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Chapter 10: A Legacy has finished.

Konohana looked over the hill to the graveyard that was hidden away from the rest of the busy town. It was the Uchiha Clan's family burial site. She knew that her father had killed the majority of those who resided in the walls, but she didn't care. It was long before her and her brother's time.

She glanced over her frail shoulders to see her elder brother wrapped up in Syrus' arms. Syrus was Temari and Kiba's only child and he had been Sanosuke's best friend since he was well enough to play with the other children his age. It had only been a slight shock when they told to both families that they had romantic feelings for one another.

Konohana wrapped her arms around herself and sighed. She had no one left now. Her brother was with his lover, her uncle had left the village many years before, and they just finished burring her father.

Her mother, the most beautiful women that she had ever known, had died eight years ago, giving birth to another son. She had only been ten and had to grow up with only her father. The already distant man had grown even more so and was always away on missions or training.

She knew he blamed himself to his dying day for his beloved's death. At first she blamed him too, but then her mother's old teacher explained something to her that would change her life. She had lost a mother and a brother in one day, but he had not only lost his possible soul mate, but he had also outlived one of his children. It didn't matter that the child was even born yet.

She got up and brushed herself off before leaving the hill. She wanted to go and find her mother's mentor. He was the only one she could really turn to ever since she lost her mother and he had shown her just how to grow up. At one point, she had been in love with him. (A/N: think about the movie The Professional.)

As she walked the lively city streets she couldn't help but loathe the people on them. Her father had died and they acted as if it was no big deal. They cared more when her mother died. True, her mother hadn't killed her entire clan, but she had married the man who had.

She nodded to Shiro and gave him a found smile when he motioned that he was sorry for her loss. He seemed to be the only male in her generation that was compassionate towards her and was willing to be her friend. Even though her was her age and people thought that they were going to end up married, she was pretty sure the boy was asexual... if that was even possible.

When she finally reached the doors to Kakashi's apartment building, she let herself in. He had given her a key in case she couldn't stand being in her family's barren section of town. She knocked on the door that lead to his actual 'house' and waited for him to answer. When he did, she wrapped her arms around his neck and cried.

"He's gone... everything is gone..."

Sanosuke rested his head on the taller boy's chest and sniffed. He smelt like a wet dog, but that smell had always been a comfort to him. Syrus was the one person that really understood him and didn't instantly hate his father. In fact, the two of them had gotten along well. It was true that their relationship was that of a father and his daughter, or in their case, son's boyfriend, but the two had been able to sit down and chat.

"Sano, you know your Pop. What would he say if he saw you crying like a wimp over him? He let you over your Mum, but he had join ya in that. Come on, dun cry." Sanosuke felt the warm hands of the dog trainer on his back and he pulled slightly away from him.

"Syrus, he might have hurt me before, but I loved him like no other. This village, they were all scared of him! They thought he beat Kono and me! They don't care!" his eyes welled up with tears again and the other boy sighed.

"Since when has your Pop cared about this village, huh? I'll tell ya. Since never!" he paused and raised his lover's head with his free hand. "You shouldn't either. I'm not sayin' to go and kill 'um all, I'm just sayin' to ignore 'um!" he kissed him softly, trying to get him to feel better.

"This talk sounds familiar... Syrus, where'd you hear it from?" Sano asked, after they broke the tender show of affection.

"From your Pop." Sano blinked and then narrowed his eyes, not knowing what Syrus was talking about. "He told ya the same thing when people were all angry at us fer bein' gay. Well, not the same thing, but you get the point..."

"You're right, but I don't think he'd like just being forgotten right after he was put six feet under, Syrus." Sano frowned at the other boy, narrowing his eyes as he did so. Syrus sighed and shook his head, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy again.

"Ya know what I mean, Dobe." Syrus and Sanosuke smiled at each other, neither knowing what the nickname meant in the first place. Sano's mother had once told the boys a story about her teammates and how they always used to fight and call each other names. They thought it was a funny word, so they playfully used it against each other.

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