeke's steady heartbeat against his chest.

"So when one great love ends, another one starts to take its place." Zeke shifted pulling Casey's arms around him. "Because unlike iron ore or oil, love can not be used up or diminished."

"Gimme a for instance."

Zeke pushed back and Casey fell to the covers below. He turned and rested each hand on either side of Casey's small form. He let his legs straddle just below the waist. "Like our hook up."

Smiling up from his new position, Casey raised and eyebrow. "How so?"

"Well, when did we get together?"

Casey thought back. It had been two years ago at Delilah's graduation party. It was a night to celebrate the end of high school and the end of childhood. For Casey and Zeke it had been the end of small town living and all the small minds that went along with it. "But D and I had been over for months before then."

Zeke snorted above him. "That was hardly love."

Casey patiently waited, tracing patterns on Zeke's thigh.

"Are you forgetting the knock down drag out of Stokely vs. Stan?"

They had all had too much keg that night. The Odd Squad (as D liked to call the strange band of friends they formed after the invasion) had been gathered in the den. D had been all nervous energy, talking non-stop to hide any fears of the future. Zeke for once seemed mellow sitting quietly in D's dad's giant leather chair. Casey had been sitting in the floor beside it with his head leaning against Zeke's resting arm. Stan and Stokes were sitting on opposite ends of the couch. He hadn't thought it strange at the time, but then he had been pretty busy worrying about why he was so worried about how much he was going to miss Zeke. He remembered the moment with crystal clear clarity. It was the last time they were all in the same room.

Zeke interrupted the memory with a nibble to Casey's neck. "You ever wonder if we ever would have admitted it – if Stan hadn't called us out."

"Well that is hardly an example of our love rising to fill the void." He ran his fingers through Zeke's tousled locks. "Our feelings were there already – simultaneously with Stokes and Stan. I think I always had them. Even when you were giving me –"You're so pathetic looks in the hallway."

Laughing Zeke trailed more kisses downward. "Well you were pathetic". He stopped sitting up and letting his weight settle slightly on Casey's thighs but mostly on his own knees. "But the point is – even though we had the feelings – even though we have Stan to thank for forcing us to discuss them- the manifestation of that love could not be realized until there's went kaput."

"So if they hadn't broken up – we would have died alone? That's a happy thought."

Zeke shook his head. "No, it didn't have to be Stan and Stokes. It just was."

Casey rose up, his elbows propped him and all he had to do was lick his lips and Zeke was kissing him. Seconds later they needed to breathe. "You know sometimes I think you stay awake at night, just to perfect these ludicrous theories."

Zeke nodded, lack of oxygen to the brain making him uncharacteristically silly. "Sometimes I do. Just to make your forehead wrinkle."

"And sometimes..." Casey placed a kiss just below Zeke's jaw. "I think you do it just to get in my pants."

Zeke's smile was both sinister and sincere "Well there's only so much love in the world."