Last chapter of Lets be friends :) It won't be my last fic though, I've still got plenty more ideas for things to write :)

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Genis saw teeth, sharp teeth, and sharper claws.

"Oh God! I'm going to die!" was the only thing that came to the small boy's mind. He couldn't run. He knew he should, but he couldn't.

"It's gonna eat me whole and not even taste me," he thought as the monster advanced. The dark creature pounced and Genis shut his eyes and screamed.

His eyes snapped open again when he heard another scream join his own. This one, however, was not a scream of fear but a scream of anger.

"Lloyd!" Genis yelled as he saw the older boy knock the monster sideways. The creature turned its attention to the red clad boy who stopped its claws with a thankfully sturdy wooden sword.

"Lloyd?" this time Genis said it as a question. The older boy was being defensive, not making any blows at the creature. Genis didn't understand.

THONK! A large rock hit the creature's skull.

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYY!" a voice called from across the clearing, and another rock accompanied the yell.

"Colette?" Genis had no idea what was going on, other than that he and his friends were in danger.

Lloyd edged closer to him as the creature skittered around confused, trying to decide which prey to go for.

Another rock to the skull made it shift to leap across the clearing.

"COLETTE!" Genis screamed. Lloyd grabbed the small mage and swung him around his shoulders. Genis instinctively clung onto him like a koala.

Lloyd practically ran up a large tree and only stopped when he'd reached a high, sturdy branch. Once he was sure of his footing and had set Genis down beside him he turned to where Genis's attention was, across the clearing.

Lloyd let out a sigh of relief. As soon as the monster had started for her Colette had leapt up a tree as well. As she was light she'd been able to jump pretty high up before quickly scrambling up as far as she could. As the clearing was large and she was fast she'd managed to get high enough up the tree to be out of the monster's reach before it got to her.

The monster hissed and spat, and started to prowl around the clearing. Apparently it couldn't climb trees.

But, thought Genis, they were all now stuck up the trees.

"What?" he turned to Lloyd, but before he could ask any more he noticed the monster begin to make different noises.

He glanced worriedly across the clearing. No, Colette was still safe on her high branch. She was looking away from the clearing, however, as though there was something in it she didn't want to see.

Genis looked down and suddenly understood. Noishe, now a fierce ball of teeth and claws, was fighting with the monster. The others had wanted to get him out of the way so he wasn't accidentally caught up in that.

He winced as he heard a loud crack-snap sound. He looked carefully down at Noishe and was relieved to see him walk away from the now limp monster.

No one moved for a short while. Then suddenly Lloyd put Genis back on his shoulders and climbed down from the tree. He rushed across to Noishe and grabbed Colette, who'd also made her way to the dog-like creature, in a hug.

Genis scrambled down from Lloyd's shoulders and took a look at the dead monster.

"That thing almost killed me!" he thought as he blacked out.

Dirk arrived in the clearing and ran up to Lloyd and Colette who'd slumped, exhausted, against Noishe, all their adrenaline spent.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Saw monster attack Genis from balcony," Colette huffed.

"Came to rescue," Lloyd finished.

"Is he?" Dirk was afraid to ask as he saw the tiny limp form beside them.

"Blacked out, best get to Professor Raine," Lloyd wheezed.

Dirk helped Lloyd and Colette onto Noishe's back and then picked Genis up.

"Lead the way," he said, and Lloyd pointed in the correct direction as Noishe slowly trotted off.

Raine's reaction when she saw her brother was pretty much what the others had expected. She screamed.

"It's alright, he's OK," Dirk said, and the half-elf calmed down a little.

"What?" she asked as she took her younger brother and placed him in his bed.

"Monster," Lloyd panted, he'd still not gotten his breath back properly.

"BIIIIIIIIG monster," Colette said in a similar fashion, although she managed to find enough energy to gesture with her arms to emphasise how big the monster was.

"These two saw it attack and rushed out to help him. The lad should be OK, he's just had a nasty shock is all," Dirk said.

"Thank you!" Raine nodded to Lloyd and Colette.

"Nuuugggh," Genis woke up a little.

"Genis, are you OK?" Raine asked.

"Big teeth, almost ate me!" Genis sniffled and then began to cry. Raine held her brother in a tight hug and the others decided it was best to leave them alone.

That night Colette couldn't sleep, and neither could Lloyd. When the girl sat up and got out of her sleeping bag to move closer to the dying campfire the pair had lit in the back garden earlier Lloyd joined her.

He sat beside her and wrapped a blanket around them both.

Colette sighed.

"I just keep getting the feeling something big's about to happen," she said eventually, turning her eyes from the fire to Lloyd.

"Mmm," he replied. "Niggly feeling there's something around the corner that won't go away?" he asked.

"That's the one," she replied, knowing he must be feeling it too.

"Don't worry, I'll stay by your side whatever happens, like I always have," Lloyd smiled and pulled her closer for a hug.

A short time later a bright flash of light made its way through a classroom window which signalled the start of some big changes, not just for the residents of Iselia, but for the entire population of two worlds.