"Jump over the cliff! Jump over the cliff!" Bloo shouted, watching Mac intently on his video game of Indiana Jones and the case of the lost Ark lego game.

"I know I know! But I need to wait till the vine is in place!" Mac shouted back, his thumb hovering over the button in anticipation, waiting for just the right moment before the vine could swing his direction.

"JUMP ALREADY!" Bloo said which made Mac jump and pressing the button to soon, making Indiana Jones fall into the crocodile pit.

"GAME OVER!" the game announced.

Mac slowly turned to look at Bloo with a look of annoyance, Bloo in return just smiled big to his friend saying, "Well…I thought you were pretty close"

Mac threw the control at Bloo's head, "I was getting there!"

"Well sorry if I was too impatient to wait, but you were taking too long! I wanted to get to where we get to the ark part!"

Mac Tackles Bloo just as Wilt and Richie walked in.

"Mac! Bloo! What is going on?" Wilt looked down to the two friends as they wrestled.

"IT'S ALL HIS FAULT!" Both Bloo and Mac pointed at each other.

"Great, you are leaving me here with Dumb and Dumber?" Richie pointed out.

Mac and Bloo looked to the side of their tall friend seeing Richie standing there, they both scowled at him, "YOU!?"

"What the heck are you doing here?" Mac stomped over to Richie.

"Is this the type of greeting a guest gets?" Richie flicked at Mac.

"Guest?!" Bloo glared, "since when do you ever come here for a visit?"

"Do I have to have an explanation for everything? My caretaker dropped me off here since she was going to go on some grocery store run, completely boring."

Wilt knew who the caretaker was, but as far as he knew, Mac and Bloo had no idea that Sarah was even working for Richie. What he found odd was Richie was always with Blake…except for at School. So where was he now?

"Hey Crooked Long legs" Richie looked up to Wilt.

Wilt was a little annoyed at the name, but still had on his smile, "yes?"

"I am a bit thirsty could I have a drink of water?"

"Sure thing, I will be right back." Wilt nodded then walked out of the room leaving Richie with Mac and Bloo.

Richie, Mac and Bloo did a stare down for a moment before Bloo broke the ice by circling around Richie, Looking him over suspiciously, "so…where is your cape wearing airhead?"

"He is busy."

"Busy with what?" Mac accused, "flying around the world in 8 seconds, or maybe he is saving the lost island of baby seals from poachers…pfft…what a joke."

"Not that it's any of your business, but he is on a date."

Bloo and Mac looked at Richie dumbfounded for a moment before busting a gut laughing.

"HAHAHAHAH! Yeah right! Who would be so stupid enough to date that loser!" Bloo shouted, falling on the floor laughing.

"I don't see whats so funny, he is strong, heroic and perfect in every way possible. It's no wonder my Caretaker wouldn't mind him helping her with the grocery shopping."

"heheheh…well" Mac started, wiping away a tear from his eyes, "I am sure it's cute and all, but I don't know a person who would date him."

"Who said she was a person?" Richie smirked.

"Oh…" Mac raised a brow, "so it's another imaginary friend that is your caretaker? ...huh..That's a first."

"Why is that?" Richie crossed his arms.

"It's nothing out of the ordinary, I know that imaginary friends could get jobs, get a license, cook ect…pretty much like any other human man or woman," Mac explained, "But seriously…your caretaker is an imaginary friend?"

"Yeah, I just hinted that, or is your brain dead?" Richie snooted.

Mac just glared.

"Either way, I bet she must be someone really stupid and ugly to be going on a date with your Blake stuperior." Bloo taunted.

"To be honest, she is very pretty, smart, kind, good at cooking and cleaning."

"She does sound very impressive." Mac admitted, "What does she look like?"

"Oh you know…tall, yellow fur…cat like girl, with long flowing brown hair that matches her brown eyes, with a waist so thin, she could use a doughnut for a hula hoop."

"that's almost next to nothing for a waist." Bloo stated, "I know some imaginary friend that looks like that too."

"Yeah so do I," Mac said, "But it couldn't be…"

"Sarah?" Richie smirked, leaning in with his arms crossed.

Mac looked at him surprised, "Sarah?…as in?"

"As in…Stacy's imaginary friend Sarah? Yep the one and only, she is my caretaker because she works for me." Richie smiled proudly as he started walking around looking at the games.

Mac and bloo were shocked, immediately following Richie.

"But how?! …why?! She has enough to do here at fosters why would she work for you?" Bloo glared.

"Again do I have to explain everything? Look she was looking for work and my mom put in an ad. She answered and now she is my caretaker." Richie looked at a game examining it.

"And you are saying that, Sarah, that is your caretaker…is on a date…with Blake?" Mac stated questionably.

"What am I speaking French here? Or is your brain to stupid to comprehend that maybe she likes Blake and went out with him?"

Mac glares, "no! I find it odd because from what Stacy told us…she likes Wilt."

"yeah well…sometimes things change…and if that is the case…and Sarah and Blake end up together…Stacy may want to hang out over at my house more often." Richie started playing an old Pac-man game, not even bothering to look at Mac and Bloo.

Mac and Bloo glared darkly at him.

"There is no way, Stacy would ever want to hang out with you!" Mac declared, " She was our friend first! And Sarah wouldn't even spend the time of day with Blake, even if it was for grocery shopping."

"Well that's what they are doing Einstein, and who knows…they could end up …liking each other." Richie had wicked smile on his face that was not visable to the boys while he played the game.

Mac and Bloo looked at one another…Then to Wilt, who just came in with a glass of Water.

"Here you go Richie" wilt greeted cheerfully giving Richie his glass of water.

"Thanks Stick figure…" Richie reached out and grabbed the glass, his eyes never leaving the game screen, taking a few big gulps of it.

*Well at least he said thanks…* Wilt thought to himself as he turned to look at Mac and Bloo who only looked solemnly to Wilt…

"Is there something wrong guys?" Wilt asked in concern.

Bloo and Mac were beside themselves…should they tell him? Should they forget it…or should they just…let it go and see how it goes?

In the end…

They knew what they had to do.