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Then, before she had the chance to say another word, like a dainty Frenchman, he brought her small hand to his lips and kissed her fingertips softly. "Madame (he learned that one from that one guy with the hat), if you'd care to join me, dinner is ready."

Before she knew it, she was sitting next to the red haired boy at a long wooden dinner table. He sat at the head of the table, eating his food with unrivaled speed, and she sat at his right, staring blankly at the food in front of her.

"… is this what you always eat for dinner?" She asked, holding up a piece of an omelet on her fork with uncertainty.

"Yaah! sh'his 'Suff's Guurate!" He said, smiling and trying to talk even though his mouth was full.

"Uugh, you can't be the chosen! You're so… so dirty!" Sheena folded her arms and looked away, disgusted with the thought again. Within moments, she found a small piece of omelet wiggling at the end of a silver fork in front of her nose.

"Sheeeeena, eat the omelet, don't let it eat you!" Just for effect, he added a little "rawr" sound that seemed more like a lewd innuendo than the feline growl he had intended. Or had he intended it that way?

Without even the slightest thought, she knocked the fork away, across the room, earning a grin from the Chosen. However, she did pick up her fork and begin to eat this breakfast/dinner resolutely.

"My what a violent girl! Sheena you must be the bane of all the guys from your village." Zelos let the words roll smoothly off his tongue, as he picked up his spoon to continue eating.

-- Sheena obtained the title "Violent girl"--

"Oh yeah? Well you're a stuck up brat!" Sheena exclaimed, after swallowing a forkful of omelet. "You've got no sense at all! You eat breakfast for dinner, you walk around in the rain, and you're just so… so stupid!"

-- Zelos obtained the title "Stuck up brat"--

"Ouch Sheena, why you gotta cut so deep?" He rubbed the back of his neck, as if she had physically wounded him with her words. Then, as if nothing had happened at all, he clapped his hands. "Time for dessert!"

"…dessert?" The girl repeated, only halfway done with her food. But before she knew it, servants had taken her omelet away and replaced it with a small cake. "W-what?!"

"You've never seen a shortcake?" Zelos chortled merrily as he began to eat his cake, just as quickly as his omelet. "You're really deprived aren't you?"

Sheena fumed, but ate the strange cake nonetheless. "What would you know? You've lived your whole life here with servants to wait on you hand and foot! You don't know anything about the real world!"

The red haired boy sighed softly. "That, my dear, is where you are wrong. Sometimes I wish I knew nothing of the world…" For a short moment, the boy stopped his ravenous eating and gazed softly at the dinner table with a look of near regret. However, that didn't last too long, and he looked up again at the dark haired girl with a smile. "…someday we'll go on a journey Sheena, and I'll show you the world!"

The girl's expression melted to one of disbelief and irony as she thought again of how strange this boy seemed. "Where did that come from?"

"Does it matter? We'll visit Altamira, and the city in the clouds, and so much more!" He said, a childish grin spread across his happy cheeks. "But for now… you need to visit the bath. You're so dirty."

"You brat! I'm going but not because you're telling me to, but because I want to! You stupid…" Sheena fumed again, not finishing her sentence, or her shortcake. She marched quickly away from the undesirable chosen and followed a servant that lead her to the bath. "Where does he get his kicks, telling other people what to do?!!"

"This way miss…" The butler spoke as he lead her upstairs.

"Sheena." She replied perhaps colder than she normally would. But that Chosen was so infuriating!

"The bathwater is hot, so I would advise you to take caution." The butler explained, showing her around what looked like a 5 star bathroom. Oak tables, chairs, and hutches furnished the marble stone floor of the room that was painted a light hue of blue. A pile of towels and a tiny silver dinner-bell sat comfortably on a small caddy next to the large circular bathtub. "Towels are over here for your comfort, and there is a bathrobe that should fit you hanging over there on the wall. Do ring if there is anything else you should require." He spoke, indicating towards the towels, bathrobe, and bell. With a bow he took his leave and shut the door.

"Whew, thought I'd never get rid of Mr. Stuffy." Sheena rolled her eyes and glanced around the room. She wasn't really surprised that the Chosen would have such comforts, but even so, the sight impressed her. When she touched the tips of her fingers to the hot bathwater, her eyes nearly watered with happiness. How long it had been since she had been in a hot bath!

Within moments she was soaking in the tub, scrubbing the caked mud off her body and out of her hair. After that was done, she sat and relaxed, thinking to herself out loud, "So this is the Chosen's bathroom… this hot water does feel nice." Sighing she sunk down to her chin in the water and closed her eyes. "I wonder if he isn't as bad as people say. Maybe… he's a good guy?"

She shook her head then, a foul thought in her mind. "But wait! What if he only wants to play the part of prince charming? "Rescuing" me from being left behind…"

But at that thought, she stopped thinking of the Chosen all together, the bathtub she sat in, and everything all around her. "Why did they leave me?" Silent tears began to stream down her cheeks, mixing with the bathwater. "I… didn't do anything wrong…"

She didn't know how long it was she sat there in self pity, but finally she sighed, long and deep. "I… can't believe they would have left me for no reason. This must be a test… or something." Slowly at first she began to nod her head. Then, as the thoughts multiplied in her head, it made more and more sense until she was nearly smiling with delight. "Yes, yes! It's a test, that has to be it! A test to see if I can find my way back to Mizuho without help from the village!"

Sheena was so elated at the thought that she jumped out of the water cheering loudly. Deciding that she was done with the bath anyhow, she reached for the pile of towels.

But… not before the ill-fated Chosen of Tethe'alla opened the door. "Sheena, are you ok in here? You're not drowning are you… Gah!!!" His eyes widened when he saw Sheena's nude backside, and he remained stuck in place, staring until a towel hit him in the face.

"PERVERT!!!!" Sheena screamed, snatching another towel and covering herself with it quickly. With a wrath like none other, she stormed over and slammed the door shut.

-- Zelos obtained the title "Pervert!" --

"I'm never trusting that Chosen again! Never never!" Sheena said angrily as she dried her hair and threw on the bathrobe. "I'll just have to leave now and find my own way back!"

Just as she was about to do so, she realized just what she was wearing. "Ooh…. This won't look good. If I go back wearing this… they'll know that I had help somewhere, but my clothes…." She glanced back at her clothing, which was now thoroughly muddy and soaking wet. It was then that she knew she would have to spend the night. Shutting her eyes tightly, she moaned loudly in frustration.

The door peeked open again, this time just a peek. "Sheena? Are you…"

"Go away!!!" She shrieked again, slamming the door shut again. Grumbling something about the 'stupid Chosen' to herself, she started scrubbing the mud off her clothes.


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