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All in all, it was an excellent turnout. More than a few of the Romulans were uncomfortable with some of Toreth's guests, but she was the Chairman of the Tal Shiar, so they could not say anything. Still, it was strange to see the Admiral Kirk, the Captain Spock, the Doctor McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov, Sulu, and T'Son sitting on the left side of the building Toreth had temporarily turned into a Christian church. Qwi herself was not among the guests, but instead stood at the front of the church as the Maid of Honor. Toreth looked radiant as the bride herself, standing beside Vokar in front of the priest (he came from Earth at T'Son's request, since his best friend was getting married and wanted a Christian marriage). There would be a Romulan ceremony in a few days too.

Toreth was happier than she could have ever imagined. Having been best friends since they were eighteen, she and Vokar had only needed three months time dating before they realized they wanted to get married. Now, in Romulus' late fall, their dream was realized. Toreth had kept in touch with the Federation people this time, and invited them to her wedding. And she knew, looking down from heaven, were her family and friends she would have invited had this been the twenty-first century. Vokar's friends and family were there too.

T'Son and Qwi were delighted for their friend. They had (almost) put off their enmity for each other for the occasion. There had been one small incident as they entered the building where T'Son whispered to Qwi in a scary voice, "You'll be next!" Qwi had shoved him into poor Sulu and informed him that she still did not want to get married. He would have made a comeback, but she went off to help Toreth get ready and put on her own dress, and T'Son had to find his seat.

Now Vokar had just finished his vows and Toreth was commencing hers. She was nervous, though she did not show it. She hoped her vows would last longer than her parents'. But looking into Vokar's eyes, she just knew they were meant to be. Her new Romulan life was better than her human one had ever been anyway. And when their lips met, Toreth knew, instinctively, that she was finally where she belonged.

Much to her annoyance, Qwi caught the bouquet. It did not help that T'Son had come up to her with a grin and said, "Now who's psychic, huh?" It was not like she had tried to catch it or anything. The Romulan women were still not sure what this strange ritual was, so they had not jumped up, and tried to be the nearest to where it would land, like humans. Toreth swore on the name of her position as Chairman that she did not throw it at Qwi on purpose, but Qwi was still not sure she believed her. After all, Toreth was a Romulan...

"Nice catch," a voice said. Qwi turned around. There behind her stood a human with black hair in a side part and blue eyes. He was grinning.

"Thanks, but I am not planning on getting married," she said with a smile. He was actually nice. A thought suddenly occurred to her.

"How do you know Toreth?" she asked. "I was unaware that she knew many other humans besides me, T'Son, and the Enterprise crewmembers."

"I don't," the man confessed. "I am a civilian traveling on the USS Enterprise. I figured I would beam down for the reception, just for the heck of it. I've never met a Romulan before."

"Trust me, Toreth is scary. She might not be a good 'first Romulan,'" Qwi said with a laugh, looking around nervously for the bride in question. She was surrounded by a group of well-wishers on the other side of the patio though, so she could not have heard. Qwi suspected she would think it a compliment though. The man laughed in genuine delight.

"My name's Ben. Benjamin Pierce. Who are you?" he asked.

"Qwi," Qwi said with another smile. "Friend of the bride for a couple hundred years now... just kidding, of course." Qwi found it easy to talk with Ben. Before long they were engaged in a lively discussion right there.

Toreth finally broke through the group of well-wishers and stood under a part of the makeshift church that jutted out, providing a bit of shade. T'Son joined her a moment later. Vokar was talking to his mother, and Qwi was sitting on a bench laughing at a joke some guy just told her. The two stood in amiable silence for a moment, watching the guests mingle.

"The Federation people and the Romulans are staying rather separate," T'Son noted. As he was interested in diplomacy, this was a big point to him.

"On the whole, they look happy though," Toreth said. "Not that I can read human or Vulcan or Betazoid, or something emotions, but the Romulans do. You would not believe how much easier it is for me to get along with Romulans than humans. I really was born onto the wrong planet. I joke not. You understand me, right?"

"Of course," T'Son said. "You know, what we agreed on in back in eighth grade really is true. Had you a brother, and had I a younger sister, it would be each other. No wonder a romantic relation when we were fifteen did not work out." He smiled. Toreth smiled too.

"You know, you had better not let Vokar hear you say 'romantic relationship' in my presence. But yeah, you're right. I think I am going to go rescue my husband from his Mom. Talk to you later. I saved you and Qwi seats near me." She walked off, and T'Son watched her go, with no regrets.

The wedding had started at 1700 hours, and the actual marrying part had not lasted long at all. Toreth was impatient during long ceremonies. Awards days at school were especially tiresome. After that, there was a reception for until about 2000 hours, and then the wedding party took shuttles to the restaurant where they were to eat. It was a beautiful setting, outside, in a large garden. There was a large, partly covered patio where the actual tables were and the gardens stretched out a ways beyond that. It was really a beautiful setting, and it would even prettier when the sun had set fully and the lighting was on to produce just the right effect. Vokar had chosen this place specially. Left to Toreth, the entire wedding probably would have taken place in a castle on top of a snowy mountain and all the guests would have to bundle up in six layers of furs.

In typical Toreth fashion, they did not eat immediately. They would probably not even start eating until 2200 hours, like in Europe. No one complained though, because the snacks at the reception were excellent, and there was the Romulan equivalent of cheese and bread out on the table. And Toreth finally got to talk to Qwi and her friend, whoever he was.

"Toreth! I still cannot believe you threw that stupid bouquet at me!" Qwi said in mock annoyance as the bride drew near.

"What a lovely way to greet the bride, darling," Toreth said sarcastically. "And I swore on my position as Chairman that I was not lying. Who is your friend?"

"Oh, this is Ben Pierce. He is a civilian traveling on Enterprise, but he is going to finish his voyage on the Hawkeye. He beamed down because he wanted to observe Romulan culture and meet some Romulans. He is antimilitary and thus wants to get to know those who are considered the 'enemy,'" Qwi said.

"I see you too have been getting to know each other," Toreth said with a teasing grin. "I can always set an extra place; I'll alert the servers in a second. I am sorry I do not have a little name card in the shape of the symbol of my glorious empire for you- T'Son is going to be so mad when he sees those!" she said with naughty glee. Qwi laughed, knowing that it was always fun to get T'Son back for those years of being annoying to the girls.

At last though, at 2230 hours in fact, they wedding party sat down to eat. The meal itself was very European in nature also- many courses, though all very small, and long intervals of time between courses when the adults talked and the kids ran around in the large garden.

"Well, Toreth, I think I liked being your boyfriend better," Vokar said with a grin as he sat down next to his wife. "Since we have been husband and wife, I have gotten to talk to you exactly three times, with an average of two sentences for those three."

"Don't worry, we have all night after the dinner is over," Toreth said, calmly taking a sip of her drink and pretending to ignore T'Son, two seats down, who had just turned an odd shade of purple. Vokar laughed and nodded.

Dinner was a pleasant affair. Granted, T'Son and Vokar were still not on the best of terms, but they were sitting two seats away from each other, so that did not matter. Qwi spent dinner alternating between talking with Ben and Toreth, for the most part. T'Son talked with Toreth mostly, and Toreth herself talked with everyone.

"How many kids are you guys planning to have?" Qwi asked over the fish course.

"Probably just one," Toreth answered. "I want kids, and Vokar wants kids, but it is just not practical. Not only was I not born with any sort of maternal instinct, but any enemy force would be desperate to capture the Chairman of the Tal Shiar's brat. Have you not wondered why this wedding is so small? Vokar's potential as a target has just leapt sky high." T'Son nodded.

"You know, you two might have kids and create a second 'Trekkie Trio,'" Vokar pointed out.

"How many times do I have to tell you people I am not getting married!?" Qwi asked in annoyance.

"Lots, because no one believes you," T'Son said mildly. She glared at him.

At around 0200 hours, the guests started heading home. By 0400, everyone was gone except the Trio. Vokar went to start the shuttle and warm it up, giving Toreth a moment's privacy with her old friends. All had something to be excited about. T'Son had gotten a call at around 2507 hours. He had been promoted to rear admiral for services in the crisis with the Klingon ship. Toreth was mad because it had interrupted her wedding dinner, but she could not help being happy for him. Qwi was excited because she had, "met a guy who is actually half decent, unlike someone I know, T'Son." And Toreth was... well, she had just gotten married and her name was not Britney.

"Keep in touch, you scheming little Romulan," Qwi said. She flung her arms around Toreth, who was caught off guard, which is not good when one is in five-inch heels for one's wedding. "Name a kid after me!" Qwi said cheerfully after they got back upright.

"Of course not," Toreth said mildly. "My kids are going to have proper Romulan names." She turned to T'Son, who raised his hand in the Vulcan greeting.

"Live long an-" he began before Toreth hugged him.

"You idiot, I am not saying good-bye that formally," she said. To her surprise, he hugged her back. She blew them both a kiss, and spun around and got in the Romulan shuttle where her husband was waiting. The shuttle took off, and the Star fleet officers were beamed away, until the next adventure.

The End (until installment three)