Summary: Sequel to Unbelievably. Hermione is bound to Draco, whether she like it or not. She is determined on finding a way to get rid of the bracelet that binds her to him, but something unexpected happens... DMxHG

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Previous – last chapter of 'Unbelievably':

Hermione looked down, and noticed a beautiful silver bracelet. She looked at it, and suddenly she felt it burn on her skin. Tiny letters was now engraved on it, and she had to take it closer to actually see what it said.

"Property of Draco Malfoy?" she read.

'Oh shit! Not again!' she thought, looking at Malfoy's shocked face.

Chapter 1 – Bound to you

Hermione gulped, feeling quite nervous when Draco took a step closer.

"What?" he hissed in a whisper so low that she could barely hear it. He looked around in the room bewildered, and Hermione did the same. How loud had she spoken? Had anyone heard what she had said? She silently prayed that nobody had.

"Draco?" asked Zabini in a whisper, shifting nervously on his feet, looking both slightly amused and angry. "Why didn't you tell me? I thought we told each other everything!"

"What do you mean Blaise, I don't know about this more than you do!" sneered Draco, looking from Hermione to Blaise and then back at Hermione.

"Granger, meet me after class. I have a feeling that you already knew about this bracelet, so you'll have to explain it."

Hermione nodded, not able to talk because her mouth had suddenly gone all dry... She glanced down at the bracelet again, trying to figure out if she had perhaps seen it earlier but just not noticed it.

'Think Mione, think!' she thought, slowly replaying last night and this morning. 'No, nothing... How the hell did it follow me to this world? Shouldn't it be staying in the other world with the other Hermione, eh, me?' She groaned in frustration.

She noticed Malfoy look at her for the tenth time this class, and turned to ask him what his fucking problem was, when she suddenly remembered why. She had nodded when he had told her to stay after class.

'Probably keeping an eye on me, in case I would run off,' she thought, and couldn't help but sneer at the blond-haired boy beside her.

She owed no explanation to Draco Malfoy, nor did she have to show up after class.

Then she noticed Zabini, who sneaked glances towards her, trying to get a better look at the stupid bracelet.

She scowled at Blaise who looked up at her confused. If only he hadn't asked about the bracelet! And where the hell had the bracelet come from anyway? She was almost sure it hadn't been there last night nor had she seen it this morning.

Blaise smirked, and she rolled her eyes.

She could feel the other two's prying eyes on her, making her squirm in her seat. She couldn't decide who of them were worst. Malfoy because he looked so intently at her... Or Blaise because he looked like he enjoyed this situation!

She jumped when the school bell ringed. Was the class already over?

"Are you coming Mione?" asked Ron, sneering at the two Slytherins.

"Yes, I'm coming now."

"Granger! A word?" yelled Malfoy when she reached the door without looking at the two Slytherins.

"Sorry Malfoy, but no."


"She said no! Don't look so shocked ferret-face; people don't always do as you tell them to... Oh wait! Guess this is the first time somebody have said no to you, eh?" said Harry, in a cheerful voice.

"Go Mione!" said Ron, smirking at Malfoy who looked pissed off.

"Are you done yet? Because I have other things to do than fight with those Slytherins," she said in a 'you-better-stop-now' voice.

The trio walked out of the door, down the dark corridor and up the stairs. They walked in silence, or... Hermione walked in silence, ignoring Ron and Harry's talk about ferrets mixed with Quidditch.

"You know what? We could turn Malfoy into a ferret again, and then we could bind him onto a smasher... Imagine, Malfoy tied to a smasher while we hit it so hard that-"

"Don't you even think about it Ronald Weasley! You can't just turn people into animals – and no, I don't care if 'Moody' did it once. Because that's not the point!" said Hermione. When she had heard Malfoy was mentioned, she had automatically listened. She lifted her hand, pointing her finger accusingly at Ron, and when Harry started to laugh she turned to him, who immediately stopped.

"Why are you defending him? What do you care if we 'accidentally' turned him into his right shape – a ferret?" asked Ron.

"I'm not defending him! I just don't want you to get into more trouble than you always somehow manage to get!"

'I'm not defending him! Why should I? He is just a stupid ferret, but – that's not the point!' she thought, while thinking of the blonde Slytherin.

"You know what... I need to get a book for our Potion projects. If you need me I'll be at the library."

"Mione, don't be like that," pleaded Harry.

"Be like what? I'm serious; I need to get a book."

"Okay then. We will wait in the common room, and then we can go to the next class together, okay?"

"Yeah, okay Harry." She sighed. "I won't be long."

She walked towards the library, lost in thoughts of how she should manage to avoid Malfoy, and stop him from asking more questions about the bracelet.

'Maybe I could oblivate him?' she thought.

Suddenly someone grabbed her arm, and she was being dragged into a classroom.

"What the hell..." she turned and looked at her captivator. "Malfoy!"

"Granger, I think you're avoiding me. I told you that we should meet after class!"


"Why don't you tell me what you know?"

She nodded, glaring at him, towards the door in which Blaise stood in front, guarding it.


"Eh?" said Hermione, pointing at Zabini who had now made himself comfortable on a nearby table, looking rather smug. "Does he have to be here?" she whispered.

"Blaise." said Malfoy.


"Why don't you go outside, keeping watch? We don't want any intruders."

"But Draco, I want to hear this..."

"Blaise, go outside now."



"Okay, okay. Fine, I'll go outside and keep watch," mumbled Zabini, looking not so smug anymore. He slammed the door after him, and Hermione couldn't help but chuckle when she heard his mumbling continue outside the door.

"Silencio," hissed Malfoy, glaring at her. "Well, do tell... now!" he commanded, taking a step closer.

"Eh..." she took a deep breathe, "How about no?"

"No? You just said you would tell me!"

"I lied?"

She started to walk towards the door, but a strong hand grabbed her wrist, touching the bracelet carefully. His fingers were running slowly across it, frequently touching her skin.

"It looks real," he whispered, still holding her wrist. "Wow, I think this is the binding-spell I've read about, although I never imagined it to look this way."

"What do you mean?" she asked, pulling her arm back forcefully. She glared at him, confused.

"What I mean is that there are other versions of the Imperius curse. I've always wanted to try this spell, but I must admit that I've never thought of binding you to me, making you my property. Maybe you have some hidden qualifies, that the other 'me' could see?"

"WHAT!" she shrieked, pushing him away from her. "And where the hell have you read about it anyway? I've read every book in the library, and I've never come across such a spell!" She pulled her wand out of her pocket, ready to hex Malfoy if needed.

"You know, there are books other places than the Hogwarts library."

"Ahh, now I see. It's one of your dad's 'books'. Isn't it? I mean, come on, who else than a Deatheater would have such books with obviously dark magic involved?"

"Shut it, Mudblood! Don't you dare speak about my father!" He yelled, pointing his wand at her chest.

Hermione, who had been gripping her wand tightly, pointed her wand at his chest. "Go ahead Malfoy; curse me if you have the guts!"

Malfoy glared at her, and then did something totally unexpected; he lowered his wand, while smirking evilly.

She crooked an eyebrow, looking quizzically at him.

"What Granger?" he asked, smirking. He grabbed her wrist again, and touched the bracelet yet again. "Hmm, I think we should show it to Severus, he would know how to figure out if it's real," mumbled Malfoy, obvious talking to himself.

"No! It's not real! Why should it be real?" she asked, rambling completely forgetting that she 2 seconds ago was about to hex Malfoy.

"Granger, if it's not real, then why would you make such a deal out of telling me it's not real? Let's see if this bracelet works..." he said, smirking evilly. "Granger, you'll do as I say. I'll arrange a meeting with Snape after dinner, and you will show up, right?"

She looked down at the floor, trying to fight the curse.

"Look at me! I said; right?" he looked at her hauntingly. She slowly lifted her head, meeting his grey eyes. "I'll take your silence as a 'yes'. You may go now. See you later." She stood, starting to walk towards the door. But slowed down when he started to talk again. "And don't tell anyone about this. Not even Potter or Weasley!"

She placed her hand on the doorknob, when a hand suddenly placed itself on the door, stopping her from opening it. She looked up and came face to face with Malfoy. He brushed away a few hair strands, before he gentle caressed her cheek. She felt herself blush, but yanked her head away nevertheless. This was wrong! But something made her turn her head back, she felt enthralled by those amazing silver colored eyes.

She noticed his eyes darted down to look at her mouth, and she unconsciously wetted her lips. Then he spoke, his voice sound so intoxicating.

She realized she hadn't heard a word of what he had said, so she shock her head, trying to stop thinking of how much she wanted him to kiss her. Wait! Kiss her? Yuck!

"Granger?" he asked, smirking softly at her.

"Huh?" Well that sounded intelligent... Not!

"I said; I'm looking forward to demanding you around, making you do as I say." He smirked. Then he leaned downwards, catching her lips with his own.

She pushed him away, slapped him hard on the cheek, glaring angrily at him. "Don't you ever touch me again Malfoy, or you will pay dearly for it!"

"Don't you ever dare to slap me again Granger! Or you will be the one who will pay dearly! You can not tell me what to do! I'm a Malfoy, and Malfoy's always gets what they want," he snarled. "So listen closely, because I'll not repeat myself; I want you right now, and nothing can make me stop until I get what I want." He smirked evilly.

Her eyes widened, and he seemed to enjoy that.

"And just to make you realize how much power I really behold upon you, I demand you to stop fighting against me."

He leaned down again, and Hermione shot daggers at him, while she pressed her lips firmly together, her hands clenching and unclenching.

When his lips touched hers again, this time more forcefully, she tried to lift her arms to push him away again but found that she couldn't. She felt him grinning against her mouth. He nibbled softly at her bottom lip, and the sudden movement made her gasp. Malfoy chose to use this opportunity to deepen the kiss, making it more intimate.

She moaned, kissed him back, shuddering when he gently press his body against hers. Images of the other Malfoy, who had kissed her with force, entered her mind. She couldn't help thinking that she liked this Malfoy much better than the other.

Malfoy pulled away, both gasping for air.

"I knew you wanted me..." he whispered in a husky voice, which should have made her legs go all weak, but didn't. Instead she growled, turned around and yanked the door open, and was almost hit by Zabini who had been standing lazily up against the door.

She walked quickly back to the common room, hoping that Ron and Harry hadn't noticed how long she had been gone. If she was really lucky they might even have forgotten that they were supposed to meet for nearly ten minutes ago, meaning she had been in the potion classroom for nearly thirty minutes. Who was she kidding? Of course they would notice that she was late, and with her luck they had probably even send out a search party.

She reached the seventh floor, and when she turned around the corner to walk down the last corridor she saw that both Ron and Harry was standing outside in the corridor in front of the Fat Lady, both with their arms crossed, looking like a mixture of worried and amused.

"Hey guys, why are you standing outside, I thought we agreed to meet inside," she said, deciding to act as normal as possible.

"Yeah, well... Seamus had a smaller accident, so we can't really go inside yet," grinned Harry, then looked at Ron who was trying not to laugh.

Hermione looked at them, confused. What?

"What kind of accident?"

"Well, remember in our first year when he kept blowing things up when he tried to turn water into something else?" asked Ron, still laughing.

"Yeah... And? What have he done?"

"He blew up the entire common room," said Harry, now laughing hysterically. After a few minutes Harry finally calmed down. Then the two boys shared a look, causing them to start laughing again, this time even harder.

She sighed; glad that they haven't asked why she was late.

"What's our next class?" asked Ron, still laughing.

"Eh, Care of Magical Creatures."

"Hmm... When will the class start?"

Hermione glanced at her watch, "We still have thirty minutes. What do you want to do? Go down to the lake?"

"Yeah, I think that's a good idea," said Harry, he looked nervous, "Mione? I know it has been hard... You know, with you in a coma slash another cosmos, but I think that there is something you're keeping from us. Please tell us, maybe we can help?"

She started to walk down the corridor, and was soon accompanied by the two Gryffindors.

"Mione?" asked Ron, almost in a whisper.

She smiled, "Don't be silly Ronald! Of course I'm not hiding anything. Why would I hide anything from you?"

"Okay, so, there is nothing?" asked the red-haired boy.

"No." She tried to remain calm, but her inside was burning with rage. "Nothing I can't handle," she mumbled, which fortunately neither of her two friends heard.

Nothing else was said. She couldn't tell them no matter how much she wanted to. She hated to keep things from them. Malfoy had told her not to tell anyone, and the stupid bracelet stopped her every time she was about to open her mouth and spill out her secret.

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