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Cross Between Times

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Chapter 1:

"Hey mom I'm home" called Kagome; as she goes into the kitchen she sees a note on the refrigerator, which reads:

Dear Kagome,

Your brother Sota and I are going to be at your aunt's house for a few weeks, so please look after things while I am gone... If you need anything, I have left you some money on the counter. Make sure this money lasts until I get back home. Have fun, ok? Oh! Before I forget, I bought some Raman yesterday so you'll have some to take back with you.



'This is great, I have the whole house to myself', thought Kagome. After the ordeal I just had with Inuyasha, I deserve a break.


"Inuyasha? I will be going home for a week ok?" Kagome says to Inuyasha.

"How DARE you want to go home at a time like this? We still have more jewel shards to collect!" yelled Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha?." said Kagome in a very sweet voice, "SIT BOY" screams Kagome. A loud crash was heard throughout inuyashas forest.

"What the hell was that for!" replies the very angry Inuyasha."

"Inuyasha! You are such a jerk! I'm going home whether you like it or not!"

"Fine! Go! See if I care!" was Inuyasha's only replies before he jumps up into the sacred tree

Some time later.

Sango and Miroku were off at Kaede's with Shippo.

"I miss Kagome." cried Shippo.

"Now, now Shippo cheer up. Kagome said she will be back in a week." soothes Sango.

"Sango is right Shippo, and all we can do until then is wait." replies Miroku, which has a very perverted grin on his face, as his hand finds Sango's butt.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME, YOU PERVERT!" cries Sango grabbing the closest thing to her, which happens to be her gigantic boomerang, and hitting Miroku with it. (Miroku falls unconscious on the floor.)

"Will he ever learn?" asks Shippo.

"I doubt it," replies Sango.

Back at the forest

"Kikyo! Kikyoooo!" Inuyasha desperately yells as he stumbles upon the clearing where Kikyo lay broken and battered.

End Flashback

Back in modern day Japan

'Hmmm a hot shower, this is going to feel so nice' Kagome thought as she enters the bathroom to turn the shower on after the shower, she readies herself for bed. As she gets into bed, and turns off the light she didn't see the pair of ominously glowing eyes that watched from a nearby tree.

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