This fan-Fiction is staring Cartoon Networks coolest, funniest and awesome new TV show, "Fosters home for Imaginary Friends."

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story behind the show, please visit this site: and search for "Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends" to get to know the show a little better, (I got sick of typing all the info)

Author note: Sarah is my own character and the new imaginary friends from South Carolina. All the other imaginary friends including Mac, Madame foster, Bloo, Wilt, Coco, Eduardo, duchess ect. Do not belong to me, they belong to Cartoon Network and Craig McCracken

"Friend of my Heart"

By Kelly aka Invader Zimma.

It was a bright, Sunny, autumn Sunday morning early in October. The breeze was cool, leafs were falling, and the residents at Fosters home for imaginary Friends were all in frenzy with excitement. Decorations were being hung in hallways, meals were prepared, the mansion was being dusted, rooms were made and the dinning room was being set in honor of something that has never happened before at Fosters.

In the foyer, Coco and Eduardo were putting up some welcoming banners and balloons above the stairway. Coco stood on top of Ed's head as she finished pinning the banner to the wall with her long crooked beak.

"Coco coo...coco co coco?" Coco asked Ed in her language that most of the friends understood.

"Si!" said Ed, "It looks Buena!" he smiled to assure her.

"Coco!" she thanked with a smile.

"Hey guys!" shouted Bloo coming from the dinning room with a crystal glass in each hand, "on which side of the plates do the cups go? The right or the left?"

"coco cococococo coco"

"so it's the right side?"

"Si Senor"

"Eh, I think it looks better on the left," Bloo stated with a cocky attitude returning to the dinning hall When Mac came walking through the door, making the Imaginary friends jump with excitement, but seeing that it was only him, they went back to work. He looked around to see what was going on. Seeing all the decorations and balloons he thought it was another birthday party when setting his eyes upon the welcoming banner that Coco and Ed had finished putting which made him ask, "What's going on here?"

"We are getting ready for the new comers senor Mac, it is just soo exciting and everything must look Magnifico!" Stated Ed as he put Coco down gently.

"New comers? What do you mean?"

"...cococococococococococococococ," Said Coco with a smile.

"Um, what was that again?" Mac asked as he was still getting used to knowing her language.

"She said that other Imaginary friends are coming from a different state," stated Wilt coming from the waiting room after he put up the new ceiling lamp. "Besides the kids here in this city, other kids in other states and countries for that matter, have imaginary friends too, but sometimes they don't always have a place to go. Madam Foster got a call this morning from a Foster home that was filled with imaginary friends from kids who didn't have families of their own, seeing how most of the kids were either adopted or grown up, they asked if they could send them here to give them another chance at being with kids who need them, isn't that great!"

"Senorita Frankie went there a few nights ago to pick them up in the fosters bus, So she will be back today with the new arrivals." Ed smiled widely, showing his big sharp teeth while jumping up and down in excitement, "oooh! I can hardly wait! It is Mue Buena to make new friends."

"Sounds exciting, mind if I help out?" asked Mac.

"Sure..." said Bloo exiting the dinning room, "you can start by cleaning the windows."

"Hey who made you boss?"

"I did, besides, you asked to help..."

"Its okay guys, I took care of it early this morning," Wilt said with his usual smile, " you can help madam foster with the cookies if you want Mac."

"Okay..." Mac smiled with glee running to the kitchen.

"Hey, how come he gets to help with the cookies and not me?" shouted bloo in annoyance.

"Coco...cocococococococo COOOCO!"

"Hey! Its not my fault that there was no batter left when I was left alone with it, that cookie dough was begging to be eaten."

"Co coco"

"Don't "oh brother" me!"

Coco glared at Bloo as she lifted up her right leg getting ready to kick him in the shins like she did the time he said she couldn't buy Madam foster a birthday present because she didn't have any money.

Bloo looked at her wide-eyed running like heck to avoid getting kicked. Coco watched with amusement little giggles escaping her mouth as she went back to dusting the furniture.

It was sundown when everyone finished the mansion in time to hear Frankie honking the horn of the Fosters Van pulling up to the front.

Everyone hurried out and stood on the grass to greet their new friends while making a walkway to the mansion. Everyone had signs and banners up to welcome them, the van doors opened to have a flood of all different kinds of imaginary friends walking out. Some were tough and rugged looking, some were sweet, prim and proper like, some girls some boy...some abstract, some realistic like, some scary looking. Despite all of their outlooks, everyone cheered and welcomed them as they entered the mansion.

Mac and Bloo were being tossed up into the air by Ed expressing his happiness as Coco laid her plastic eggs giving each of the new arrivals one each. Wilt was expressing his happiness by giving the all traditional, "Welcome to Fosters!" shout, when his attention was brought back to the bus to see the last imaginary friend to get off.

The creature looked a little older than the others who had stepped off. If an imaginary friend had an Age, she would probably be looking like she was 20 to 24. She had the features of a very yellow tanned cat, with a fluffy long tail, long, straight brown hair with her bangs curled up on top, she wore a light pink wing shaped sweater with gold buttons around her collar, light blue Capri pants with brown sandals. She had a very Striking hourglass figure which would have been perfect for any super model, if one could actually get one that thin. She looked up at the mansion and everyone around her as they all cheered, though she didn't seem very happy, she gave a small smile of appreciation, hanging her head a little to hide her sad expression as she walked to the mansion.

Wilts good eye never left her sight, as he watched her walk into the mansion. For some odd this imaginary friend struck him as the type that should be happy to be in a place such as this. Wilts head was filled questions about the odd new imaginary friend, as he walked with his comrades inside.