Title: Can I Trust You?

Author: Marika

Disclaimer: If I owned Tales of Symphonia or any of it's characters, Zelos would have already been with Sheena during the game.

Summary: A story about the first time a lost girl from Mizuho met a certain Chosen… Sheena/Zelos

Rain poured in sheets down the streets of Meltokio. As the thunder struck again, a frightened little girl ran through the unfamiliar slums, splattering mud on her pristine lavender boots. "Where am I?!"

Her thoughts began to race as she searched for a landmark, anything she might recognize, but alas, nothing seemed familiar. This was after all her first visit to the big city. "Why am I so stupid?"

"How could I lose them? I'm not blind…" She thought again, glancing back and forth from one cold gray house to the next. "I didn't lose them… I didn't! I turned around and they were gone… I turned around and…"

Suddenly, a cold realization dawned on her. She hadn't left them. They left her.

"No! No no! That can't be right! It can't be…" Finally, she could not run any more. Silently, she collapsed into a tiny heap on the muddy ground, balling her hands into fists. She shut her eyes tightly to ward away the painful thought. Tears mingled with the rain as it poured down her cheeks. "Daddy… where are you?!" She sobbed, pounding her fist into a puddle, not caring where the filth splashed.

It took her a moment to realize it, but something was different. It was still raining out, she could hear it all around her, but for some reason… she couldn't feel it on her back anymore. Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked up to find a bright red umbrella held over her.

"Hey cutie, what'cha doing out here in the rain? You lost?" An overconfident boy's voice drifted down from above her.

She tilted her head backwards even more until she could see the person standing above her. The boy was holding the umbrella over them with one hand and tugging at a bright crimson lock of hair with the other.

"W-w…" She stumbled over her words, at a loss of what to say to this mysterious stranger. Suddenly, her eyes narrowed. In a flash of anger, she caught the stranger's hand and pulled him down to his knees next to her. "What are you doing sneaking up on me like that?!! Are you a thief?! You're not getting my money!"

"Aiee relax! Relax hunny!" The boy's face contorted somewhat in a mixture of shock and pain. With some effort, he managed to wrench his wrist out of her hand. "You're sure not very nice. I was just trying to help you! You'll catch that nasty cold that's going around if you stay out here. And then you'll have to drink that awful potion stuff for a week! Ugg!"

This boy confused her. Never before had anyone reacted to her like this, and certainly not after she had attacked them! He either had some guts, or he was incredibly stupid. "Who… are you?"

"Zelos Wilder, the great Chosen of Tethe'alla at your service!" The red haired boy bowed as much as he could while kneeling in the mud, delivering his line with practiced expertise. "What may I ask is your name?"

"You're the Chosen?" She blinked in disbelief, ignoring his question. For the small number of years she had been alive, she had always imagined Tethe'alla's chosen to be a tall, dashing knight, brave and true to his word. Boy was she wrong. "A little runt like you can't be the Chosen! You… you're too… too…"

"Too perfectly dreamy?" Zelos grinned, placing a hand to a small white bandana he wore in his hair. "Yeah, I know I am, but you never gave me your name. What can I call you, my cutie?"

A small scowl formed at her lips. "No! That's NOT what I was going to say, and I'm NOT your cutie! I'm Sheena! Call me by my name!"

"Ahh so the feisty cutie has a name!" Zelos nodded in appreciation, standing back up. Holding his hand out to the muddy girl, he grinned anew. "Well then Sheena, would you mind accompanying me back to my home? I could use some company, and you could use a bath."

-=- Sheena obtained the title "Muddy Girl" -=-

"WHAT?!!" Sheena bellowed, slapping the Chosen across his cheek with primal fury. "How DARE you!!"

"Oww! That hurt!" He pouted, holding a hand up to his fair cheek.

Sheena seethed in the rain, breathing deeply a few times before snatching the boy's umbrella from him. "Fine! I'll take you back home, but I'm taking this." Resolutely, she began to march away.

"Oh the difficulties of being a hero…" Zelos sighed, finding the rain that poured on him mildly upsetting. "Uhh angry girl? You're going the wrong way."

"I knew that!" Sheena glowered, then marched back the other way, passing Zelos by again. "And don't call me names!"