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Sadame no Tsubasa : Wings of Destiny

Chapter 0: Past & Present

It was an unusually cold evening in this small world by the name of Edria, and peace reigned this night. The wild beasts slumbered in their homes or swam on through the deep oceans as the rest of the world glistened, a light snowfall touching the four corners of the lone continent. Snow being a rare event for this Land of the Sun, the whole kingdom celebrated the event, with the children frolicking about and having snow fights, while the adults drank enjoyed their cold drinks, as rare as it was.

Everyone, save for three.

Opaque curtains billowed inward on gentle breezes into a darkened room, where little furniture was present. A small table stood alone next to the window, with a dresser against the wall and a small fireplace fireless despite the cold. Comfortably seated in the couch facing the window, a tall, regal figure occasionally glanced towards the door, then back to the window, their form shrouded in long light-colored robes of blue and gray.

"You called for us, Master?"

Two more darkened figures entered the room, the moonlight barely showing them to be a winged golden lion and a winged man with incredibly long pale hair robed in blue and white. Slowly, they approached the seated man, before stopping a few feet away.

"Yes, Yue... Cerberus," he answered. "Come closer, there's much to be said and so little time..."

Clow Reed stood up slowly and made his way toward the window, while the two guardians made their way by his side. Parting the curtains with a hand, he gazed into the distance.

"I am dying, Yue... Cerberus..." he began just as shocked gasps came to him.

"No, don't be that way, I've lived a long life, and I fear that your lives will become much more interesting." He lowered his hand, then turned to them, smiling benignly as he always had.

"Now listen to me," he calmly looked at the two of them. "I'm leaving you behind, but you must protect the world I'm leaving. I see much chaos ahead."

"Yue... please watch over my cute little descendents, guide them with the wisdom I know you have, and judge them fairly." Yue could only nod his head, accepting the burden being placed on him. "Please don't hold my passing against me or anyone, we all pass on in time."

"But... Master, I..."


A flash of golden light, and great wings unfurled behind Clow Reed. With a commanding wave of his master's hand, Yue's wings suddenly enveloped him, and then were gone, leaving behind an unconscious bespectacled teenager lying on the ground. The young man wore a simple white shirt and pants. Falling to his knees, Clow paused to catch his breath before using his magic to levitate the unconscious man onto the couch.

"Cerberus, this chest, I leave with you. It must not be unsealed until the chosen ones come to you." As he said this, a small wooden box slowly rose from the table. The box was plain, save for an inlay of different wood, forming a triangle where a small ruby, sapphire, and emerald were inset at each of the tips.

"But how will I know who they are?" Cerberus looked up, confusion and shock still evident in his face and stance.

A slightly mischievous smile made its way to Reed's face. "You'll know when you see them." Clow Reed closed his eyes and started a slow chant. Moments later, the second guardian vanished and a small golden figurine of a proud winged lion sat in the center of the box's triangle.

He glanced at the mirror behind him, through which a curious young woman with curly honey-brown hair and emerald eyes was staring into the room.

"There's still so much to be done..."

With the passing of the Great Sorcerer and King, Clow Reed, the world mourned as one, and for a short while, the kingdom seemed to stop working. Yet, as the days and weeks passed, people soon learned to live without the great Clow Reed to guide them, and life returned to normal.

As the months turned to years and the years to centuries, the land changed as did the people. The land grew flat, then jagged again, as nature brought her gifts and carved and shaped the lone continent into a mass of islands, large & small. Wars broke out with peace soon quieting the destruction and chaos. The Kingdom of the Sun collapsed as rivals vied for the throne, various other kingdoms springing up. The kingdoms split the people apart, just as nature split the land. The blood of Clow Reed thinned and thickened, and soon almost everyone could trace their lineage back to the ancient ruler... with varying levels of difficulty of course. Traces of magic ran throughout the world, and those gifted eventually found themselves being trained and refining their abilities or, even rarer, finding their wings.

In such a way did millennia pass. Somewhere during the process, a grand palace located at the center of the mass of islands, was built. Called the Crystal Palace, it received its name from the seven shimmering crystal walls surrounding the palace.

The Kinomotos now reside within the palace, the rulers of the Kinomoto Kingdom. They succeeded in unifying the land once more, through diplomacy and benevolence.

It is here that history ends, and the story begins.

Is it time? I grow tired. It's been so long...

I don't know...

...Wake up!



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