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This is an AU fic. Itachi was accepted back into leaf. Don't ask me how, that's not what this is about. I might go into it briefly.

Chapter 1: Forget him


The leaves fell all around her, the tell tale sign that it was indeed fall. Her spring like hair contrasted against the brown, red, and orange leaves. She was really a sight to be hold. She didn't seem to notice or care about all of the wistful gazes that the men sent her way. She had one thing on her mind. That was to give up on Sasuke for good. He had broken her heart for the last time!

If anything she had to make him be sorry ever turning her down! All she needed to do was find someone who he actually cared to out do. The only ones she could think of off of the top of her head was Naruto and Neji. Neither of them would work. Naruto because he was currently out on a mission and Neji wouldn't be cause he would be getting married in a few days to Ten-ten.

All of her friends had moved on with their lives and it was time that she did the same. Hinata had married Shino after she realized that she shouldn't waste her time dreaming of the impossible and noticed that Shino had loved her all along. Ino had done the same but instead of Shino loving, her she had Shikamaru.

No, there was still one more person but he may kill her for even hinting at it. No again. he wouldn't want to be re-kicked out of the hidden leaf, right? What did she have to lose? She'd go ask him in the morning when he trains in the field. Sakura smiled for the first time in months. She would finally be getting back at him for all of those years of treating her like some dog!

pqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqp THE NEXT DAY!!!!!!!!!!! pqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpq

When it came time for Sakura to go about her 'master plan', she started to make her way across the town to get to his training fields. She had made sure to get up even earlier then she needed just to shower, pick the perfect outfit, eat breakfast, clean her house in case he would stop by, and then to do her hair.

She was wearing a black dress that fell to about her knees or maybe a bit lower.... anyways, her dress had red stitching. She also had on black eyeliner, blood red lipstick, and red teardrop earrings.

All in all, she looked like a goddess. She just hoped that he thought the same. As she neared the field she couldn't hair him, but she wasn't supposed to. They were ninjas, not meant to be heard. When she finally saw him he was looking right at her, like he was waiting for her to come. She held back a shudder, he could be just plain creepy sometimes!

"Onna." He said waiting for her to state her business and leave. Sakura smiled and walked her sexy walk up to him. She was only 21 but he was already 26. When she reached him she fit perfectly with him. The top of her head reached the bottom of his chin or at the top of his neck... which ever you want to call it.

"I have a deal for you," She said in the sexiest voice she had. He just looked down at her like he already knew. "Your they head of the Uchiha clan, are you not?" She didn't say anything after that, knowing that if he were going to say anything it would have to be now.

"You've got a head on your shoulders little Onna. Yes, I'm the head and I'm guessing that you want to get back at my little brother by dating or even marrying me, am I right?" He asked back. Sakura was a little angry about the whole 'little Onna' thing but decided against it.

"That is true. I also have a name it's-" She started to say but was cut off by Itachi,

"Sakura Haruno. You have quiet the name for your self. Becoming that strong that quickly with out any bloodlimts." He smirked down at her a kissed her cheek. She smiled knowing that that had meant yes. She kissed him on the lips and suddenly he pulled her hastily against him and that's when she felt it.

As she felt it that said person walked around he corner to see his murder older brother shoving his tongue down his ex-team mate's throat. From what he saw, she didn't mind that much. He made a noise and neither of the two seemed to notice. 'Some ninjas' he though getting angry with his brother for touching his-.... no wait, he had never once wanted her.

Sasuke ran with a kunai drawn and ready to spill his brother's blood. Too bad it didn't work. His brother while still holding Sakura in his arms blocked it with the metal plate on the back of his gloves. His brother glared down at him with a nasty look on his face. When Sakura touched his chest, the look went away.

"Sasuke. I believe that you know Sakura, Your soon-to-be sister in-law." Sakura then rested her head on his brother, Itachi's chest and smiled at him. Sasuke couldn't believe it. How could Sakura agree to this? Sasuke was about to say something but Sakura beat him to it.

"Itachi-kun, will you take me now? I'd not like to be here." Itachi sent a final glare at his little brother then sent him a smirk saying that they talk later. With that they walked off to who knows where. After they were finally out of sight, Sasuke fell down on the grass. Since when did Sakura have an interest in his older brother?

pqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqppqpqp LATER ON (time for the talk!!!!)pqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpq

Sasuke waited in front of his brother's room almost all day just so that they could talk. When Itachi finally got there he had faint traces of blood red lipstick across his face and a bit of a hickey... "Little brother." He said calmly.

"What are you doing to Sakura! She would never marry you! Why her?" Sasuke yelled out before he could stop himself. Itachi smirked down at him.

"You know as soon as we get married, this house will be mine, you might as well choose a different one to live in." Itachi had a point and Sasuke could choose whatever one he wanted accept this one. This was the main house. He couldn't live here as soon as Sakura moved in, it would be far from proper.

"Why her Itachi? Why not someone else your age?" Sasuke asked his brother. Itachi just smiled down at him and said,

"Why does it make you so mad that she'll soon be fat with my child?" Sasuke stood there shocked. Why would Sakura want his brother, who killed out their clan, on top of her? Sasuke stepped aside knowing that he had no right to block his brother's way.

Sasuke went to his room to pack up his stuff. He should probably start choosing a new home. He decided that he wanted one far away from this one. He didn't want to hear Itachi and Sakura make their first but, knowing Itachi, far from only child. When he packed all of his stuff up and was leaving he saw his brother standing in the doorway watching him.

"You do realize that if you kill me now, you will have to deal with the little Onna hating you for killing me, and if we have kids then, they will grow to kill you." Itachi told him as Sasuke made his way to the door.

"I know that." Sasuke then disappeared into the night. Itachi smirked. Little did any of them know how long he had been lusting after Sakura. Things were going well for him.

pqpqpqpqppqpqpqpqpqpqpqppq(I'm skipping ahead to the wedding time)pqpqpqpqpqpqppqpqpqpqpqppqpqpqpqpqpq

Sakura stood before Ten-ten who had quite a bit of a belly with being five moths into her pregnancy. On the night before her wedding with Neji she told Sakura that she was already two moths along the way. Sakura insisted that Ten-ten didn't tell her about anything she wouldn't tell her mother.

Sakura's dress was white with criss-crossed straps covering her back. Those were a gold-ish/brown color. The dress was strap-less. Her bouquet was blood red roses with white babies breath and they were tied together with a black piece of cloth. The flowers were a gift from Ino.(See bottom notes)

She had less then an hour before she would be Mrs. Itachi Uchiha. She couldn't wait. Not so much as to rub it in Sasuke's face but to have someone they're by your side, even if there was no love. Before she knew it her bride's maids were walking down the aisle one at a time with their husbands.

First it was Ino with Shikamaru, then Temrai with Kiba (they had gotten married first) , Then Hinata with Shino, and then finally Ten-ten with Neji. Luckily, Itachi had agreed to have the husbands be his groom's people ( I have no clue what their called but some weddings have them). Ino was her Maid of Honor and Sasuke was Itachi's best man since he was his brother.

When it was finally time her old sensei, Kakashi, walked her down the aisle since her parents died a long time ago during the Chuunin exams. After they said their vows they were married. They led the first dance as husband and wife and then Sakura danced with Kakashi since he had walked her down the aisle with her.

qppqpqpqppqpqpqppqpqpqp THE NEXT DAY pqpqpqpqpqpqpqppqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqppqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpq

When Sakura woke up she was in her new home and Itachi was lying almost on top of her, naked. She smiled knowing that last night, there were some times when Sasuke could hear them. At least it was going to be a sunny day today. Sakura briefly wondered what time it was, but soon gave up when she felt Itachi move.

Sakura turned hr head to see her new husband wake up but found that he was already awake. Sakura smiled and got up for the day. Itachi did the same but with a smirk, she was starting to think that was the best he could do. "What would you like for breakfast?" Sakura asked him.

"Whatever you wish to make, I'll eat." Was his reply as he walked into the bathroom. Sakura was tempted to make something easy but she deiced against it. She would prove to her husband that she was able to make a good breakfast for the children when they had them.

When Itachi came into the kitchen it smelled like it had all those years ago. The though of that made him clench his fist in rage at his wife for brings those memories back. He stopped when he realized that that was what women do, they make pretty things.

He saw Sakura still working over the hot stove with a smile on her face, almost as though she was happy to do so for him. He couldn't help but give her a smile lopsided smile. She really was beautiful. She was also his, and his alone.


Well that was fun. I'm thinking of writing a Zabuza/Tsunami fic. I don't know if anyone would read it though. I'm tempted to just write it and if I like how it's going, post it anyways. Tsunami is Inari's mother and Tazuna's daughter.

OK, for the note on Sakura's wedding dress. I was writing my step-mom's dress when they got married (ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! ) It was very pretty and was really soft! I got to pick it out for her, too!