The Banished Alucard x Richter Belmont

Chapter III

By Wingless Demon

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Sources: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse

"Trevor Belmont" from Castlevania 3 is known as "Ralph C. Belmont" in the JP version of Castlevania 3.

A dhampir is a child born from the union of a human and a vampire.

WARNING – This story contains graphic homosexual material. If this sort of thing offends you then PLEASE DO NOT READ IT!

Thoughts are written in ITALICS

The sun slowly began to rise, bringing the sounds of forest birds and other animals with it as a peeked over the hills. Alucard stared at the human lying asleep on the ground at the other side of the fire pit. "Impressive mortal," he whispered, "why is it that one as young as you has this power over me, a creature over four centuries old?"

He walked across the extinguished fire pit to stand near the sleeping human, taking great care not to make a sound. The dhampir's golden eyes swept over every visible detail of Richter's sleeping form, forever imprinting the image into his mind. Time will treat you far differently than me Richter, and eventually it will destroy you. It is a painful reality that I must accept…

"You know these woods well," Richter said when the dhampir did not volunteer a reason for his unexpected visit, "is there anything I should be aware of?"

The vampire shook his head, dismissing the hunter's concerns without a second thought. "I doubt that there is anything in these woods that you cannot handle."

Alucard paused for a moment, debating whether or not he should mention an idea that had just occurred to him. "There is a place however," he finally said, "that is known to very few that you may find worth visiting."

Richter followed Alucard from behind, doing his best to keep up with the swift vampire. He was becoming winded and his leg muscles burned with fatigue. But he reasoned that the effort would be worth it, even if he only managed to slightly impress the half-blood.

Alucard turned his head for a moment to make sure the human had not fallen too far behind. To his surprise Richter had actually managed to gain on him, and showed no sign of slowing. His physical abilities alone are more than enough evidence to call his humanity into question… I must stop underestimating him.

The two men finally stopped when they arrived at a small clearing in the forest. "We are nearly there," Alucard said as they emerged from the woods.

Richter followed the dhampir into the small, grassy clearing before stopping to catch his breath. Aside from the large, out of place boulder sitting in the center of the small square meadow, it was a rather unremarkable area. "I… I am relieved," he wheezed, "I don't know how… much farther I could have gone."

The pale man shook his head slightly as he listened to Richter's frantic breathing. "I would have slowed my pace, or stopped at your request if you needed to rest."

The vampire's voice went silent however, when his eyes fell on the exhausted mortal. Parts of Richter's sweat soaked, long brown hair clung to his flushed face as he struggled to catch his breath. The sight reminded the dhampir of what Richter had looked like only a few nights ago during their unfortunate confrontation at the pond.

Alucard closed his eyes for a moment, forcing the image out of his mind. "That is," he began again, "I could have gone much faster."

"But regardless," the dhampir continued, "we have arrived."

Richter looked around the small clearing with a puzzled look on his face. "Where are we?"

Alucard remained silent, and walked up to the large boulder sitting at the center of the clearing. He removed one of his gloves and touched the granite surface of the stone with his bare fingertips. The huge boulder seemed to respond to his touch, and was quickly pushed aside by powerful magic to reveal a hidden stairway.

Richter stared at the hidden passageway with wonder while he pondered the purpose of the hidden chamber beneath the ancient forest.

"What is this place?" he asked as he walked to Alucard's side.

The dhampir motioned for the hunter to follow him as he descended into the dark underground room. "A sorcerer once used this chamber to hide many of his most prized texts and valuables," he explained as they walked down the old stone steps. "There was nothing of value left when I found it however."

As if sensing the presence of the two men at the bottom of the stairway, several candles mounted on the ancient stone walls flickered to life to illuminate the room.

Piles of golden coins, gemstones, and many ancient weapons became visible when the room was lit. The forgotten riches were scattered across the small chamber, appearing to have been carelessly discarded onto the dusty floor. "I thought you said there was nothing of value left when you found this place?"

Alucard shrugged; he was truly more interested in Richter's reaction than the grand display of treasure. "It was empty when I found it," he explained, "all of these items were taken from Castlevania and brought here by me. It was necessary to stockpile many of them after Death robbed me of my own equipment."

The mention of the Grim Reaper's true name made Belmont shiver. His own encounter with the shrouded demon was not something he wished to recall.

Richter reached down into the small pile of trinkets at his feet. He picked up a small, glass bottle and held it up curiously to study it. The clear liquid inside seemed to glow softly when he held in the palm of his hand. It was an item he was quite familiar with, for he had once carried it.

"Forgive me if I am mistaken," the hunter said as he turned to the vampire behind him, "but I am certain that this was mine. I carried several of these bottles during my journey through the castle."

"Correct," Alucard replied calmly, "it is yours. Before I was able to break Shaft's enchantment over you, you threw that at me. Fortunately however, I was able to catch it before it shattered."

Suppressed, nearly forgotten memories of their violent battle at the castle then returned to Richter's mind in graphic detail. The memories seemed to momentarily overtake reality, and the hunter became completely oblivious to everything else. The small bottle of holy water fell through his fingertips as the images overwhelmed him.

The glass bottle shattered when it hit the ground and the enchanted liquid inside exploded into hot, blue flames. The room quaked violently at the sound, and both men turned their heads and watched on helplessly as large chunks of earth and stone tumbled onto the small stairway, quickly sealing off the room's only exit.

Alucard sprinted towards the collapsing passage, reaching the blocked exit as the last of the debris fell. When the wall of earth and stone settled, it effectively blocked every trace of sunlight from above. "It appears we are now trapped here."

Richter ran to the other man's side, a look of guilt marking his face. "Can't you teleport through it?"

"I just tried," the dhampir answered grimly, "It appears that the sorcerer who constructed this chamber enchanted it; Most likely to prevent thieving mages from entering or leaving this vault by magical means."

"I see…" the hunter said with a look of defeat. "It is my fault; I do not know what came over me and caused me to drop that bottle."

Alucard shook his head, dismissing Richter's suggestion as soon as he heard it. "You are not at fault. It should not take us too long to dig ourselves out of here. We best get started."

The vampire hunter nodded in agreement and the two of them got to work.

Nearly two hours had passed, and they had made much progress in tunneling through the collapsed passage. Richter sighed, exhausted from the effort of digging through the sand and stone. He paused to observe the pale man next to him who showed no signs of slowing.

The dhampir was completely immersed in his task, working quickly and tirelessly to escape from the underground room. Although his magical powers were useless under the ancient enchantment, his near superhuman speed, strength, and stamina were not affected by it.

"I fear," Richter wheezed tiredly, "that I must rest." He walked to the other side of the small room and sat down on the floor next to his discarded coat. His white shirt had become soaked with sweat and was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. He pulled the damp garment over his head and sighed with relief when his body was free of it.

Alucard's movements ceased when the strong scent of human sweat tingled in his nostrils. The odor overpowered him for a moment, making him feel a bit dizzy. He stumbled, but quickly regained his footing. The dhampir could feel sweat beginning to ooze out of his pores. His golden eyes widened with surprise; this was not something that he was used to. It had been too long since he last fed, and his control over his nocturnal instincts was beginning to slip away again. But… it has never been like this. This is different…

"Alucard," Richter called out when he noticed the vampire falter, "are you feeling unwell?"

The half-blood brought one his gloved hands to his face and discretely wiped away the sweat from his brow. His body still rebelled against his wishes however, and he began to feel sudden warmth spreading through his veins.

"Perhaps," he finally conceded, "it would be best if I rested for a moment as well."

He tossed his large cape and elaborate black coat aside, hoping that it would help to cool him.

Richter eyed the other man cautiously. He could sense something was different about the creature at his side, but he still did not feel threatened.

"You cannot hide the obvious," Richter stated "I can tell that something is not quite right with you at the moment."

Alucard only offered a nod in response to Richter's concern and did his best to relax. The only explanation to what he was experiencing he could come up with was that he had not fed recently and that he was becoming rather agitated by his current predicament.

"We must escape from this place soon," he said softly, forcing himself to meet the hunter's gaze, "for my sake… and yours."

Richter stood up, and slowly took a step back when he noticed the dhampir's eyes. Alucard's face was covered in sweat and his golden eyes had once again turned murky and gray. He understood all too well what was wrong with his traveling companion now, and he knew that there was only one thing that could quench Alucard's thirst.

"I can sense your fear, Richter" Alucard said, his voice weak and uneasy, "and you are right to be afraid."

The vampire hunter stepped away from the struggling creature until his bare back came into contact with the wall behind him.

Alucard's hands trembled as he moved them to cover his face. "If you cannot find a way out of here, Belmont, then you must destroy me. Do you understand?"

Richter quickly nodded and began to desperately search the room for any sign of a possible exit. When he turned around to face Alucard once again however, he stumbled over something on the floor. The hunter looked down and saw his silver dagger lying near his feet.

Now guided by little more than his instincts, Richter reached down and retrieved the small weapon from the floor.

"It is… unfortunate," Alucard struggled to ask when he noticed Richter approaching him with the weapon, "But…" Alucard lost his words as he watched the hunter drag the sharp edge of the silver blade across his own bare chest just below his Adam's apple.

Alucard's eyes were transfixed to the fresh new, open cut on Belmont's chest. "No!" he cursed, his body trembling as he fought to control his instincts, "I… I cannot!"

Richter stepped forward, swallowing his own fear as he approached the dhampir. "There is," he whispered softly, "…no other way."

The overpowering smell of the human's blood teased him with the sweet scent of the one thing that could quench his deep thirst. His trembling hands reached for the willing mortal in front of him as his nocturnal hunger and animalistic instincts finally prevailed.

Belmont tensed as Alucard's gloved hands seized his bare shoulders. He had not realized the extent of the transformation in both the vampire's appearance and his behavior until now. Alucard wasted very little time in lunging forward to bring his lips to Richter's self-inflicted wound.

The vampire hunter stumbled and landed on the floor, completely caught off guard by the dhampir's sudden advance. Alucard followed him down, straddling his legs as he became oblivious to everything except the crimson liquid beneath his lips. His small fangs clamped down onto the smooth flesh, causing the mortal below him to shudder. The vampire quickly rid himself of his gloves and brought his bare hands to Belmont's exposed shoulders.

"Ah," Richter gasped softly at the feeling of those soft, cool fingers on his skin. He stared at the creature feasting on his blood with half closed eyes, his mind quickly becoming numb to everything else around him. Even though he had occasionally wondered what it felt like drained by a vampire, Richter now realized that he was unprepared for the experience. The sudden rush of heat through his veins was very pleasant to say the least, and left him in state of euphoria even as the life was literally being sucked out of him.

Alucard's thirst deepened as he fed on the Belmont; it would take more than mere blood from the hunter to satisfy him now. His fingernails marked a path of small cuts and scrapes as he slid his hands down Richter's body.

The hunter trembled when the vampire finally withdrew from the cut on his chest.


"Wh… what," he struggled to ask when he felt those cold hands on his bare abdomen, "what are you doing?!"

But the half-blood ignored the mortal's concerns. The vampire hunter's blood had ignited a hunger within him far beyond simple bloodlust, and not even his ever-persistent guilty conscience gave him pause now.

Richter reached out in a desperate attempt to push him away, but Alucard would not allow it; he seized the younger man's wrists and pushed the limbs to the floor beneath them.

Belmont's breath stopped when he looked upon the face that was now just inches away from his own. He could see traces of his own blood still dripping from the dhampir's lips.

Much like an animal, Alucard now relied on instinct alone to extinguish the fire that burned in his veins. Somewhere, deep in the back of his mind, he knew what he was doing was wrong. The dhampir knew that he would forever regret what was taking place, but he could no longer stop himself. He then closed the small gap that remained between them and sealed his lips to Richter's.

Alucard poured his emotion into the kiss, eating at the hunter's lips with desperation as he impatiently searched for an answer within himself. He released his grip on Belmont's wrists and used one of his hands to pry the mortal's jaw open.

A soft whimper escaped Richter's throat as vampire's tongue plundered his mouth. Alucard's lips were far warmer than his cool exterior, and Richter could taste a hint of his own blood on them. Despite his best efforts his body soon betrayed him as it was unable to resist the half-blood's touch.

Alucard finally withdrew from the hunter's mouth. A feral smile stretched his lips as he watched the flushed, breathless man below him. The taste of Richter's blood had been to his liking, and kissing the mortal warrior had brought him a pleasure that he had nearly forgotten. But it was still not enough; he needed more… much more.

"You are willing to offer your blood, Richter," Alucard breathed, "but as you can see, that is not enough..."

Richter's eyes widened at the thought; the heated kiss they had just shared made it all too obvious what Alucard thirsted for. He would do anything for the one that had rescued him from Castlevania; it was a debt which he felt could never be repaid in full.

Alucard moved his hands down to the hunter's belt and began to unfasten it. He growled impatiently as he pulled away the stubborn strap of leather and tossed it aside.

"Anything," the human breathed, "whether it is my blood… or otherwise."

Belmont raised his legs to help the half-blood slide the simple trousers off of his body. A soft blush colored his cheeks as he watched Alucard's eyes roam hungrily over his naked frame. His breath quickened when those cold hands returned to his face, only this time he welcomed the touch.

This time it was Richter who brought their lips together. He wound his arms around Alucard's neck, pulling the vampire's body closer to his own. The pale man kissed him with the same impatient urgency as before, nearly bruising their lips.

"Ahh…" the hunter broke the kiss, whimpering as one of Alucard's legs brushed against his manhood. It had been a long time since he had been touched in such and intimate manner and now Richter could not help but become lost in to moment. He grabbed tightly at the folds of the dhampir's shirt, hoping that he would be allowed to remove the unwanted barrier.

Alucard paused, letting the mortal pull the white fabric over his head. He growled softly at the feel of Richter's warm hands on his skin. After decades of isolation he had forgotten just how stimulating the simple touch of another could be. The vampire's patience had run out long ago however, and the promise of what was yet to come only intensified the fire within him.

Belmont shuddered, afraid to move when one of the half-blood's hands grabbed him by the hair. Alucard pulled his head back by the long tresses, exposing the curve of Richter's neck.

"Alucard!" the hunter cried out when he felt the dhampir nipping at the soft flesh over his throat. Even though the vampire was not biting him nearly hard enough to puncture the skin, just the feel of those teeth made him feel vulnerable and strangely wanton.

"Yes… Richter," Alucard growled, "just like that; let me hear my name fall from your lips again…"

The human warrior nearly choked when he felt a cool hand move below his tight stomach near the center of his need. He moaned loudly as the other man's cool fingers closed around his now erect penis. "Aaa… Alucard!"

Belmont's reaction was just what the older man had hoped for. The fact that the mortal was willing made it impossible for him to hold back any longer. He released his gentle grip from Richter's swollen length and moved his hand to the button on his pants. The hunter tried to sit up, but he would not allow it. With little more than a flick of his arm he pushed the human back onto the floor.

Richter's eyes widened as the half-blood stood up and removed his boots and pants. His jaw dropped as his took in the sight of Alucard's lithe body; the vampire's flesh was smooth and unmarred, with no trace of body hair or scars. The somewhat slender frame was misleading, for Belmont knew that Alucard's physical strength was many times that of a human. His gaze traveled lower, eventually falling on the dhampir's manhood which stood straight and fully erect between his pale legs.

Alucard returned to the floor and draped his body over Richter's once again. The hunter squirmed below him, trying to get comfortable and inadvertently causing their erections to meet and brush against each other. Both men hissed loudly, each caught off guard by the sudden, pleasant touch.

A shiver ran down Belmont's spine as Alucard rose to his knees and stared down at him with wide, hungry eyes. The half-blood moved over to kneel beside him and brought a finger to rest on the hunter's lips. Richter remained still, unsure of what the other man was planning next. He whimpered softly when he felt those cold hands move to his inner thighs and slowly work their way down to his ankles.

Alucard lifted the hunter's legs and repositioned himself behind the human. He draped Richter's knees over his shoulders and moved his hands down to grip the younger man's hips.

The sound of the mortal's short, hurried breaths filled the room as Alucard leaned forward and positioned his head of his penis near the virginal opening.

Belmont's body tensed when he felt the tip of Alucard's length touching the puckered flesh of his entrance. His hands clawed nervously at the floor beneath him as he tried his best to relax. Even though he had never had sex with another man before, he knew what to expect and he knew that it would not be easy for him.

"Gahhh!" Richter winced, tears stinging the corners of his eyes when the dhampir began to press into him. His cry grew louder, echoing loudly throughout the room as the other man entered him.

Alucard gripped Belmont's hips tightly and pulled the mortal's body towards his own as he pressed into the tight heat. Richter's warmth constricted around him, tempting him to bury himself fully within the moist cavern.

The younger man sobbed quietly as he tried to adjust to the unfamiliar sensation of being stuffed. None of his past experience in sex or love could have possibly prepared him for this. He could feel Alucard's hardness throbbing inside of him, touching previously unexplored depths of his body.

"Uhnn," the vampire grunted loudly as he slowly pulled out of the hunter. The feeling of the human's heat around him had shattered even his highest expectations. No blood he had ever tasted, no matter how pure, could ever compare to this. He jolted his hips forward, pressing himself back into Belmont harder and deeper than before.

Richter cried, his body oozing with sweat and sexual excitement. Although he was quite sore from being suddenly penetrated by the vampire, there was still a definite pleasure mixed with the pain. His cry became trapped in his throat, as Alucard's arousal kissed something within him that made his body shiver in delight.

The half-blood licked his lips while reveling in the sound of the other man's hurried moans. He pressed into Richter again and was immediately rewarded by another loud cry from the mortal.

"Hhnnnnn!" Belmont whined helplessly as Alucard moved against him. He bit into his fist, trying to quiet himself as the dhampir began to drive into him repeatedly.

Alucard tightened his grip on the other man's hips, his fingernails nearly breaking the smooth skin. He scraped his tongue over the points of his fangs as the delicious friction on his cock intensified. Even if he survived until the end of time, Alucard began to doubt that he would ever grow bored with the sinful act he has was now taking part in. Somewhere in the back of his mind however, he knew that it was unlikely he would ever desire it with anyone else.

Richter thrashed about wildly on the floor. His throbbing length slapped against his stomach every time Alucard jolted into him, and his cries grew louder with each savage thrust.

Alucard leaned forward even further, forcing the hunter's lower back and buttocks to arc off of the floor. He then drove down harder into the mortal's warm cavity, burying his entire length inside of the blissful heat. He threw his head back, tossing aside the strands of his long, sweat-soaked hair from his face. The dhampir knew that it would not be long before he would finally extinguish the fire burning in his loins.

"Aa… Alucard," Richter whimpered, the name of his new lover falling from his lips like a desperate plea. Nothing in his life compared to what he was feeling now, not even his relationship with Annette. Belmont did not want it to end, and yet at the same time he craved the promise of momentary bliss that his release would bring.

The half-blood accelerated the pace even more, rolling his hips at a hectic pace and pushing himself into Belmont with short, rapid movements. The pleasure quickly escalated, and Alucard could feel the inevitable fast approaching.

"Richter!" He shouted out in an inhuman voice, his cry echoing throughout the room like a demon in pain. Alucard churned his hips forward one final time, plunging himself as deep into the human as he could. He scraped his fingernails across the planes of Richter's chest and trembled as he came.

Belmont's body went rigid; his muscles tightening as he realized what had just happened. "Haaaa! Gods!" A long, drawn out moan left his throat when he felt Alucard's essence splashing inside of him.

Tears escaped from the corners of Richter's eyes as his own climax suddenly rocked his body. He looked down, his face flushing as he saw the evidence of own his spent passion dripping down his belly. His tired breaths eventually slowed and with a great deal of effort, he looked up at the pale creature still leaning over him.

Richter managed a warm smile at the wondrous creature leaning over him. His lips parted as he tried to speak, but the hunter could not find his voice. A soft, content moan was all Belmont could manage before his sudden drowsiness overtook him like a powerful sleeping spell.

Alucard's golden eyes widened with concern and fear as he watched the mortal below him. His throat ran dry as the hunters eyelids fluttered closed and his body relaxed. He panicked, suddenly fearing the worst. I must get him out of here!

Richter rolled onto his back and yawned as the sounds of the forest birds roused him from his sleep. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled when he was greeted by the sight of the bright sun overhead. He suddenly sat up however, when the memory of recent events dawned on him.

The hunter looked around with a bewildered look on his face, unsure of how he made it outside. His gaze soon fell on the nearby collapsed cave where he had been trapped with Alucard. It was obvious to him now that the dhampir had been successful in tunneling his way out of the ancient vault; however the half-blood was nowhere to be seen. It was then that Richter realized that the only thing between his body and the ground beneath him was Alucard's cloak.

Belmont stood up, holding the soft fabric of the cape closely against his body. His thoughts were layered with confusion as the reality of what he had just taken part in began to sink in.


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