Once Bradley was done with his tour, he told Sarah that if there were any problems, she was more than welcome to ask him for any help.

Sarah just nodded as the butler walked away, leaving her alone in the living room of the mansion. Finely wooden flooring, marble hallways, and the finely decorated victorian furnishing. Everything was so glamorous and elegant, truly a beautiful home. But for some reason…Miss Richards didn't seem like the type for something so….exspensive.

Shrugging the idea out of her head, Sarah pulled out the list and read the first thing that was listed, "Mop the living room floor….hmmm….seems simple enough." According to Bradley, the items that she would need for this job, was in a nearby hallway closet. Walking to the hallway, she spotted a small door underneath the long ascending staircase. Upon reaching and opening it, she saw the mop, bucket and a small cleaning bottle. Putting the bottle in the bucket and grabbing the mop, she walked over to kitchen to fill up the bucket.

Richie only watched with amusement from the second floor loft. His snickering almost became intolerable to Blake's ears, till Blake finally asked out of curiosity, "What is so funny? She is just going to clean the floor."

"Yeah…" Richie chuckled, "while using extra slippery soap. Once she starts that floor…she will go sliding forever."

Blake's face fell as he looked down, watching carefully as Sarah brought the bucket to the side of the room and starts moving all the furniture to one side so she could start mopping. With the furniture out of the way, Sarah grabbed the wet mop and started to do the floor… but once that mop hit that wooden floor…Zoom!

Just like Richie said, Sarah started flying around the wooden flooring, slipping on the wet stream that mop left behind.

Blake was frightened at first, then his face changed followed by, "wow…"

Richie who had been watching, grew irritated… "How is this possible?"

It was no lie, Sarah was flying, but she was flying as if she was on ice. With a smile she hummed a delightful tune, gracefully gliding on the flooring, with the mop as her guide…doing twists and twirls, and before too long the whole side of the floor was done.

Sarah stood up and smiled, wiping the sweat from her brow, "Wow…that was easy…now its time to work on the other side…but first." She slide to the side of the hallway and pulled out a wet floor sign and set it on the outside of the living room, "there we go." With that done, she slid over to the furniture and started doing the other side.

"I don't get it," Richie complained, "how could she move in an instant to catch her balance?...she would have landed flat on her face already."

Blake just shrugged, "Well, she is a cat, and cats do have quick reflexes."

"No matter, she won't be able to think fast on the next one." Richie proclaimed with confidence.

After finishing her work in the living room, looking at her next line of chores, Sarah moved over to the kitchen, "Clean the kitchen top to bottom…simple task." She thought out loud to herself.

Richie and Blake by then moved to the first floor, watching Sarah make her way to the door of the kitchen. Richie all the while snickering…*she is getting closer…closer* he saw her push the door open….seeing the bucket of water he had set up top, gently swaying, his eyes widened in excitement when it fell…then..like before…his face fell in shock.

Without even looking, Sarah had raised her hands up quickly the second she opened the door and caught the bucket of water with a smile, looking up at the bucket then bringing it to her eye level she said, "oh that was sweet….who ever left this bucket of water for me to clean the kitchen is a really nice person."

Blake, couldn't believe his eyes, she was catching all his pranks off one by one, as if it was cake walk. His feelings of horror….suddenly turned to relief as he thought, *maybe she doesn't need any looking out for* …though looking down to his master, he could tell Richie wanted to bang his head against the wall in irritation.

"Maybe she is to smart for your tricks," Blake whispered

"I don't care if she has the smarts of Steven Hawkins, she doesn't know all the tricks in the book." Richie seethed

Much to his disappointment, she did…..

Tie dye in the laundry, she turned it into a fashion statement.

Dusting the inches of dust and saw dust Richie added, off the shelves, she put all into a plastic bags and made it into a bean bag.

Gardening the weeds with planted snakes, she soothed them with a melody and called the pet shop, after verifying they were not poisonous to anyone or anything.

Even when Richie messed with the oven and made her cooking explode, she didn't mind it…she just cleaned it up before he could blink, fixed the oven and started over again. Just in time for his mother to make it home.

Miss Richards walked into the kitchen smelling a delicious aroma of dinner then looked around, she couldn't believe it….everything was spotless.

Sarah in a pink apron, bent down and pulled out a pot roast she cooked and set it on the counter as she looked up to see who had entered, she smiled saying, "Welcome home…I hope you had a wonderful day."

"Uh…yes…yes I did." Miss Richards said a little stunned

"I am glad," Sarah stated, "dinner is done, I just have to let it cool for a bit before setting it on the table, you can go ahead and relax for a bit if you want."

"Uh..thank you Sarah, I will just put my coat and suitcase away." With that said, the mother left and walked upstairs.

Along the way, she saw her son sitting on the top of the stairs with Blake, with his pouty face and face in his hands with the look of defeat. Not doubt in her mind that her son tried to play tricks on this maid to make her leave like all the others…but..much to her delight and surprised..Sarah didn't seem to mind it at all. Hopefully to brighten his mood a bit she greeted him:

"Hello there Sweety," she smiled, "how was your day?"

"Tiring," was all Richie could say.

"Oh? What have you been up to?"

"Nothing, apparently."

Miss Richards couldn't help but smile and gently padded her son on the head, "Do try to be nice to the new maid sweety, she is very nice.." she said, before walking into her room to change.

Richie sighed, shrugging off the feeling but couldn't, saying "I just don't get it….how?...how could she know so much?"

On the other hand, Blake just smiled, shrugging in response to his master….all the while thinking…*I Told you so.*

Once dinner was done, Sarah was getting ready to leave as Miss Richards walked her to the door saying, "I can't believe what you have done to the place…its spotless and so neat, the garden looks gorgeous and I love what you did with my clothes, how did you know I love tie Dye?"

Sarah smiled, "To be honest it was an accident, but I do think it fits you better, it gives you a nice jump of spontaneous and energy I believe."

"you are so right!" she smiled, reaching into one of her pockets pulling out a small wallet, "do you mind if I pay you in advance."

Sarah gently held up her hand, "No, I don't take advancements…if its all the same to you, I want to go about my 90 day trial…"

Miss Richards laughed saying, "That is fine with me…though I don't think that will be much of a problem….Have a goodnight Sarah."

Sarah bowed her head a little, "You too Miss."

The mother smiled to her and then walked off to her office.

Before Sarah could leave, she heard… "I don't get it." She looked up seeing Richie with Blake standing behind him, the little boy looking at her in seriousness and irritation.

"How did you….know?" Richie asked taking a few steps towards her.

Sarah turned to face him and responded, "You are not the only one who has pulled those kind of tricks on me…plus I figured with a little knowledge I have learned and how to get around things, I think I can manage it. I know you are not as mean and stuck up as most kids think you are…you are just misunderstood. Whether you know it or not… you have a good heart somewhere." She smiled then grabbed the handle of the door, opening it saying to the young child, "Goodnight Richie."

With that said, she was gone.

Richies jaw hit the floor….then he grew angry, "Who does she think she is? Marry Poppins? what does she know about me! She thinks she knows everything which makes her so high and mighty… I will find a way to get to her." Then he turned to Blake with a sharp pointed finger, "AND YOU! You were no help at all today! You didn't bother to try anything to make her leave!"

"Well it was her first time Richie." Blake said in defense.

"I don't care! Had it been any other maid, you would be all over it! And now you are suddenly growing a conscious? If I didn't know any better I would think you like her or something!"

Blake blushed a little, but even if Richie did see it, he wouldn't care because he was to young to understand girls let alone liking them. Though he did like Stacy a little, but found her a bit frustrating at the moment because of her outbursts towards him.

Richie sighed in defeat, rubbing his head, "Whatever…lets just go to the arcade room."

"Alright sir" Blake answered.

As Blake walked to the arcade room, Richie passed the foyer and found a little pile of mail on one of the small tables there, no doubt his mother forgot to take them to her office. Richie walked up to it and ruffled through them, just to see if there was any mail for him, membership cards, or letters from his dad. Seeing nothing out of the above, he almost dropped the mail back till he found a brown wrapped up package. Looking at it closely he saw it was addressed to the owners of so and so street….with the Fosters logo on the very edge of it. With no return address.

Being the Curious type, Richie took the package out and decided to open it, he was one of the residents there…so it wasn't exactly breaking the law to look at the mail. Besides, no doubt it was references on Sarah and he had to know what kind of background she had….the thought fleeted to great house guest, fabulous cook, great child care, which bored him to even think about…

Till….he saw Sarahs name on the folder….and in Red bold Letters was put…"Caution"

His thoughts of boredom suddenly peaked with interest, he opened the folder and with each sentence he read….every little detail that was given….at first her was ….shocked…but then…a smile grew….and grew and grew….

"Well…This could surely….be fun." Richie's face never erasing the wicked smile, closing the folder and putting it back into the package.